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Orgasms  Techniques

About Matching Orgasms - Simultaneous or matching orgasms are difficult for some couples. Because having an orgasm at the same time as your partner is such a great bonding experience, here are a few techniques to help you and your partner have orgasms together.

How to Orgasm - This article has multiple female masturbation and orgasm techniques. Learn about clitoral, vaginal, anal, and other erogenous zones that lead to orgasm. Sex toys often contribute to extra intense orgasms. Find out Abby's favorite toys that enhance orgasm intensity and give her multiple orgasms.

Orgasm Quality - A woman shares her experience with orgasms and how to have a quality orgasm. Techniques to have more intense orgasms include escalating slowly, high arousal before stimulation, and more.

Penis Techniques

How to Ejaculate - Simple techniques about how to ejaculate. There are also techniques to help control orgasms and premature ejaculation.

Sex & Masturbation Techniques

Female Ejaculation Techniques

Understanding the G-Spot - This is a book about the g-spot. Understand how to find it, stimulate it and have a g-spot orgasm.

Female Masturbation Techniques

Video Interviews - Daily videos of women discussing their female masturbation histories as well as their current practices. They also discuss sex toys, public masturbation, female ejaculation, and more.

Bag of Cubes - Experiment with a bag of cubes to lead to a fun female masturbation experience.

Bath Tub Fun - The bathtub is a great place for masturbation. Turn on the water and have tub fun.

Bottled Orgasm - This is a bathtub masturbation idea. Learn to have a bottled orgasm underwater.

Brush Off - Learn which brush you can use on your erogenous zones. Brushing strokes on your vagina can lead to a very powerful orgasm, especially if you do not give into the temptation to finish the job with fingers instead.

Circling the Clitoris - A very effective female masturbation technique is simply circling the clitoris with two fingers. Use a circular rubbing motion and change speeds and finger positions .

Clitoral Roll - The clitoral roll is an excellent masturbation technique that heightens sensation when others fail you. Learn how to do the clitoral roll.

Couch Humping - A fun female masturbation technique is called couch humping. Learn tricks here.

Double Stimulation - Learn about double stimulation and how to have double the intoxication.

Fantasy - Female masturbation fantasy techniques. Sit back, relax and imagine whatever turns you on... fantasy is normal for women and can enhance your masturbation and sexual experiences.

Guide to Masturbation - Female masturbation techniques and orgasm guide. The best way to have a great orgasm is to know what you really like, which you learn through masturbation experimentation and exploration. Learn the basics to get off to a great start and have happy endings.

Hair Clippers - A short masturbation technique involving hair clippers as a sex toy.

Hot Bath, Cold Water - Sitting in a hot bath, this technique involves using cold water right before orgasm. Find out how one woman uses this masturbation technique to build to a huge orgasm.

Humping - One of my favorite female masturbation techniques is humping.

Icy Fun - If you're feeling hot, try cooling off with this icy fun masturbation technique.

Jacuzzi - Sitting in the jacuzzi is a great time to relax the body, and when some try this  technique.

Knuckle Up - What can a hard knuckle do for you? Read the knuckle technique and find out.

Mirror - Watch all your masturbation techniques up close and personal and in front of a mirror.

Oral Vacuum - How to use a vacuum with its sucking power to stimulate oral sex.

Pelvic Pressure - Applying pressure to the pelvic area can sometimes give me an orgasm.

Polish Lover - The Polish Lover is a guest technique about how a polish sausage feels for her.

Pretend Porn - Make up your own pretend porn scene with anything you want. It's your fantasy, imagine whatever you really desire and see how turned on you can get with an open mind.

Riding the Seam - As a woman, I know that riding the seam can do wonders for the clitoris.

Shower Head Fun - One of my favorite techniques involves a shower head. Learn the tricks.

Shower Massager - The shower hand-held massager is my favorite water masturbation technique. Changing the target, temperature and pressure adds that little extra to enhance the build up to orgasm.

