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Female Ejaculation  Articles

Female ejaculation, also known as squirting, is a physical ejaculate release that is often coupled with an extraordinarily intense orgasm. Although traditionally men have exclusively been known to ejaculate, many women also experience this phenomenon. Male and female ejaculation have many similarities since they both: 1) have a building period before the physical release and 2) cause mental, physical and sexual pleasure. Many women desire the pleasurable benefits of female ejaculation and, as a woman who has learned how to ejaculate, I am often asked to teach others how to do it too. To share the enjoyment and benefits of squirting, I have included a description of what it is (and what it isn't) as well as a few methods to help women attain this benchmark.

Squirting can provide a number of benefits for those who partake. Women often feel a more intense orgasm with ejaculate than without it, possibly due to the high level of stimulation that is often necessary to build to and experience a physical ejaculate release. Knowing how to squirt can also increase sexual confidence if the woman takes pride in having an ability only a few women possess. Learning this technique can add an exciting new element of spice into the sex life of a woman and her partner, increasing the woman's identification of herself as a strongly
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sexual being. Men often find the concept of female ejaculation to be sexy or arousing, as indicated by the popularity of female ejaculation adult videos. Many men would like to see a live demonstration and yearn for their partners to also be able to squirt. This ability can also provide an outlet for sexual aggression: For instance, a woman can literally squirt on her partner's face (or anywhere else), letting him experience what it's like to be covered in female ejaculation. These are just some of the many potential benefits of squirting.

I first saw a woman ejaculate on the adult video Squirters #2 by Seymore Butts. I was immediately fascinated and set out to learn how to do it myself, in part based on the comments in the video.

If a woman wants to learn how to ejaculate, she must first learn about the relevant body parts and how they function. Taking a look at the female ejaculation anatomy will increase your understanding of what ejaculation is, allowing you to use this knowledge to improve your sexual enjoyment and ejaculate ability.

Ejaculation in men and women is the physical release of fluid from the urethra during intense sexual arousal or orgasm. The ejaculate fluid is believed to be produced by the Skene's gland, which is the female equivalent of the male prostate, where men's ejaculate is produced. The source, content, and amount of each component in female ejaculate is not entirely certain; all require more scientific studies and research to determine and confirm results.

Some early assumptions suggested the ejaculate might be urine, however there are countless female ejaculators who report the fluid is tasteless and odorless, unlike their urine. This statement is further confirmed through personal experience: A bladder infection once caused my urine to be yellow, strong, and extremely foul-smelling but did not affect my personal ejaculate, which remained clear and odorless throughout the entire infection.

Dr. Ernest Grafenberg, known for his studies of the female urethra role in orgasm and discovering the erotic zone later named the G Spot, also reported that an ejaculate from the urethra was definitely not urine. The G Spot is best located by inserting two fingers, palm side up, and pulling them back towards the palm or simply bending them. The area that the fingertips touch is the G Spot. This area has a rough texture unlike the surrounding vaginal walls. During strong sexual arousal, the G Spot becomes engorged, raising the flesh into numerous fluid-filled bumps. After ejaculation, these bumps diminish and return to the original rough surface.

 The G Spot (Diagram 1) is the primary area and function that you need to understand. Use this information as the basis for achieving a strong sexual climax and ejaculate.

female ejaculation

The following muscle development is a method to help women learn to ejaculate and prolong orgasms. First, it's important to build the pubococcygeal (pc) or kegel muscles (Diagram 2). Exercise strengthens these muscles and increases blood flow to the entire pc region. During stimulation, the blood flow quickens and intensifies physical and mental arousal, which leads to an unparalleled orgasm. The same exercises help improve sexual control and also prolong orgasm.

The pc muscles, often called the kegels, create a figure 8 around the vagina and anus. These muscles start at the pubic bone and extend to the tailbone to support the entire area. To learn how to exercise these muscles, sit on the toilet, begin to urinate, and then stop the flow of urine. The experience of stopping and restarting the urine flow is equivalent to one repetition of the exercise. Be sure to use only the pc muscles because the butt or thigh muscles will not help increase sexual control or orgasm length. Start exercising the pc muscle by creating the feeling of stopping the urine flow, hold it for a few seconds comfortably then release for a few seconds. The hold and release is one repetition; do approximately 5 repetitions per day if that's manageable and increase the reps when you become stronger. You can also hold one rep for 5-30 seconds and release for the same amount of time, but do this exercise only once daily to start if you prefer this method. Remembering to do this exercise is easy if you do it at the same time each day, such as every time you get into your car. Improve your pc strength and improve your sexual pleasure in one exercise. The developed muscles will automatically prolong the building period leading to orgasm, intensify arousal and orgasm, and increase circulation and strength. These factors enhance the sexual experience and often manifest themselves through ejaculate release.

