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Anal Sex and Infection

Can anal sex transmit sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) or cause infections? Kate says she had anal sex with her boyfriend and now has a vaginal infection. Abby helps Kate understand the infection and sexually transmitted disease risks associated with anal sex and leads her to a physician for proper diagnosis and medical treatment for the infection.

Question about Anal Sex Leading to Infection

Topic: anal sex, vaginal infection, std
Priority: urgent
The message: 
My boyfriend and I have had anal sex and now I have a vaginal infection. Should I go to the doctor or is there something over the counter that I can take that would help? Kate

Anal Sex and Infection Answers and Advice

Dear Kate,

Anal sex and infections are very serious. You should go and see your health care provider as soon as possible to get the proper medicines for your specific infection(s) and/or STDs. As youngsters, we all should've been taught the importance of simply wiping front to back after going to the bathroom, right? The same with sex... NEVER NEVER go from anal sex to vaginal sexual intercourse. There are some very serious infections and sexually transmitted diseases that can occur with this activity.

I would definitely advise you to see your physician so that you get the proper medicine, as you may need fungal, bacterial or both medicines to treat the infection(s) and/or STDs you may have after this anal sex experience. Then you can only get these prescriptions from a physician to treat the infections or STDs. Good luck and please be safe!!!

--- Abby - Abby's Sexual Health

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