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Male Masturbation  Article

Tell us your masturbation stories
Tell us some of your craziest adventures and most embarrassing moments—just fill out the form below. Naturally, anonymous contributions are welcome.

Male Masturbation Stories #1

Well, I was about 19, and I had been extricated from my family home for some time, mostly due to crazy parents. Anyway, I had been visiting there for some reason. I had probably crashed out there some night as a sort of precursor to moving back in.

One day, I woke up in the later AM. I knew I had to return my adult video to the video store later that day. So I popped out of bed, and popped the tape into the VCR. I was so horny, my penis was effortlessly rigid. I began watching, very fixated on the people fucking on my TV in the bedroom. I was standing, and leaned back slightly to get that "full extension". I was full-fisted jerking my cock, and getting really excited. I got closer and closer to my orgasm. Then, suddenly the door opens, and my brother starts to walk in. He sees the porn on the TV, looks at me completely naked with dick in hand. Looks at my dick, shakes his head disapprovingly, and exits the room. I made no effort to hide it at that point, cause there was no way I could hide. I turned off the video tape, and sat down a minute. I wanted to finish, but didn't have the heart.

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  • Male Masturbation Stories #2

    One time I was lying in bed when my roommate came home with a woman he met at a bar. Not long after I heard them starting to get busy in the living room. Now if my life was like Penthouse forum, the evening might have turned out really well. Unfortunately, my life is more like a combination of Real TV and America's Funniest Home Videos. What happened was that he needed a smoke (I've long since quit) so he knocked on the door and opened it at the same time (It's worthy of note that he had never before opened the door without waiting for a response. Note to all you guys, never let your guard down).

    When he entered, he found me sitting on my bed with a Penthouse magazine opened to a picture of some beautiful woman. I was in the process of convincing myself that she wanted me when his head popped in the door. I had the sheet over me and might have gotten away with it if not for the fact that I was so startled that I grabbed it and tried to hide it behind the bed. Let's just say that I was caught head handed!

    To make all of this even worse, the magazine was his and I had it without permission. He never brought it up, but I did notice that he got rid of them and bought a fresh new stack and hid them better this time (Of course I found them, too!).

    Please tell me that I'm not alone!

    Male Masturbation Stories #3

    Once, around the age of fifteen I was visiting my best friend's house. As he showered, I indulged in looking through his collection of porn magazines. With my erection bulging through my running shorts, I became increasingly horny and began masturbating. We were the only ones there and with the shower going I knew I had some short-term privacy. I slid my shorts and briefs off and arranged them for a quick recovery—if needed. As I laid sprawled-out totally nude, I was stroking my penis when I herd a voice saying, "oooh..." As I open my eyes, my friend's little brother (around 10 years old) was standing there. His mother glanced around the corner, smirked, then stated to him, "See what you have to look forward to in a few years."

    I jumped up; By the time I even reached my clothes my face was red and my penis was limp. Later that night I finished what I started.

    Male Masturbation Stories #4

    I am an altar server at church. One day my mother, who is on a committee at the church, had to go early for a meeting with the priest about future upcoming events. I was altar serving that day, so I went and got changed into my clothes and went to sit in the alter servers room.

    Looking around, I started to get bored and started thinking about getting it on with my girlfriend the night before. Before I knew it, I had an erection. I couldn't help but start to masturbate, thinking that I would still have a half an hour before the meeting was over. To my surprise, the meeting ended sooner than expected, and as I was nearing my orgasm, the priest walked into the room to find me tickling my pickle! I had nowhere to go or nothing to hide behind, and the priest started shrieking about the sin I was committing. I was kicked out of the altar serving program and I was grounded by my parents for a good month. To this day I cannot look my priest in the eye.

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    views of real women about female masturbation, female ejaculation, sex toys, and more. (sorry, no porn)
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    views of men about their masturbation history, techniques.
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