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Female Body  Advice

Breast Reduction - How can I go about breast reduction?

Different Labia Size - I have different labia sizes. Is this normal?

Dyeing Pubic Hair - Dyeing my pubic hair... any precautions?

Endometriosis - Sex pain with full thrust and endometriosis help.

G-Spot Discomfort - I really like g-spot stimulation and my boyfriend plays with my g-spot a lot during sex. Is this possibly causing discomfort during urination and tenderness for a day afterwards?

Urine Odor - Urine odor develops after sex.

Vaginal Dryness - What can I do to improve my vaginal dryness?

Vaginal Farts - How can I get rid of vaginal farts during yoga?

Vaginal Odor - Jenifer notices vaginal odor during sex and wonders if it has anything to do with her weight gain. Nurse Sue contributes answers about the vaginal odor.

Vaginal Smell - Vaginal smell is unique to each woman and vaginal secretions are normal. But be aware of the listed smells and secretions that you should get checked out by a medical professional.

White Discharge - What is this white discharge from my vagina?

White Vaginal Secretions - Can sugar cause a yeast infection?

Yeast Infection from Sugar - Can sugar cause a yeast infection?

Libido  Advice

High Libido - I have an extremely high libido. Is this healthy?

Lost Libido - I have lost my libido and don't know why or how to get it back. Could it be the Celexa medicine I use as an antidepressant?

Low Libido - I have a low libido and weak erection. What to do?

Viagra for Women - Is there a Viagra for women that will work?

Orgasms  Advice

Can't Orgasm Unless in Control - Jack can't seem to orgasm unless he's in control. Find out if Abby's advice helps him orgasm when he's on bottom.

Difficulty Achieving Orgasm - I've never had an orgasm. Please help.

Enhanced Female Orgasm - Is there anything out there that can enhance female orgasms for me?

Have I Had an Orgasm? - Have I had an orgasm? Answers about  orgasms and how to have them.

Help Wife Orgasm - How can I help my wife learn how to orgasm? She never orgasms with me and wants one so much.

How to Orgasm? - I need to learn how to orgasm during my masturbation. Can you help me learn?

How to Orgasm with G Spot - Where is the g spot and how can I stimulate it to cause an orgasm?

Learn to Orgasm - Jenny asks how to learn to orgasm while her boyfriend masturbates her. She does not know how to orgasm and Abby gives advice to help Jenny learn to orgasm, masturbate herself, and then show her boyfriend.

Multiple Orgasms - My girlfriend has explosive orgasms, but how can she have multiple orgasms?

No Orgasm During Sex - I never have orgasms during sexual intercourse. Is there any hope for me?

Orgasms and Epilepsy - Can someone with epilepsy have problems with orgasms and sex?

Orgasm Sounds - I'm a virgin and I'm worried about what kind of orgasm sounds I should make?

Slow to Orgasm - Why do I take a super long time to orgasm and how can I orgasm faster?

Want to Orgasm - Please help me learn how to orgasm because it hasn't happened yet for me.

Penis Advice

Average Penis Length - Answers to average penis length and what's big enough to satisfy women?

Blue Balls - Answers about what blue balls are and how they can be painful without release.

Circumcision - Answers about if a woman cares if a man has an uncircumcised penis.

Diabetes and Erections - Answers about how diabetes can affect erection strength.

My Erection - Answers about erection and ejaculation problems during sexual encounters.

How to Clean a Penis - Tips on how to clean a penis with or without circumcision.

Want a Bigger Penis - Questions and answers about a man who wants a bigger penis and needs sex advice to fix his problem.

Increase Semen Volume - How to increase semen volume during ejaculation question and answer.

Increase Sexual Power - Question and answer about how to increase sexual power and penis size.

Penis Curve - Can penis curve affect ease of orgasm? Answers about penis curve and orgasms.

Penis Enlargement - Penis enlargement and male enhancement effectiveness question and answers.

Premature Ejaculation - How to deal with premature ejaculation inquiry and possible solutions.

Prolonged Erection - Hours of prolonged erection causes pain. Answers about priapism.

Water or Semen? - Was it semen or water question. Answers about semen, pre-cum, and more.

Semen Volume Pill Question - Question about semen volume effects. Are there side effects of the ingredients of semen volume pills?

Side Effects of Viagra - Question about the side effects of Viagra with a thorough article about it.

Viagra Alternative - I'm 78 years old. Are there any Viagra alternatives that are still as effective.

Viagra and Poppers - Mixing Viagra and Poppers (liquid nitrates)  is a dangerous combination.

Viagra for Fun - Is Viagra safe for use? Answer depends on your medical conditions.


Birth Control Pregnancy - Girlfriend doesn't take birth control pills at a consistent time, could she be pregnant?

