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Female Body  Articles

About Ornamentation - Ornamentation of breasts, vagina and more.

About Ovaries - About ovaries and how they feel at various times.

About Vagina Symmetry - Comparing women's vagina symmetry.

Finding My Way Around My Vagina - Areas of the vaginal region are identified

Inside My Vagina - Description and insertions inside a vagina.

Licking My Vagina - Licking her vagina preferences and techniques.

Lippy Lips - Description/anatomy of a woman's lippy lips, or labia.

Modest Vagina - A woman describes her modest vagina exposures.

Mound of Womanhood - Article about a woman's mons pubis.

My Breasts - Article about breasts and stimulating them during sex.

My Cervix - Physical description of the cervix and how it functions.

My G-Spot - G-spot education and g-spot orgasm techniques.

My Hymen - About a hymen and how it breaks or stretches.

My Libido - A woman's libido and sexual experiences.

My Pubic Hair - About grooming pubic hair and more.

My Tight Vagina - A description of a tight, elastic vagina that stays toned and healthy with exercises.

My Urethra - Urethra description, size, sensations, and location relative to the vagina and clitoris.

My Uterus - Learn what the uterus is and about a woman's personal experiences with her uterus.

My Vaginal Discharge - Vaginal discharge descriptions, including color and texture, at various times.

My Vaginal Dryness - Causes of uncomfortable vaginal dryness and vaginal lubrication ideas.

My Vagina Color - A woman's description of colors associated with the vagina, labia, and more.

My Vagina Size - Finger exploration and description of vagina size, shape, functions and more.

My Vagina Smell - Description of vagina smell at various times, such as during sex or menstruation.

Noisy Vagina - An account about a noisy vagina, specific noise description and when they happen.

Protecting My Vagina -  How to protect a vagina from various bugs, infections and STDs.

Sensitive Regions - About sexual sensitive regions... the inner labia, clitoris, g-spot, cervix and vulva.

Grooming My Vagina -  Grooming my vagina, preventing infection, and wiping with toilet paper.

Smutty Bloody Lady - An article about sexual activity during one woman's menstrual cycle.

Touching My Vagina - About vaginal touching and how to stay comfortable with specific positions.

Vagina Body Builder -  Vagina muscle squeezing and exercise through personal masturbation.

Vagina Names - Various vagina names or euphemisms.

Vagina Taste - Vagina taste and aftertaste according to one woman's personal experiences.

Where My Vagina Is - Where is my vagina, clitoris and  labia? Vaginal areas located and described.

Libido  Articles

Aging Affects Female Libido and Menopause - How aging affects female libido and menopause.

Aphrodisiacs - Article about aphrodisiacs, how they work, what's in them, and who uses them.

Female Libido - How to improve female libido, about transdermal delivery, creams, and oils.

Female Libido and Female Enhancement - About Vigorelle and Estravil, natural products used to treat female libido and female enhancement. Vigorelle is a topical pleasure cream and Estravil is a pill designed to enhance female libido and intensify orgasms. These enhancement products are also used for female sexual dysfunction. 

Female Libido Creams FAQ - How do female libido creams work, do they work, side effects, etc.

How Pheromones Work - About pheromones, how they work, what's in them, and their effects.

My Libido - Article about a woman's libido and how it affects her body, masturbating, and more.

Natural Aphrodisiacs - Article about natural aphrodisiacs such as sunlight, enough sleep, foods, etc.

Viagra for Women - About women with sexual dysfunction, low libido, and Viagra for women.

Orgasms  Articles

About Orgasms - One woman's thorough history about orgasms and personal experiences.

Faking Orgasms - Reasons why she is faking orgasms and how men can help stop this behavior.

Faking Orgasms? - A woman shares why she fakes orgasms and why she fakes infrequently now.

Multiple Orgasms - Personal experiences with multiple orgasms, describing how they happen.

My Clitoris - From my vagina series, a woman who loves her clitoris shares everything about it.

My Orgasm - About orgasms, describing the various stages of many orgasm experiences.

Penis Articles

Cialis Viagra and Levitra Differences - Cialis™, Viagra™ and Levitra™ all treat Erectile Dysfunction. Find out the differences for your safety.

Increase Semen Volume for Stronger Orgasms - How to increase semen volume for stronger orgasms and a more pleasurable sexual experience.

Buy Viagra Online - Article about how to buy Viagra online, including choosing pharmacies, etc.