Spell Orgasm - This is an orgasm tip that involves the use of alphabet letters to find out which ones really do it for you.

Stocking Slide - Silk tights or stockings slide easily in this technique to stimulate you into ecstasy. 

Stuffed Animal - Just like a pillow, a stuffed animal can stimulate quite well. One woman shares her stuffed animal masturbation experiences.

Teetering - Teetering on the orgasm edge is a great masturbation technique to build the finale.

Triple Stimulation - Triple stimulation takes some concentration to get started, but it's worth it.

Using Fingers - This masturbation technique provides a few different ways to use fingers for play.

Vegetables - If there isn't a dildo handy, vegetables can be a fun substitute for masturbation.

Washing Machine and Dryer - Using the washing machine and dryer is easy fun if you jump on.

Waterbed and Oil - I bet you can imagine what fun you can have with oil and a  waterbed.

Foreplay Techniques

Kissing Tips - If you're nervous about kissing, these tips can help get you started to enjoy it.

Playing with Breasts - Playing with breasts can be extremely sensual for your partner. Learn the ways one man has been able to make the best of this.

Male Masturbation  Techniques

Belly Rub - The belly rub is a simple way to play without too much work.

Endless Vagina - This method involves both your hands to simulate an endless vagina.

Igloo - If your masturbation is getting a bit old, try this igloo method.

Milk It - For those who think you can only milk a cow, try the milk it method. It can be extra sensual.

Popping the Cork - Popping your cork may take extra effort, but it might be your thing.

Rosy Palm - I'm not sure if this technique really makes your palm rosy, but it's a unique orgasm.

Sack in Hand - This is one of my favorites I do on my partner. For women who try this on their partners, the sack in your hand may be super sensitive. Before you do this method, ask him to show you how hard you can squeeze his sack by having him place his hand over your hand on his sack. This way, it won't ruin the mood when you try this technique.

Static Charge - How to use the skin below the penis tip to have a surge of static charge.

Steam Bath - Rising steam can be a great addition to enhance your masturbation session.

Tap Through - Keeping your underwear on, try the tap through to get new strong sensations.

Tip Tracing - Tip tracing is know to cause a more intense orgasm than usual.

Twister - Plan to make a mess with the twister, but it's a pleasurable journey.

Virtual Vagina - How to use your own hand to simulate a virtual vagina.

Oral Sex Techniques

How to Perform Oral Sex on a Female - How to give a woman great oral sex. A very common way for female orgasm, oral sex has a number of techniques to help men give them enhanced sensations.

How to Perform Oral Sex on a Male - How to perform mind-blowing oral sex on a man. Satisfying all the senses is a guide to help you learn what will give him an intense journey and orgasm.

Oral Sex Instructional Videos - Dr. Marty Klein and Dr. Diana Wiley introduce basic techniques that can help couples master cunnilingus and fellatio. Overcome fears and concerns about oral sex and learn what each other love.

Sexual Intercourse Techniques

How to Have Sex - The latest in sexual intercourse techniques, sex toys and relationship satisfaction. Included are demonstrations for having better sex.

How to Have Sex 2 - Narrated by three sexual education doctors, this video is designed to help add spice to the usual sex and to increase intimacy with your partner through honest communication and a better understanding of how to have sex. 

How to Have Sex Video Series - This is the sexual instructional and how to have better sex video series. Included in the series are two sexual intercourse videos, one guide to masturbation video, one learn to orgasm video and one video covering oral sex techniques

Keeping Sex Fun Techniques

Bondage Techniques

Kinkycrafts - The Kinkycrafts book provides 99 do-it-yourself bondage or BDSM toys.

The Marketplace - The Marketplace series of books is about bondage or BDSM topics.

Fetish Techniques

Cross Dressing - The authors of this book are said to have contributed to the field of transgender studies for a long period of time. They delve into an analysis of cross dressing, sex, and gender.

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