Masturbation and Pregnancy - Is masturbation during pregnancy safe or can it be dangerous?

Pregnancy from Pre-Cum - Could my girlfriend be pregnant from pre-cum or semen on fingers?

Pregnancy Question - Todd's pregnancy question is about pulling out without protection. He wonders if ejaculate landing on his girlfriend's labia could cause pregnancy.

Pregnancy Risk? - What is the pregnancy risk if I ejaculated through clothing next to our bodies?

Pregnancy Risk on Period - What is the pregnancy risk without protection when she has her period?

Scared of Pregnancy - What is her pregnancy risk if I touch ejaculation and then finger her vagina?

Sexually Transmitted Diseases Advice

Anal Sex, Infections and Sexually Transmitted Diseases - After having anal sex with her boyfriend, Kate now has an infection. Kate asks if an over-the-counter medicine will take care of her infection. Abby's short answer is no... Kate needs to see a physician to get proper diagnosis of the possible infections and STDs that she is noticing. Many of these can only be treated with prescription medications and can have serious side effects such as infertility if not treated.

Do I Have an STD? - Do I have an STD and can a pap smear examination really detect it if I indeed have one? I had sex with someone who could have an STD, and we used a condom, but I'm worried. - Find out what Nurse Susan says to help Mandi.

Tongue Sore - Is this new tongue sore from oral sex I gave boyfriend last night?

Wet Outer Sex Safe? - Can I get sexually transmitted diseases by grinding without penetration?

Sex & Masturbation Advice

Anal Sex  Advice

Anal Sex Risk - Are there any anal sex risks or can infections be caused when having anal sex and then vaginal sex afterwards? Find out here.

Massaging the Prostate - How to massage the males prostate described by anal sex stimulation.

Female Ejaculation Advice

Female Ejaculation - Is the female ejaculation that porn stars claim in adult videos really ejaculation?

Is Female Ejaculation Urine? - How to tell if female ejaculation is really urine such as color or odor?

Orgasm and G-Spot - Where is the g spot and how can I stimulate it to give her a g spot orgasm?

Peeing During Orgasm - A female asks what to do if she is accidentally peeing during orgasm.

Urination and Orgasm - I can't orgasm through fingering because I always have to pee. Help me!

Female Masturbation Advice

How Many Fingers Can I Fit - How many fingers can I fit and how should I clean my fingers first.

How Often Can I Masturbate - I'll tell you how often I masturbate and then tell me your number.

Masturbation, Boys, and More - Do girls leak urine or anything during masturbation or do I cum?

Vibrator Problem- Am I having problems inserting a vibrator into my vagina because I'm a virgin?.

Foreplay Advice

What Is Foreplay - What is foreplay? Answers range from French kissing to phone sex and more.

How to French Kiss - I need to learn how to French kiss. Please teach me how to give a hot kiss.

Male Masturbation  Advice

Caught Husband Masturbating - I caught my husband masturbating and lying that he does not do it.

Circumcision to Stop Masturbation - Can I use circumcision to stop my son from masturbating.

'Circumcision to Stop Masturbation' for Real - Is the above article about circumcision real?

Decreased Semen - Is it possible to have decreased semen volume due to masturbating too much?

How Much Is Healthy - How much masturbation per week  is healthy for a 30 year old male virgin?

Is Masturbation Normal - Is male masturbation normal while watching porn stars in adult videos?

Masturbation Frequency - If I masturbate several times per day, will my sexual power decrease?

Masturbation and Shaving - I love shaving and having my wife watch me masturbate. Is it normal?

Too Much Masturbation - Does he masturbate too much if he is the only one who can finish himself?

Oral Sex Advice

Girlfriend Afraid of Oral Sex - My girlfriend is afraid to have sex, but I only want oral sex. Help me.

Girlfriend Does Not Like Oral Sex - How can my girlfriend stop thinking that oral sex is disgusting?

Oral Sex Taste - My husband does not like my oral sex taste and my physician says it's not a medicinal problem. What can I do so that he'll want to perform oral sex on me and like the way that I taste?

Semen Allergy - I get so sick with pain after swallowing semen. Am I allergic to semen?

Wife Stopped Liking Oral Sex - My wife does not like oral sex due to vaginal smell and taste. Help.

Woman Needs Sex Toy to Mimic Oral Sex   - I love oral sex and need a sex toy to that will please me as a man's tongue would. Please help.

Sexual Intercourse Advice

How Can I Clean the Semen Out After Sex - How can I get the semen out of my vagina after sex?

Common Lubricants - What can I use as sex lubricants and are they safe to use in my vagina?

Fantasies - Is it normal for women to have fantasies? I want to share my fantasies in bed, but I'm nervous and afraid. Should I tell my partner of 2 years about my fantasies?

