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I've never ordered sex toys from an adult store, but am planning on it. I was about to order something that you recommended when I suddenly was wondering what the packaging would look like. I don't live alone, and another member of the household getting ahold of a package with Sexmall or some other name on it before I do would not go well. Just wondering cause I don't want to find myself in this situation. Thank you.

- Danielle

Hi Danielle. One of the services we are trying to provide is to give people a choice of adult stores that all meet a certain adult business standard that we have set. This would include shipping every order discretely in generic packaging as well as billing your credit card discretely as well. Products ordered from any store listed on our site should arrive in packaging that does not indicate what's inside or what business the package came from.

We will also not recommend any store that will sell your email address to other sites or one that promotes the use of SPAM themselves. In addition, if we receive complaints from our visitors about a site that we promote, we will investigate it and remove the site from ours if necessary.

As a note, we consider it acceptable if an adult store that you have done business with were to email you about specials and such. We do require though that they give you a "remove from list" option and that they comply if you select it.












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