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Learn Your Bra Size and More About Bras

Lingerie  Article

Bras and Bra Size guest article from AngelBodywear Lingerie.

Only 10% of Women Wear the Right Bra Size?


Many ladies may be at risk of developing back pain, poor posture, or breathing problems due to the fact that they are wearing the wrong bra size.

Women's busts are larger than ever, with the average bra size now 36C compared with bra sizes of 34B 10 years ago but, according to new research, approximately only 10% of women wear a bra size that fits properly. Many women admitted to resorting to a range of desperate measures to get the chest shape and larger breasts they wanted. A survey of more than 2000 women, showed that approximately 18% said they had modified their bras and the appearance of their breasts by sewing cups together or using safety pins to make them fit more comfortably.

10% of bra surveyed women also said they will stuff their bras to enhance their breast size. Bras may be stuffed with socks or even toilet paper.

Wrong Bra Size Causes Back, Neck and Shoulder Pain

While most women recognize that contraception, diet, menstruation, pregnancy, and the menopause can affect the size of their breasts, and bra size buying, experts have expressed concern that such a high number of women were still risking their health by failing to wear suitably supportive bras, lingerie, bustier, corsets, or underwear.

A Doctor from the British School of Osteopathy, said wearing ill-fitting bras could cause pain in the neck, shoulders, and back, which could eventually lead to a more serious muscle-wasting weakness. Bras should have the right fit.

"We mainly see people with back pain problems," he said. "Women who wear the wrong bra size are forced to adopt a posture which is completely unnatural and inappropriate”. This is a strong indication the right bra size is important.

"A bra that is too tight can reduce the mobility of the upper part of the back, by making it function like a single muscle. It can also reduce mobility of the chest and cause breathing difficulties because the ability of the chest to expand fully to inhale is restricted."

According to what experts say, a properly fitting bra size is essential. The reason is the breast does not have any muscles and the ligaments could stretch, and sag. This is especially noticeable as women get older, and are not adequately supported.

According to a product technologist with Marks & Spencer, a place that sells approximately 45 bras every minute in the UK along with being a supplier of lingerie to one-third of the nation, said women faced greater health risks by wearing the wrong bra size than if they did not wear any bra at all. Bra size is so important.

She had also said "An alarming number of women are wearing a bra which is too tight, this can cause headaches, tingling in the arms, backache, and poor posture. A smaller number tend to go for a bra that is too big and is not as supportive around the chest as it should be."

Other contributing factors causing larger bra size include the birth control pill, a relatively unhealthy diet, and lack of exercise. This is particularly why western women require larger bras.

A survey by Marks & Spencer and scientists at Nottingham University, found that 31% of women were not properly measured for a bra in the past five years and 22% had never been measured for a bra size at all. Using the latest 3-D scanning technology, researchers took 46,000 measurements manually. They found that 55% of women had a bigger cup bra size than they thought.

The bra sensor measures the pressure under bra straps and under the bra bands and bra wires, to assess whether a bra size is too tight or too big. Something interesting to note, the single most popular bra size sold in the UK is 34B, but the national average bra size is 36C. One lady had quoted "But I know through talking to friends that most people think that bra size, like your shoe size, is something you find out at 16 and it stays the same all the way through your life”. This is not the case.

To learn more about washing bras to maintain your bra's correct fit and prolong it's effective functionality, read the washing bras article.

Interesting Bra Fact:
Madonna's “Jean Paul Gaultier” satin bra, which was worn by her during her Blonde Ambition tour of 1990, was on its way to Chile after being sold for just over $20,000.











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