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Orgasms Article - Portrait of My Orgasms

Orgasms  Articles

I'm not sure at which point arousal and orgasms are distinguished. I usually think of orgasms as just the sexual climax, but I've heard them described as a process culminating in the climax.

However things are defined, I have to be aroused before I have an orgasm.

The usual progression begins with fairly localized good feelings centered around my clitoris. As I get more excited, these intensify and spread to a kind of deep pelvic pleasure and a desire to be touched both at the clitoral center of this business and inside my vagina. I don't think these desires are intellectual, I think they are the nature of the pleasure feelings. I would describe all of these things as arousal. I can experience all of them with no actual stimulation besides thinking, and if I don't do anything about them they will eventually go away. (For other things that can stimulate them, see arousal.)

I know that some women have orgasms involving no touching at all but I've never been dedicated enough to achieve this. At around this point in my journey toward orgasm, I will usually cave in and touch myself if no one else is, or eventually lose interest and return to the land of the non-aroused.

If things continue, I will stay at about the same level of excitement for a varying length of time. The length of this depends on all kind of things, like how much I'm being physically stimulated and what kind of ideas I've got in my head, and whether or not I'm uncomfortably cold or itchy or nervous, etc. I think these are the kind of things you would expect to affect an orgasm.

This stage, which I believe is called The Plateau, is followed by the part that I actually think of as an orgasm. This involves a sudden betterment of all the pleasure feelings going on in my pelvis, with most of the intensity returning to my clitoris instead of being focused also into a desire to have something put in my vagina. These escalate to a peak, which is characterized more by being followed by an end to these particular pleasure feelings than by the achievement of any particular maximum level of them. At this point I know that the vaginal muscles will contract, and sometimes I can feel this. I can usually feel them spasm more if there is nothing in my vagina. After this event, all the arousal feelings are replaced by deep contentment and a hypersensitive clitoris that doesn't want to be touched anymore.

All kinds of things can happen at the peak of an orgasm, depending on how intensely good I have come to feel. My orgasms frequently involve some involuntary hip action and the clenching of various muscles—thighs, pelvis, face. The better ones make me briefly lose feeling in my feet and legs, and sometimes in my hands. They can also cause me to briefly get tunnel vision or black out, and occasionally get dizzy. Once my beloved made my ears ring for several minutes afterwards. It was very serious :) Recently, he made me cry (happy/overwhelmed). This had more to do with the context of the orgasm than the quality of the orgasm, as I had been in a bit of a slump and feeling disconnected from our sex life.

Frequently I can also feel the various things connected to my vagina kind of settling back down after an orgasm. During the female orgasm, the uterus will dip down and contract some, presumably to make it easier for sperm to go the right direction. Sometimes I can feel what seem to be uterine as well as vaginal spasms, but could be just about any lower-abdominal muscles.

Orgasms also serve to redirect all the blood that has been sent into the pelvic area during arousal. In the absence of an orgasm, I can sometimes feel a sort of heavy discomfort in my belly. I only recently figured out what this was (from a magazine article). Easy cure = orgasm.

Even quick, less thrilling orgasms make me feel good. All my orgasms result in a post-orgasmic, calm, happy mood and much physical comfort. Sometimes it makes me laugh because I am happy. Sometimes I also laugh because I realise what kinds of silly noises I've been making. Eating any kind of yummy food (cookies, cherries, fruits, juice, honey... chocolate expecially, or grapes) after orgasms will make all the good feelings stronger and longer-lasting. Makes me purr, and keep chocolate cookies in the bedroom.

Also, for whatever reason, I frequently have to pee after an orgasm. I also usually have a brief surge in energy and then get sleepy. I attribute this to the release of happy chemicals, which wear off and leave me in a state of moderate physical tiredness and calm relaxation. The peeing thing might have to do with all the stimulation and spasming of various body parts near the bladder and urethra, but I don't know. It could be a reflex designed to keep foreign cells out of the urethra. It could be coincidence.

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