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Semen Questions and Answers

The first time my boyfriend and I had sexual intercourse (he was a virgin, never masturbated either) he did not ejaculate any semen. He reached orgasm but instead of sperm or semen, it turned out to be water and now he thinks he's infertile. Is this true? Thanks for reading my letter

- Kitty

What you're referring to is not water. Rather it's pre cum or pre-ejaculatory fluid. This fluid is released when a man gets an erection and its purpose is to coat the inside of the urethra and to make it less acidic which will give the sperm a better chance of surviving the journey.

Typically in men, orgasm and ejaculation occur at the same time, but this isn't always the case. It is possible for a man to orgasm before, during, or even after ejaculation. So it is possible that he had an orgasm but didn't ejaculate and that pre cum was squeezed out during the normal contractions of his orgasm.

Also, if your boyfriend has never seen his ejaculate before, he won't know what's normal for him. For different individuals semen can have a wide variation in color and texture, anywhere from white and thick to clear and watery. Depending on circumstances, this can even vary from day to day for each person. What you saw may be perfectly normal. If he learned more about male masturbation and his personal experience during this act, he would begin to get an idea about what is and is not a normal sexual release for him. Ignorance is not bliss.

It's not possible to diagnose whether or not your boyfriend is infertile through email, his doctor will have to do that. Nothing you've said though seems to indicate that there's a problem with that. As far as your relationship goes, until he talks to a medical professional, be sure to practice safer sex—it's better to assume that his gun is loaded than to risk pregnancy. Also, even if he does turn out to be infertile, he should know that the protection of a condom is still necessary to minimize the risk of contracting or passing on sexually transmitted diseases through semen and the exchange of body fluids.


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