Forbidden Fruit - We're virgins and I can't seem to get it in her vagina. What could be the reasons?

Intercourse Pain - I have intercourse pain and feel like my vagina rips. It also burns. What is it?

Painful Sex for Virgin - I'm scared, a virgin, and sex is painful. He can't get it in because I tighten up.

Pelvic Bone Pains Wife - My pelvic bone hurts my wife during intercourse. Should I gain weight?

Period Intercourse - Is period intercourse unhealthy for men because of possible toxic infections?

Prepare for First Time - I want to prepare for my first time having sex. I don't want pain, help me.

Semen Leaks Out - Is semen leaking out of my vagina normal... even hours after he ejaculated?

Sperm Life - How long does sperm live and could my girlfriend get pregnant from older sperm?

Thick Penis - Can a tight vagina cause pain on a thick penis? A dry vagina and penis might hurt you..

Tight Vagina - My virgin girlfriend has a tight vagina that's so sensitive that everything hurts. Help!

Wants Erection to Last - Jack wants his erection to last longer during sexual intercourse after his ex-girlfriend tells him how long her new sex sessions last. Abby gives him sex advice to last longer and how to forget his ex-girlfriend.

Young Man with Older Women - Question about a man having an orgy with three older women.

Keeping Sex Fun Advice

Adult Videos Advice

Adult Video Stores - Are adult video store packages discreet about adult related contents inside?

Adult Video Viewing Privacy - I want to watch adult videos on my computer, but I need to make sure that the other person who uses the computer is not able to know about me watching Yanks female masturbation adult videos. Do you know what I should do to make sure that my privacy is protected?

How to Become a Porn Star - I want to become a porn star. Do you know what I should do first?

Romantic Adult Videos - Are there more "romantic" adult videos for women who are not into the hardcore porn men like? So far, everything we have watched is just rough sex and my wife doesn't like it. Where can I find something that my wife might actually watch and enjoy?

Bondage Advice

Bondage Safety - Question about bondage safety and an answer that provides a beginner's guide to bondage. Also, is seeing a mistress considered cheating?

Fetish Advice

Masturbation and Costume - Costume question and answers about masturbation, arousal and more.

My Fetish Questions - Questions about my fetish and how it relates to my arousal and partner.

My Fetish - Is my fetish normal and should I take to my girlfriend about it?

Lingerie Advice

Lingerie - Do women sleep in lingerie, panties, or nothing? Why do they wear these things to bed?


A Watched Pot - Please help figure out how to increase libido or figure out masturbation issues.

Building Sex - I'm having sex with a younger neighbor who has sex with another neighbor. Help me.

Cheating Boyfriend - Is my boyfriend cheating? His online personals profile is still up though. Why?

Confused - My girlfriend doesn't seem to respond to any sexual interest. I am so confused though.

Failure to Communicate - I don't want to have sex yet and I'm afraid we'll go too far next time.

Girl Talk - Can girls be friends, then have an intimate experience together, and still be friends after?

How to Date - I'm in high school and need to learn how to date. I've never kissed and need a girlfriend. Help!

Husband Cheated - My husband cheated on me and wants to control me now. What should I do?

Is He Cheating - Is there a way to tell if he is cheating by looking at or feeling testicle fullness?

Lesbian Fight - My lesbian girlfriend and I broke up, but we can't leave each other alone. Help.

Love and Like - What is the difference between love and like. I want to know if I'm in love.

Lying About Virginity - I'm a virgin and I am afraid to tell my girlfriend about it. Should I tell?

Misguided Male - I'm looking for a relationship with a French male, and don't know where to go.

Mountains of Molehills - Please help me. I don't want breast surgery, but he loves large breasts.

On-and-Off Relationship - My boyfriend and I make plans and he doesn't show up. What's up?

Personal Magnetism - This man has personal magnetism that attracts all women. Is this normal?

Porn and Self Esteem - My husband watches porn stars and hurts my self esteem. Please help me.

Sex Toys Advice

Cock Ring Problems - My husband has cock ring problems. What should we do about this issue?

Male Masturbators - What kind of male masturbators vibrate or stroke mechanically (electrically)?

Male Sex Toys - Do guys use male sex toys like pumps or vibrators? Are there sex toy techniques?

Sex Toys for Oral Sex - Are there sex toys that simulate oral sex on a woman? I need oral sex to orgasm, but my boyfriend is not here now.

More Advice

Sexual Preference Confusion - Doubting his sexual preference leads to bad thoughts of confusion and how to end it all. Advice questions and answers to help one man get through these sexual issues.

Shaving - Questions and answers about shaving less often, but still having smooth skin during sex. Shaving legs and bikini lines does not need to be a daily duty for women. For fine and thick hair, shaving less often is possible without electrolysis.
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