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Dyeing Pubic Hair

Thanks so much for the help you gave me with your web site! Lately the idea of dyeing (color) my pubic hair came up. Do you have any suggestions on products I should use or precautions I should follow? I tried a normal hair dye products from Revlon—red color—and followed instructions as for normal hair. The result was not even reddish pubic hair ... (poor results!). My natural color is medium brown. I was very aware not to touch with any chemicals my vagina and I had no reactions or pain whatsoever but it was a waste of time :) I've seen on some videos or on some girls I have seen on France beaches nice colored hair ... I really would like to get some results. I hope you will be of some help.

Thanks again for your patience,
Yours Gratefully

Dyeing pubic hair isn't recommended by any company I could think of that sells hair coloring products. These products aren't tested for it so if you choose to do it you are taking a risk.

The biggest risk comes from the products meant to lighten the color of your hair. These products all contain peroxide, ammonia, or other pretty harsh chemicals. The actual hair dyes will vary and are not as big of a problem.

If you do this I recommend that you find a salon that offers this service. They may not advertise it, but many will be able to help you out. It would be best if you stayed away from the hair on your labia and just focused on the area above. Shaving around your vagina should hide the fact that you've dyed the rest (assuming that you're going with a natural color).

As far as the actual coloring, normal store-bought products aren't that great for making a radical change to hair color unless you are blond. If you have darker hair then they really are best for adding tints and other minor changes. This is another area where someone at a salon could help you choose the right product for the color you are shooting for.


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