female ejaculation

The next technique directly builds on the muscle exercises and increases the likelihood of ejaculation. Known as the "come hither" method, the technique is often used in adult videos, such as the Seymore Butts series, to cause female ejaculation. The come hither method involves inserting two fingers, palm up, into the vagina and pulling back towards the palm in a "come hither" manner, applying pressure with the fingers during this action. Perform this motion slowly and repeatedly with firm pressure. If you also use the same hand's thumb, you can apply pressure to the area from the outside for additional stimulation. During this time, apply pressure to the pelvic area with your other hand while stimulating the clitoris by hand or with a dependable clitoral vibrator. If you do not own a vibrator, you can also use your fingers to masturbate the clitoris, labia, perineum, and anal areas. The Hitachi Magic Wand, the only vibrator that has never failed to bring me to orgasm, is a great choice that I highly recommend for any woman. It's the only vibrator I've owned that never runs out of batteries and continues to work great even after nine years. Although your finger will do a good job during this self stimulation, in my personal experience vibrating almost always works better. Tracing a letter T or the letter O on the clitoris often feels good, but experiment and find out what feels best for you.

Whether you do this to yourself or someone does the come hither method to you, be sure to keep control of the vibrator on the clitoris yourself so you can change it any time you want—it's difficult for another person to use the vibrator and quickly respond to what you want. Fairly soon you should feel like you are about to urinate; this is because the ejaculate travels through and exits the urethra just as urine does. This is a normal feeling and it's important to relax and let it go. Most women worry that they will urinate during sex and physically hold back the ejaculate. To get over this worry, I told my partner that we had to experiment with our sex life, and as a scientist, I had to let it go to find out if it was ejaculate or urine. To relieve the fear of urinating on my partner, we went in the shower together and I actually did urinate on his leg and we laughed at how silly I was to worry about it.

When I did ejaculate later, it came as a surprise to learn the ejaculate wasn't urine. Do what you must to remove any worry about urinating during sexual stimulation and you will discover a new world of sexual enlightenment. The come hither method with surrounding stimulation always causes me to ejaculate and works for the many women I've asked who squirt too. As a side note, it also helps if you remove any vaginal insertions immediately before you're about to orgasm or reach the climax of sexual arousal, as this will aid the ejaculate release and makes it easier to see. You should still keep the focus on clitoral stimulation and pelvic pressure during this time. Also, emphasize the clitoral stimulation that most excites you when you become close to orgasm because this tends to increase the orgasm intensity and often creates a squirt that squirts farther and lasts longer.

Another method that leads to ejaculation includes everything the come hither method uses, but with a twist. Instead of pulling the fingers back in the come hither manner, slightly bend the fingers palm up and slowly apply pressure while extending the fingers to the straight position. There is a smoother area you'll feel when your fingers are extended; repeat this motion of pushing further into the vagina with the fingers and nails to give extra arousing sensations. Couple this with the same other instructions for the come hither method. Be sure to remove any vaginal insertions before orgasm to see the ejaculate, though the fingers may unintentionally be spit out of the vagina before squirting anyway due to the sexual response of clenching. I call this new discovery my "go forth and ejaculate" method.

Now that I've shared the many benefits of female ejaculation and explained the general anatomy and physiology involved, use this knowledge to experiment and sexually stimulate accordingly. Try the three methods described above and also try different directions, pressures, velocities, and so on to discover if you too can ejaculate and feel the accompanying sexual delight. I hope you take the skills you've learned and add another fun facet to your sex life; that's the reason I share relevant research and personal experience.

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Female Ejaculation How to Videos & DVDs
The Amazing G-Spot and Female Ejaculation from Dr. Michael Perry focuses on techniques that enhance the female orgasm.

Unlocking the Secrets of the G-Spot: The Ultimate Orgasm provides tips for female ejaculation and g-spot orgasms.
Female Ejaculation Sex Toys
A G-Spot Vibrator bends at the end which is great for stimulating this area that is hard to get to with any other toy.
The Rabbit provides intense clitoral sensations while also stimulating inside the vagina. Upward pressure can create simultaneous clitoral and g-spot orgasm.
Female Ejaculation Adult Videos & DVDs

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Hundreds of female ejaculation DVDs in our adult DVD store.
Female Ejaculation Adult Websites
Warning: Adult Content

Watch female ejaculation videos for $0.08 in my adult theater. 20 free minutes with no purchase necessary.

Real Squirt is a really fun site from a woman nicknamed Kream who bring in girls who female ejaculate as well as girls who want to learn and then video tapes their sessions.
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