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About My Vaginal Discharge

Female Body Article

This article is about my vaginal discharge.

Vaginal discharge is right up there with invaginate on the list of words I don't like. But, I do for some reason know quite a bit about my average vaginal discharge secretions. I think I started paying attention after hearing some described on the Sunday Night Sex Show on the radio but I don't remember.

When I was wee I don't recall noticing any vaginal discharge. As far as I was concerned, the whole unit was for peeing. Around the time I first had classes in school about how girls become women, I started noticing minor clear, egg-whitish secretions now and then. I think this was mostly due to diligent observation, as the health nurse who had instructed us about menstruation had said that most girls started getting this kind of vaginal discharge before they got their first periods. As there was pretty much a big race to get your period, I was eager for warning signs. These were commonly referred to as "snot clots" by little ladies on the playground.

Now that I have a full-grown vagina, it has a fairly reliable monthly cycle of discharges. Actually, the vagina is lubricated by secretions made by the cervix. The only glands in the vagina are near the bottom and they might make lubrication for sex.

Right after I finish bleeding, my vagina lets loose a moderate amount of thickish, creamy, yellowish discharge. This tapers off to a slipperier white secretion that is slightly less heavy.

By the end of the week, around the time of ovulation, the discharge is clear and stretchy like raw egg-white. There gets to be quite a lot of this for about a week, but it gets more white and less clear. It is only raw egg-whitey for 2 or 3 days, and the stretchiness definitely peaks on ovulation day. This mid-cycle discharge smells the sexiest, says me. Sort of creamy, if I can say that without being a perv.

For 4 or 5 days before I start bleeding again, my vagina quits producing much of anything, and there is only a mild white secretion.

I'm on a system now where I use a reusable rubber cup that fits like a tampon when I bleed. Because it doesn't absorb anything, I've noticed what kind of discharge my vagina makes while I am on my period. Exciting for you! It is not surprisingly about half way between the week before (minimal and white) and the week after (moderate and yellowish). It is a minor amount of quite thick, creamy, off-white stuff. This increases in inverse proportion to the amount I am bleeding, I think.

The other kind of discharge that my vagina makes is a clear, slippery lubricant (but I assume a protein not an oil) when I get smutty ideas.

All of these will dry to a kind of greasy cake. I haven't paid attention to their various odors, but I might start.

Since I've been on the birth control pill, there is less of all of the vaginal discharges. I used to keep track of them some so that I would know where I was at, rather than counting days. It was handy, since between the 4 days of no vaginal discharge and the onset of pre-cramps and sore breasts, my period rarely caught me by surprise even when I was irregular.

Lately it is hard to keep track of what kind of discharge I've got going on because it is usually diluted and mixed up with smut from me and the boy during sexual intercourse. This was not a problem when I was using condoms. Recently I was too sick to be up for much seduction, and my vagina seemed to still be making the recognizable patterns of secretions. Clever vagina. Hormones are neat.

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