How to Increase Semen Volume - About semen volume, how to increase it, and why increase it?

Erection Oils - How erection oils work, what they are consisted of, and how to choose good oils.

Erection Oils FAQ - Erection oil FAQ such as ingredients and residues.

Impotence - Article about a man's experience with impotence in marriage and how he changed it.

Increase Sperm - How to increase sperm volume, strength of orgasm, and sperm virility.

Male Ejaculation Mastery - How to prolong lovemaking and techniques to master male ejaculation.

Male Enhancement - Better ejaculation control and longer-lasting erections with male enhancement .

Penis Enlargement Surgery - Penis enlargement surgery history, statistics, and positive alternatives.

Penis Enlargement DVD - First ever penis enlargement DVD - Matters of Size overview from Mike Salvini at Platinum Pictures .

Premature Ejaculation - Premature ejaculation problems and how to prolong sexual intercourse.

Side Effects of Viagra - Possible Viagra side effects such as headaches and upset stomach.

Testicular Cancer Self-Exams - How to detect testicular cancer through self-examination.

Strong Ejaculation Secrets - How to improve sexual satisfaction with strong ejaculation secrets.

All About Viagra - About Viagra treating erectile dysfunction or impotence and more resources.

VigRX Testimonial - VigRX testimonial from certified naturopath regarding libido and sexual enhancement effects of VigRX testing.


Birth Control Pill - An article about personal experiences with different kinds of birth control pills.

Morning After Pills - Information about morning after pills to prevent the risk of pregnancy.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases Articles

Condoms - Condoms as a method of birth control and to avoid sexually transmitted diseases.

Chlamydia - All about Chlamydia, including the symptoms found in men and women. Some infected individuals show no symptoms at all, but can still spread the STD. Chlamydia is contagious and will be spread over and over until the infected person is treated with the proper antibiotic. Prevention, diagnosis and treatment are described in detail. Long-term effects for untreated people infected with Chlamydia can be permanent, painful, and dangerous.

Gonorrhea - All about Gonorrhea, which is curable with antibiotics in most cases. With similar symptoms as Chlamydia, Gonorrhea is often misdiagnosed. Although not all infected individuals show symptoms, this article includes common Gonorrhea symptoms, transmission, treatment and prevention information. Learn the harmful long-term side effects that untreated Gonorrhea can produce in an infected person and find out if you and your partner should be tested for this STD.

Sex & Masturbation Articles

Anal Sex  Articles

Anal Sex Toys FAQ - Anal sex toys FAQ, including which anal sex toys are designed specifically for whom.

How to Have Anal Sex - All about anal sex, including how to have anal sex and prevent infections and STDs. Learn techniques to have a pleasurable anal sex experience.

Anal Sex Desensitizing Creams - How to enjoy anal sex without the dangers of anal sex desensitizing creams.

Female Ejaculation Articles

Female Ejaculation - All about female ejaculation instruction, description, and techniques.

Female Masturbation Articles

About Female Masturbation - One woman's history of masturbation experiences.

Female Masturbation and Orgasm - All about female masturbation education, techniques and more.

Female Masturbation Fantasies - Popular female masturbation fantasies and ideas for fantasizing.

Female Masturbation Stories - Female masturbation stories have been recently added since a woman submitted her masturbation story in the male masturbation stories section. Typically, men submit embarrassing, funny, or crazy male masturbation stories. Check out what female masturbation stories women submit to Abby's Sexual Health so that other women do not feel alone in their masturbation escapades.

Male Masturbation  Articles

Male Masturbation - All about male masturbation with education, history, techniques and more.

Male Masturbation Stories - Funny but true male masturbation stories. Submit your masturbation story here too.

More Male Masturbation Stories - Read more true male masturbation stories that men have submitted for our collection.

Oral Sex Articles

How to Perform Oral Sex on a Female - Oral sex techniques and ideas on a female.

How to Perform Oral Sex on a Male - Oral sex techniques and ideas on a male.

Oral Sex Instructional Videos - Popular instructional oral sex for women, men, and couples.

Improve Semen Taste - Ideas for men to improve semen taste for their partners.

Sexual Intercourse Articles

Excessive Vaginal Lubrication - Sexual intercourse can be painful when there isn't enough sex lube. Sex can also be "blah" or not feel as good as it should if there is excessive vaginal lubrication. Know the options to solve this problem.

