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General Sex Toy Information For The True Beginner

Congratulations on deciding to purchase your first sex toy! You’re now on your way to a new dimension of your sex life! Walking into a sex toy shop or visiting an online sex toy site can be pretty intimidating. The first thing you might think is, “Wow. What goes where and how in the heck do I use it once I know where it goes?”

I’m here to give you the rundown on the most common sex toys, the array of materials they come in and how (and where) they are used. But first, I’d like to tell you about a book that belongs in every first-timer’s night stand. It’s called Toygasms and it is an essential guide about all things related to sex toys. It includes general descriptions of sex toys and how to use them, in addition to hand drawn illustrations and easy to understand language. This book also contains articles on clitoral and g-spot orgasms, how to introduce a sex toy into your relationship and more.

Now I’d like to introduce you to the world of sex toys!

Bullets and Eggs

These types of sex toys are excellent for the beginner and something I recommend everyone own. These sex toys are small bullet or egg shaped vibrators that are ideal for stimulating the clitoris and vulva area. They are also great for stimulating a man's perineum (that area behind the testicles and in front of the anus that houses the prostate). These sex toys can also be used outside of the clothing during foreplay and for a relaxing and sensuous massage. Bullets and egg shaped sex toys are easy to handle, can be cupped in the palm of your hand or dropped into your panties to make housework much more interesting.

These powerful little sex toys come in a variety of shapes and sizes from your typical metallic bullet to something soft, pretty and girly. They come in textured styles for added clitoral stimulation such as a Double Bumpy Bullet, waterproof models like the Remote Control Waterproof Vibrating Egg and some even feature double models like the Double Magnum so you can share the fun with your partner. These small and extremely powerful sex toys can also be found in various shapes such as the Xtreme Pack Penis Bullet and some have clitoral stimulators attached for increased orgasmic pleasure, such as the 5X Flicker Mini Massager.


A dildo is a penis or phallic shaped sex toy that can be used for vaginal insertion or anal insertion. If you enjoy the feeling of a full vagina without any vibrations, you may want to consider this type of sex toy.

Like men, dildos come in an amazing selection of sizes, shapes and colors. Make sure to look at them all in order to find your perfect fit and the feel you are looking for. Dildos can look like a real penis complete with bulging veins and testicles. (South Of The Border Natural Dildo) You can even find dildos molded after porn stars. (Marc Wallace Realistic Thin Cock) Many of the natural looking dildos are made of a soft and flexible material called cyberskin. (Cyberskin Perfect Pecker) The most unique thing about cyberskin is that it warms to the touch and maintains that heat as you use it. Cyberskin feels and looks very natural.

If you’d prefer a dildo that will do the job, but doesn’t look as realistic, there are many models made of a soft jelly material that come in a rainbow of colors. (Rainbow Riders Dildo) If you like, you can chose from decorator colors (Shane’s World College Dong) or a simple clear jelly dildo. Dildos are also available in glass that can be cooled and warmed for amazing sensations and are perfect for those who may be sensitive to latex and other materials. (Glass Dildo) And if you just can’t seem to find the perfect model of dildo to tickle your fancy, grab your man and make your own! (Clone-A-Willy Dildo Kit)


Vibrators are much like dildos but are battery operated and vibrate, pulsate or both. Vibrators are used for vaginal insertion, anal insertion and clitoral stimulation. With the vibrations of these type of sex toys, orgasm can be reached more easily and your orgasms can be more powerful. For a beginner, a vibrator can be an important tool in learning how to orgasm and just what type of stimulation will bring you to orgasm. Knowing your own body’s orgasmic signals can lead to a satisfying and more fulfilled sex life.

Simple vibrators are penis or phallic shaped and have a twist cap on the bottom that houses the batteries and turns the vibrator off and on. Vibrators come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors as well as a variety of materials. Crystal jelly vibrators are soft, flexible and comfortable. (Jelly Sparkle Delight) Cyberskin vibrators are also soft and flexible but they are more realistic in look and feel and they maintain warmth as they are used. (Realistic Squirmy 8" Beige) Simple vibrators also come in plastic models which are more rigid (Wicked Smooth Vibrator), waterproof models for the shower or hot tub (Lucid Dream16 Waterproof Vibrator) and in the sleek, sexy look of metal. (Colt Silver Rod Waterproof Vibrator) For those with sensitivities to latex, silicone vibrators are available in a wide variety of styles. (Fantasy Silicone Rookie Vibrator) If you are looking for some added fun in your vibrating sex toy, try a lighted model! (Wicked Lights Stormy Vibrator)

