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Oral Sex and Fellatio Article

Oral Sex  Articles

How to perform oral sex on a man...

The key to good sex and oral sex is to satisfy the senses.

Taste, smell, touch, sound, and sight are all the senses you need to consider. Satisfy the senses for you as well as your partner.

Satisfy yourself first. When it comes to oral sex, flavored lubricants are helpful for good taste and lubrication for those people who don't naturally produce much saliva. My personal favorite flavors are watermelon and pina colada. I also indulge in cucumber-melon pheromone spray, which I spray in the bedroom only for a second before our bedroom adventures. Although the pheromones are intended to set a sexual mood, it also just smells good and that makes the experience better. If you're open to this, you should also consider watching adult videos and possibly trying some oral sex techniques that the porn stars use during fellatio or cunnilingus. This exposes you and your partner to a new experience and can be quite fun.

To satisfy your partner during oral sex, think about satisfying all the different senses and frequently make changes while giving oral pleasure. It's most arousing when a variety of techniques are used rather than doing the same thing over and over. Also be sure to ask your partner what feels good or if anything doesn't feel all that good. If you're going to give head, you might as well make it an enjoyable and memorable experience for your partner.

Your partner may like the mouth candy that is applied directly over your teeth. This gummy candy covers all your teeth, blunting the sharp edges that make head not so fun for your partner. This oral sex candy is smooth for him and tasty for you. It is also messy as it "melts" all over him and you. Be sure to use your hand as well because your partner would agree that the messier it is, the better it will be for him.

For your partner, the most important aspects are likely to be touch and sight.

A crucial part is for you to take complete control when giving head. Don't be shy or embarrassed in the bedroom because no rules apply here. It's all about making yourself and your partner happy in the bedroom and that's it. Being confident and aggressive about your actions will make your partner know you are truly into it. Satisfy your partner by letting him/her lay back and enjoy without having to do a darn thing.

Change tongue, mouth, and hand pressures while you touch your partner. For instance, go harder with your hand one way and softer when you change directions. Lick and suck everywhere you are comfortable doing so and make yourself more comfortable with every portion of your partner's body. All parts are very sensual, as you will notice when doing the deed.

Change velocity when playing with your partner. You can go faster one way with your hand and slower when you go the other way. Partner this with pressure changes, and your partner will be mesmerized by your expertise.

Experiment with your partner. For example, change temperatures. Ice may be nice before warming it up with a tongue dance. Make a mold of your partner, possibly with wax ... I saw this once and it was given to a VIP who paid heartily for the mantelpiece.

There are many things to consistently change during oral sex. Go all different directions on your partner's sexual areas, including the penis, shaft, anal area, nipples, and so on. Move your tongue, mouth, and hands side to side, up and down, around each direction, upside down and inside out ... anything you can think of, just do it. Your partner will love that you're going for it and doing whatever you want.

What does your partner want to see? Look good for your partner. Do your hair and makeup and make sure you're clean. Experiment with different sexy outfits and possibly do a strip tease before your head surprise.

What does your partner want to hear? Even if you've never done this before, consider watching an adult video with your partner. Watching and listening to sex experts during a video gives you and your partner ideas about what can be done. Fantasizing is also another option. Tell your partner a sex story ... anything you want to say is good. Or role play if that is appealing. The key is to keep it interesting by experimenting with exciting and new ideas.

An oral sex topic that women often fear is what to do when he cums or ejaculates. Communication beforehand won't lead to unhappy endings where you feel your partner overstepped what you wanted to do. It's up to you to let your partner know your comfort zone. Some women choose to let their partners cum on body parts, such as breasts, back, vagina, and so on. For those people who like their partners to cum on their faces, it's a must to agree on whether it's ok to cum with mouth open or closed, tongue out or not, and if swallowing or spitting are comfortable during oral sex. It often works to start with body parts, build to the face, tongue, and then mouth. Once you decide it's ok to cum in your mouth, start with spitting. If this is ok, then try swallowing since this will most likely be the biggest turn on for your partner. If you do not like the cum to be near your throat because of a sensitive gag reflex, such as I have, then use your tongue to block the back of your mouth with the tip at the mouth roof. Then your partner can still cum in your mouth without making you gag. If you respond badly to cum, then this is the best option. For example, I've tried many times to swallow, and throw up each time. I've learned that for me it's ok to cum in my mouth with the tongue blocking the throat, but forget doing more because it doesn't work—it has to be a fun, pleasurable experience for both partners. And what kind of partner wouldn't want that too? You may also find it uncomfortable if your partner thrusts in your mouth; if this is the case you need to let your partner know. He should be happy to hold still to make the experience better for you. If you're not enjoying anything, discuss with your partner what could be improved for you because you should get enjoyment out of pleasing him. Figure out what to experiment with and talk to your partner, say where you're comfortable starting, and agree about what will happen before the act. Continue to openly communicate and this will guide you and your partner through your erotic experimentations.

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Abby's Oral Choice #1: Hot Licks Warming Lotion is warm upon application, heats up when blown on, and tastes good.

  1. Wet Flavored Lubricants
  2. Hot Licks Warming Lotion Pina-Colada
  3. Body Heat Peaches and Cream
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Oral Sex How to Videos/DVDs
Nina Hartley's Guide to Better Cunnilingus teaches oral sex techniques to use on a woman.

Nina Hartley's Guide to Better Fellatio is all about pleasing a man with the oral pleasure.

Nina Hartley's Guide to Oral Sex.

More oral sex how to videos & DVDs here
Oral Sex Toys
If you don't like the taste of pre-cum, (Or even if you do) flavored oils are awesome. I think "Wet Oils" taste the best and my personal favorite is Pina Colada.
The Mini Tongue Vibrator is made to feel like a real tongue. It works well unless you really like the stubble (I don't!)
This dildo, The Accomodator, comfortably fits on your chin allowing her to be penetrated while you perform stimulate her clitoris orally.
Oral Sex Adult Videos & DVDs

Warning: Adult Content

Hundreds of oral sex DVDs in our adult DVD store.

The 2004 AVN Award for Best Oral Themed Video was won by Jules Jordan's Feeding Frenzy #2. It features 5 girls and 15 guys, and is very intense. Probably not a good choice for those who prefer "softer" type action.
Oral Sex Adult Websites
Warning: Adult Content

Watch oral sex videos for $0.08 in my adult theater. 20 free minutes with no purchase necessary. We have blow job, cunnilingus, deep throating, and swallowing videos.

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