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Vagina Article - About My Vaginal Smell

Female Body Article

This article is about my vaginal smell.

Vaginal smells are difficult to describe. I will start with general things.

My vagina makes various smells. Sometimes they are stronger than other times. In some circumstances I can smell my vagina while I am sitting around, usually cross-legged in pjs in the middle of the day after not showering. I do not find the smells offensive. I used to worry about them occasionally, but I don't think I ever worried about people smelling them by accident and thinking I was dirty or gross.

I did used to worry about make-out partners getting too near my vagina and smelling it. I soon realised that people are aware that vaginas make smells, and that most people aren't grossed out by this. Oral sex can be relaxing that way. I think that believing my vagina wasn't a dirty thing was important.

Washing makes my vagina smell less strong. Going several days with no washing results in a more pungent vagina. Most people could probably have guessed that.

Recently, while our toilet was broken and had to be filled up manually to be flushed, I noticed that for some reason, if I pee less often my vagina smells more strongly, even when freshly washed and non-smutted up.

My vagina makes different smells at different times of my cycle. It smells sexiest at ovulation time, not surprisingly. This smell is a creamy kind of smell, and I associate it with raw potatoes, and with white glue. That sounds kind of gross but please map those smells into a sexy zone. My unit smells most pungently while I am bleeding. I think this is only partly the blood, because my vagina smells different during my period even if I use tampons or my swank rubber cup. Once I sniffed a tampon out of curiosity and it was freakily similar to the cliche tuna smell. Oh well.

People sell used tampons, pads and panties on the internet on the grounds of sensual smell.

Another smell my vagina has is a smutty smell after naked hetero sex. Sex with latex doesn't result in a lot of pungency, although it does get the smell of the condom lubricant, which is kind of funny, on my vagina. Unprotected sex results in a much stronger, as well as different, smell. My boy ends up with about the same smell, but mine is usually stronger.

I don't think oral sex makes my vagina smell any different.

My vaginal smell content from

This content is licensed under a Creative Commons license for non-commercial uses.

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