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Orgasms  Reviews

How to Give a Girl an Orgasm - Review of an instructional video about how to give a girl an orgasm or more frequent, intense orgasms..

How to Make a Girl Orgasm - Review of an instructional book about how to make a girl orgasm in 5 minutes.

Penis Reviews

Premature Ejaculation - Review of an online program and manual about how to control premature ejaculation and master your orgasms.

Sex & Masturbation Reviews

Female Masturbation Reviews

Lubes and Oils - Using a good sex lubricant is critical to get the most out of masturbation and sex. Many lubes and oils irritate the vagina and stain clothing. Get the inside scoop about water-based lube.

Male Masturbation  Reviews

Lubes and Oils - Finding sex lubricants that are long-lasting and easy-to-clean is essential for men.

Sex Positions Reviews

Best Sex Positions - I review four products from Liberator Shapes that offer the best sex positions.

Keeping Sex Fun Reviews

Adult Videos Reviews

Adult Video Awards - Selected and voted for by adult video and adult DVD fans, the Adult Film Fan Awards for Best Adult DVDs and videos are a great selection for adult video fans to find sexy, fun, and exciting adult entertainment without having to pick a needle out of a haystack. It's difficult to find good adult videos and DVDs, but these adult video and DVD awards will help guide you to choose what style of adult video you like, and which adult videos would be a good fit for you.

Adult Video Porn Star Awards - Find out who the best porn stars are in adult videos. For new and old-school adult video viewers, the Porn Star Awards unmask the sexiest porn stars who perform at the top of their class. Porn Star Award categories include Top Porn Star, Top Male Performer, Top Foreign Porn Star, Top Dominant Porn Star, Top Submissive Porn Star, and many more top porn star awards. The "Queen of ____" Awards reveal porn star queens who dominate in a specific niche, and the Porn Star Dirty Dozen name the "can't miss" porn stars.

Adult Video Scene Awards - Find out what the best adult video and adult DVD scenes are at the 2005 Adult Film Fan Awards. Something sexy for every adult, including women, couples and men, it's easy to find an exciting adult video.

Adult Video Stores - Adult store reviews help you choose a reliable online store for any of your personal and sexual needs. Every adult store on this page is endorsed by YNOT or I have personal experience with that specific store to indicate professional and reliable service.

Adult Video Reviews - Over 3,500 adult video reviews. Provided by Adult Video News, Rog Reviews, Talking Blue, and others.

Cousin Stevie's Pussy Party
- I've watched each adult video in this series and it's pretty much my favorite. It's real girls in a real competition competing for real cash. Very fun...

Cousin Stevie's Pussy Party #4 Adult Video Review
- A woman who loves adult videos wrote the following Cousin Stevie's Pussy Party #4 Adult Video Review. Cousin Stevie's Pussy Party #4 is an adult video featuring an all-girl orgy directed by Cousin Stevie, known as Seymore Butts Cousin Stevie in Showtime's popular "Family Business". From a woman's point of view, find out how many Orgasms Cousin Stevie's Pussy Party #4 receives in her Orgasm Ranking

Bondage Reviews

Screw the Roses - A review of the bondage instructional book Screw the Roses, Send Me the Thorns: The Romance and Sexual Sorcery of Sadomasochism.


How to Catch Your Cheating Mate - A review of an ebook about how to catch a cheating mate.

Creative Dates - A review of an ebook about 300 creative dates that won't empty your wallet.

Dating - A book review of a guide for meeting women, including how to make girls want you.

Macking - A review of a book, ebook, instructional video, and video cd that is primarily focused on casual sex.

Romance - A review of a guide to romance and the perfect marriage proposal. Included is a look at the 101 greatest proposals in a recent contest.

Secrets About Men - A review of an ebook for women. Secrets about men is a guide to dating and relationships with men.

Sex Toys Reviews

Adult Stores - Reviews of adult sex toy stores, such as and Adam & Eve. Abby says if you don't know where to start, she recommends Toys for Better Sex from the Sinclair Institute.

Anal Sex Toys - Anal sex experiences and reviews of multiple anal sex toys, including anal beads, butt plugs, glass sex toys, and vibrating anal sex toys. 

Dildos - Review of dildos, including realistic CyberSkin dildos, regular dildos, glass dildos, and vibrating dildos. They are graded and include tips such as how to choose non-irritating sex lubricants.

The Eroscillator Vibrator- A review of the Eroscillator vibrator, Abby's favorite sex toy and endorsed by Dr. Ruth Westheimer, the world's most famous sexual therapist and authority in human sexuality.

The Hub Vibrator- A review of The Hub, released by Doc Johnson. The Hub is a central powerhouse which separately controls the vibrating speeds and functions of 1 or 2 dildo attachments. A toy designed for solo masturbation and partner fun, it may make it into Abby's top sex drawer.

Adam & Eve G Spot Vibrator Review - First read the Adam & Eve G Spot vibrator product specs, such as multiple vibrator functions and speeds. Then this g spot vibrator review dives into different ways this toy can stimulate and who might like to try the Adam & Eve Slimline G spot vibrator. Glass Butt Plugs - A thorough description of a glass butt plug tested and reviewed by Abby.

Glass Dildos - A G-spot glass dildo tested and reviewed by Abby. Detailed information included.

Male Masturbation - An overview of male masturbation toys. Why shouldn't men feel good too?

Masturbators and Pumps - Popular male masturbators and penis pumps reviewed and graded.

Mini Rabbit Sex Toy Review - The Mini Rabbit Sex Toy Review will give you the information why the Mini Rabbit is an A+ sex toy. A vibrator and dildo in one, this is now in my top 2 favorite sex toys of all time. Every girl deserves one.

Pleasure Balls and Eggs - Pleasure balls and vibrating eggs are reviewed as a small unique sex toy.

Sex Dolls - There are so many sex dolls, so these reviews will help you choose the doll for you.

Sex Toy Reviews - These sex toys are products that Abby and Aaron have personally tested and reviewed. Find out what they do, how well they work, and if these sex toys will do it for you.

Vaginas - These male masturbation toys are amazing imitations of the vagina, anus, and mouth. Cyberskin and vibrating models of vaginas are reviewed to help you make your choice.

Vibrators - Abby says vibrators are often a woman's favorite sex toy and tells us her favorites. Clitoral, conventional, premium, and Venus vibrators have reviews, grades and tips to choose out of the plethora of vibrators out there.

Video Review: The Eroscillator, the only vibrator endorsed by Dr. Ruth Westheimer. The video includes testimonials, descriptions of how the product works, and an explanation of its benefits by Dr. Ruth herself. (If the file doesn't load, you can try right-clicking (or click-holding) and downloading the file to disk, then opening through your video player.)

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