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Oral Sex (Cunnilingus) Fear - Girlfriend Afraid of Oral Sex Question, Answers, Sex Advice

Oral Sex  Advice

Oral Sex Fear Question: My girlfriend is afraid of oral sex.I am 15 and she is almost 16 and I was wondering ... we have been going out for 8 months. She is worried that she will get pregnant by me if we have sex but I don't want to have sex, all I want is oral sex. But she is still scared about that. How should I deal with this?

You deal with her being afraid of performing oral sex exactly the way you would deal with her being afraid of anything.

First, let her know that she doesn't have to do anything she isn't ready for. Be sure to reinforce to her that the decision is hers and whatever she decides is okay. Don't pressure her in any way.

Second, keep communicating with each other to let her know your feelings as well as trying to understand hers. This doesn't mean you are trying to talk her into anything, you're simply opening up to her and letting her know what you want out of the relationship and she can tell you what she can give. Then you have to decide if it's good enough for you, or if this person isn't what you are looking for in a girlfriend. This is no different than if you told her that Saturday was boys' night out and let her decide if it was good enough for her that you could only give one weekend night to her.

Every area of your relationship will essentially be evaluated this same way, even if you aren't aware that you are doing it.

The fact that your girlfriend is worried about becoming pregnant is a sign that she is approaching sex with a healthy attitude. I would be a lot more concerned if she were willing to just dive into the sexual side of your relationship and wasn't scared at all.

One final note, she can't get pregnant from oral sex. If you do decide to have sexual intercourse, be sure she speaks with her health care provider about her safe sex options.












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Nina Hartley's Guide to Better Cunnilingus teaches oral sex techniques to use on a woman.

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Nina Hartley's Guide to Oral Sex.

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The 2004 AVN Award for Best Oral Themed Video was won by Jules Jordan's Feeding Frenzy #2. It features 5 girls and 15 guys, and is very intense. Probably not a good choice for those who prefer "softer" type action.
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