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Female Ejaculation - Is Female Eaculation & Squirting Urine?

Female Ejaculation  Advice

When I'm masturbating and I supposedly ejaculate, 'it' comes out in large amounts. Really it's a pain to clean up. And it's yellowish! It has the taste and smell of a salty pretzel. My questions are, how much fluid is supposed to come out of a woman's body when she ejaculates, and is this fluid supposed to look like urine???? And am I urinating, or is this female ejaculation?!?! Thanks.

- Jenna

During female ejaculation there will always be a trace amount of urine in it. This is because the urethra, which is where the ejaculate comes out, is also used for urination. Also, when muscles are contracting down there, other fluids can be expelled as well.

I've often written about my experience with this. I first became convinced that female ejaculation was not urine when I suffered from a multi-week urinary tract infection that caused my urine to smell like, well if you've had one you'd know. During this time when I ejaculated it was clear and odorless which convinced me that it was not pee.

What this means is that female ejaculation is not urine. However, it does not mean that any time fluids are expelled during female masturbation and orgasm (or sex) that it is female ejaculation. It is also very possible that you have an incontinence problem which can occur if you have either an irritable bladder or a weakness at the neck of the bladder. If this is the case, your doctor has several different medicine options including Oxybutynin (which is taken before sex/masturbation) or Imipramine (which is taken daily).

It is tricky sometimes to tell which is the case. Forever they told woman who ejaculated during orgasm that they were urinating. Of course when they told every woman this they were correct sometimes, but also screwed a lot of women up as well. Now there are people in the medical community who understand what it is all about, but there are still many who are in the dark.

The method I now suggest if you want to evaluate yourself is to take a multivitamin in the morning and track when your urine is at its brightest yellow stage. Then repeat this the following day and masturbate during that time. Be sure to use the restroom first and see for yourself if your "ejaculate" matches the color of your urine or if it does not. This will give you a starting point before speaking to your doctor about it (if it is in fact urine).

As far as how much comes out "normally," as with every other area of sexuality, there is no such thing as normal. A woman who female ejaculates can dribble a little out of her vagina, explode in a burst during orgasm, or release quite a bit in a stream during each orgasm. I've personally seen all three!












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