Hot + Sexy Foreplay - Before sex, foreplay helps warm her up and gets her in the mood. Hot + Sexy Foreplay Lubricant heats up when you blow on it. Hot + Sexy Lubricant is warm to the touch and makes foreplay hotter than before. Find out the Hot + Sexy flavors and read how this new heating lubricant was used to spice up my workday. Hot + Sexy Lubricant was fun to feel and taste, led to sensual foreplay, and then led to passionate sex.

History of Sex - Attitudes and sexual expressions of different world cultures in the history of sex.

Keeping Sex Fun Articles

Adult Videos Articles

Couples Friendly Adult Videos - Couples spark deficient and routine sex lives by embracing couples friendly adult videos. Rekindle your sex life too.

Adult Video/DVD Awards - The Adult Video and DVD Awards Section is a great place for people to find sexy and fitting adult entertainment. Choosing adult videos can be frustrating especially since a box cover doesn't convey if the porn stars and adult video scenes are sexy or not. The Adult Film Fan Awards are voted for by adult film fans who only award adult videos that they find sexy.

Adult Videos and Seymore Butts - About Seymore Butts adult videos improving one couple's sex .

Lingerie Articles

About Panties - Personal account of experiences with panties, discharge, and more.

Bra Fitting - Bra fitting tips with low-cut tops, tight tops, backless tops, and sweaters.

Bra Size - Information about proper bra size and its importance to posture, health, and strength.

Bra Washing - How to wash bras and lingerie to avoid damaging fabrics and bra effectiveness.

Bridal Lingerie - Bridal lingerie ideas and popular bridal lingerie customs and items.

Bridal Lingerie Tips - Bridal lingerie fitting, matching  with the bride's dress, and more tips.

Bridal Lingerie Choices - Bridal lingerie choices, ordering before it's not in stock, and more info.

Bustier Styles - Many sexy bustier choices and the current bustier styles.

Buying Lingerie for Her - How to buy lingerie for her. Size info, lingerie types, colors and more.

Corsets FAQs - How to clean corsets, put them on, and are they comfortable.

Corsets Fitting and History - Corsets in history and how to correctly fit a corset.

Corsets in Early History - Corsets used to mold the body and more from the 20th century.

Lingerie Comparisons - Comparing the lingerie bustier, bras, baby dolls, and corsets as presents.

Panties Fitting and Tips - Fitting panties properly and tips such as wearing cotton to avoid infections.

Pantyhose Tips and Fitting - How to fit pantyhose and tips such as storing extras in glove box.

Plus Size Lingerie - Plus size lingerie selection, discreet online shopping environment and more.


Cheating Wives - About cheating wives, why they do it, and what to do about it.

How to Have a Threesome - How to find bisexual women for play with you and your partner.

How to Meet Women - Ideas for meeting women and what to do to form a connection with one.

Insecure Wives - Some insecure wives have legitimate medical problems, read about available help.

Marriage - Marriage, sex, and passion... keep the passion alive with attention and adventures.

The Nagging Wife - For men avoiding their nagging wives, here a few ideas to help cope with it.

Online Dating Safety Tips - Personals and online dating can be scary. Here are some safety tips.

Swinging for Beginners - The basics about the swinging lifestyle and where to learn more about it.

Sex Toys Articles

Sex Toys Basics - Everything you want to know about sex toys. Learn about the various types of sex toys, where they go, and how to use them. Explore bullets and eggs, vibrators, dildos, masturbators, cock rings, restraints and light bondage.

Vibrators FAQ - Answers to vibrators FAQ, such as what are vibrators, and what's the difference between the different types? What are vibrators made of, how are they cleaned, and do I need anything to go with my vibrator? Are more expensive vibrators any better than the cheaper models?

My Magic Wand - This page is all about my magic wand, one of the most popular sex toys that has lasted the test of time. Along with my personal experiences with the wand, other women also email in their stories about this sex toy so that we can add it to the collection.

Sex Toys FAQ #1 - There are so many sex toys on the market today that many people have questions about what they are and what they are supposed to do. Read this sex toy FAQ section to find out the answers and discover what sex toys are right for you.

Sex Toys FAQ #2 - Sex Toys FAQ includes frequently asked questions and answers about buying, storing, and travelling with sex toys.

About Sex Toys - Adults can play too. Short article about about sex toys around the house and at sex stores.

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