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Diabetes and Erections Question, Answers, Sex Advice

Penis  Advice

I have a question and diabetes and erections. I'm a 53 year old single male that has a real problem in obtaining a hard enough erection for sexual intercourse, I was diagnosed a diabetic over a year ago and since then have had a real problem with getting a hard enough erection for intercourse. My family doctor has prescribed viagra but still it helps only a little, I am able though to have an orgasm by oral sex by a female but to have my penis hard enough for intercourse it is really a frustrating experience. Please advise on what my next steps should be to help solve this problem. I will appreciate any advice you have, because I really miss satisfying my partner with rigorous intercourse.

- Ernie

Diabetes is a fairly common cause of erectile dysfunction. However, diabetic men can usually enjoy healthy sex lives but may require a little extra help. Certainly Viagra is one option, but if it isn't entirely doing the trick there are few other options to try. Remember that everyone's body reacts different to different things so don't be discouraged if one doesn't work. Just don't stop trying until you are happy with the results that one product or another gives you.

No matter what you try, if you smoke, quitting can really make a difference. Also, improving overall health through diet and (especially) exercise with also improve blood flow and circulation. Generally speaking, the healthier you are, the healthier your sex life will be.

There is an herbal supplement called Menzyme that will increase blood flow to your penis which will also help with erection strength. Another option is a cream called VigRX Oil that you apply to your penis before intercourse which has the same affect as the Menzyme but works faster.

One thing I came across while researching this suggested the use of a penis pump to help create your erection and then the application of an elastic band to keep erect. You may feel that this is not the most romantic method in the world, but if you take a light hearted approach to it you'll find that your partner will have fun "pumping you up."

There are other options like surgery or injections that are out of my range of expertise but that your doctor should be familiar with. About the only thing I can say for sure about them is that they should be your last option. Both the VigRX Oil and the Menzyme offer 100% money back guarantees so you should definitely give these a try before anything else.












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