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Meeting women guest article from Attract Sexy Women

Clubbing and pubbing is a major part of life if you're looking to meet someone. Everyone knows that if you're after a quickie it's easy to pick up a fling who by two in the morning is desperate to get a bit of loving from anyone and everyone. But how do you pick up the girl of your dreams on the dance floor—the one that every man is looking at and wants. What makes or breaks your record? Pattie Kempton, our very own sex-pert explains all: "Picking up a girl on the dance floor is harder than it looks, but then isn't everything in life? Picking up any girl is hard enough—don't get me wrong I do sympathise with you lads but picking up that all important dream woman who is just in another league. But there are some simple do's and don'ts which could make all the difference to you—after all a Skoda (however much they've supposed to have improved) just isn't the same as a Jag is it?"

First, don't appear to be too drunk.

Now this may sound both stupid and obvious, but you would be surprised at what a difference it can make. Trust me, no girl—however desperate—likes a slobbering, out-of-control male, breathing smelly, beery breath all over them. If you fall or trip onto a girl, knocking them or even worse pushing them over, I suggest you make a hasty exit, without a backwards glance. If you know you've had a lot to drink and feel out of control I suggest you give skip it all together. You'll only make a fool of yourself, and if you're a regular—beware your reputation may precede you—you may face a very dangerous consequence. In the long run if you are successful you'll only end up embarrassing yourself back at the ranch. And rumours—bad ones—are a man's nightmare.

Try to look like you can dance.

Now for 99% of men I know this is nearly impossible. If you're the other 1% then thank your lucky stars—you've been blessed. For girls there is nothing more than a good dancer that can get your pulses racing. But on the other hand, a bad dancer is the worst turn off. Now, it's all very well for me say "learn to dance" because I know dancing is hard enough—dancing well is almost impossible. Listening to the rhythm of the music, whatever the genre of music, is a good starting point. Closing your eyes may help you; then, once you're satisfied, dance to that rhythm, although you may not be dancing well, you will be dancing in time, which if anything is better than nothing. DON'T copy anyone else's dancing, because that can't make you look good. If the person you're copying knows what they're doing, you're not going to look as good as they do, and if the person isn't all that great you'll look at least as bad. You'll have a much better chance of making a positive impression by doing your own thing.

Pick the right combination.

Clothes always catch a girl's eye—sometimes for the wrong reasons. One key idea is to make sure you are dressed correctly or accordingly for the place you are going. Don't wear a loud Hawaiian shirt for an Electronica Night, or trendy shirt and tie duo for an Indie Night. You simply just won't attract the right attention or girl for that matter. Also make sure that what you pick to wear at least suits you. Ask someone else's opinion, preferably a female's, your mom's at the last resort. But a female point of view is very important; what your guy friends might say is probably not accurate.

Another tip is to ask females what they like to see men in—what catches their eye and what doesn't—this will give a good general idea. Make sure that whatever you choose fits you properly. Designer labels are not always the best option. High street names are more accessible and come in a wider range of fittings. There is no point is splashing out on an expensive top if it doesn't fit you properly. A nice fitting shirt can turn an outfit around.

Look like you're enjoying yourself.

This again may seem obvious, but you'd be surprised at how many men look unhappy—or worse, desperate—when on the dance floor. Trust me, there is nothing worse than a man continually looking around for talent, almost panting. Just relax and enjoy yourself with your mates, the aura that you give out will be much healthier and happier, therefore attracting more women.

Invest in something different.

Personal hygiene and appearance are very important. We have already talked about clothes, but body odor is just as important. Most people I hope start the night smelling nice and fresh, but 4 hours later it may not be the same story. Smelly men and sweating is the most repulsive thing ever—it makes me feel physically sick. Make sure you take ample measures to prevent this happening—you'll thank me later on, I promise. Also, invest in a rarer, more expensive aftershave—it's worth it. Every man smelling the same can become quite tiresome, when one a bit different comes along—interest sparks!

Don't creep up.

One of the scariest things I find when out clubbing is when men come up behind you, and try and dance in time with you, sticking their crotch into your backside. The thought disturbs me! DO NOT DO THIS!! Realistically how many men do you see have success with this method? None that I've seen. You may think as you stare at your target's bottom that they are encouraging you, inviting you to—Trust me they are not. You're drunk and IMAGINING IT!!

And finally ... Don't blow it

When eye contact has been established, and you wander over don't blow it by a cheesy pick-up line. They simply don't work these days. They've been tried before you and failed so don't fall into the trap and think you're different—you aren't at all. A simple hello, or "can I get you a drink" may be much more successful than a cheesy line.











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