Vibrators are also made in a variety of shapes that help to maximize orgasmic pleasure and intensity. (Sue Johanson’s Royal Teaser Vibe) Some are curved to fit the natural shape of a woman’s body, (Sensual Curve Vibrator), are flexible and easy to place exactly where you want it (Gina Lynn’s Flexible Vibrator) or come in a kit with a variety of sleeves so you can choose the feel you are craving. (Jelly Pleasure Collection) If you enjoy having different types of stimulation at the same time, you may enjoy a vibrator that includes a clitoral stimulator (Totally Blissful Clitoral Vibrator) or an anal stimulator. (The Gypsy II)

Some vibrators are shaped with a slight upward curve at the tip. These sex toys are called g-spot vibrators (Wicked Metallic G-Spot Vibrator) and are specifically designed to promote intense, deep, g-spot orgasm. Your g-spot is located on the front wall of your vagina, just a few inches inside. Not every woman has experienced a g-spot orgasm, so these vibrating sex toys are perfect for the beginner or someone who already relishes the delight of these incredible orgasms. Just like dildos and simple vibrators, g-spot vibrators come in a variety of shapes and sizes (Acrylic Smooth Groove G-Spot Vibrator). Some are small like the egg and bullet type vibrators (Xtreme Pack G-Spot Bullet) and some models strap onto your body for a hands-free orgasm. (Mini Silicone Butterfly G Strap On Vibrator) If you’d like to experience a clitoral and g-spot orgasm simultaneously, there are g-spot vibrators that have attached clitoral stimulators. (Adonis G-Spot & Clitoral Stimulator) My personal favorite for mind-numbing, dual orgasms is the Insatiable G. Yes, I own, I use it and I love it!

High tech vibrators do nearly everything but cuddle you after orgasm. These vibrators are more costly, but when it comes to sex toys, you get what you pay for. These vibrators feature many functions like rotating shafts (Crimson Kiss Rotating Pet Rabbit Vibrator), anal and clitoral stimulators (Triple Threat Lady Bug Vibrator) and bendable models to reach the spots that make you scream in delight. (Ultimate Bendables Bunny Vibrator) Even the classic Jack Rabbit has gone high tech with multiple vibration and pulsation settings and includes a recharging base. (Rechargable Jack Rabbit) If only the best and most innovative sex toy will do for your sexual gratification, then you may want to try a computer compatible vibrator (Highjoy Enabled iVibe Rabbit Vibrator) or a vibrator with 300 functions. (Decadent Indulgence 2 Vibrator) With sex toys this sophisticated, you’ll never want to leave your home!


Who says the girls get to have all of the fun? Masturbators are sex toys made for men. The penis is placed inside the sex toy in order to bring about an orgasm manually. They can be used by a man alone, or just like vibrators, can be used for couple’s fun.

These hand held masturbators come in manual styles with no vibrations as well as models that vibrate and rotate to simulate oral sex and manual stroking. (Cocksucking Champ Stroking Masturbator) Masturbators come in a variety of materials like jelly or cyberskin (Cyberskin Virtual Pussy) and a selection of shapes to satisfy any man’s fantasy like vaginas , (Perfect Pussy Masturbator), sexy mouths, (Oro Sue) and even hands! (Double Fisted Masturbator) If the gentleman has a tough time deciding, you can find kits that include different styles of masturbators in one convenient package. (Full Service Travel Trio) Some masturbators are a bit larger and include molds of a woman’s bottom with an anus and vagina ready for penetration (Seymore Butts Graper Masturbator) or a woman’s complete torso with breasts to fondle. (Double D Rack Attack Masturbator)

Dildos, vibrators and masturbators aren’t sex toys just for use by one person alone! Bring them into a relationship to add a sexy spark and some new excitement. In addition to those sex toys, there are items made for couples to enhance intercourse, role playing and fantasies.

C-Rings or Cock Rings

Cock rings are circular bands that go around the base of the penis to promote harder erections, delay and intensify orgasm for him and make intercourse last longer for you both.

Cock rings come in a variety of materials like leather (Leather Cock Ring with Micro Vibe) and stretchable silicone. (Buckshot Toys Silicone Cock Rings) You can also find cock rings that include a small vibrator (Reusable 9 Speed Vibrating Cock Ring) that will stimulate him while turning his penis into your own living, pulsating vibrator.

Restraints and Light Bondage

Light bondage can be exciting for couples in a loving and trusting relationship. It can add a new dimension of fantasy and role playing. Restraints can be as simple as wrist cuffs (Wicked Wear Play Time Wrist Cuffs) to keep his hands off while you put on a show for him or complete tie-down kits (Lover’s Super-Strap Restraint Kit) to tie your partner down and tease them from head to toe. Some kits provide blindfolds (Do Not Disturb Kit) that can be used for sensory deprivation which heightens all of the body’s other senses. Love swings (Love Swing) are a type of suspension bondage that allows a couple to have weightless sex in a variety of erotic positions. Love swings come in an assortment of styles and models, so be sure and choose the one that best suits your weight requirements and installation needs.











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