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Anal Sex - All about Anal Sex, How to Have Anal Sex, Anal Sex Safety

What is Anal Sex

Anal sex is simply described as anal penetration. A hard, erect penis can penetrate the rectum... and this can lead to very enjoyable anal pleasure for the giver and receiver. Anal sex toys are also commonly used to penetrate the anus. Dildos, vibrators, butt plugs, anal beads and more are a few of the sex toys that people use for anal stimulation and penetration.

Common Anal Sex Questions

Common anal sex questions include how to have anal sex, can anal sex feel good, and how to get a girlfriend to try anal sex. A section below is dedicated to how to have anal sex. Since the anus is a very sensitive area, learning how to penetrate it slowly and without causing pain is key to enjoying anal sex. Yes, anal sex can feel good for the giver and receiver. Some women enjoy it so much that they have their most intense orgasms from anal sex.

Trying to manipulate a woman to have anal sex isn't a good idea. Any sex should be a mutual decision. What you can do is learn how to have anal sex... without causing pain, infections and diseases. Learn all about anal sex together, as a couple, and then decide if you want to experiment with anal sex together.

Anal Sex Anatomy, Risks and Safety

Anal sex anatomy and safety will help you learn how to protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases, infections and anal tearing. The anus is the anal opening. There are two sphincters, which are ringlike muscles near the anus. These sphincters tightly clench the anal pathway to prevent leakage of feces, bacteria and gas from the anus.

Once inside the anal canal, there is a very thin mucous membrane lining the rectum. This delicate lining is vulnerable to tearing, which could cause infection, anal bleeding and pain. Any tear of this membrane can cause a fissure, which is a tear that expands through the sphincter and allows feces and bacteria to leak out of the anus. Tearing the lining of the rectum can also cause a fistula, which is a tear that extends through the bowel into other organs, such as the vagina. When a fistula allows bacteria to enter the vagina, then vaginal infections will most likely follow.

Transmission of STD's through anal sex is common. If practicing anal sex, you are vulnerable to gonorrhea, herpes, yeast infections, warts, syphilis, and HIV/AIDS. If there is a tear in the lining of the rectum, you put yourself at high risk of getting an STD if your partner has one. Although many of these diseases are treatable, some have no cure, and AIDS can take your life.

Since the anal canal is susceptible to tearing, which can transmit disease and cause infections, safe sex is key. If you decide to have anal sex, using a male condom any time you have anal sex is a good start. Never go from anus to vagina... bacteria from the anal area will likely cause vaginal infections. And having rough sex isn't a good idea for anal sex since tearing the lining of the rectum can cause infections, disease transmission, and extreme pain.

How to Have Anal Sex

If you want to experiment with anal sex, here is a basic list of how to have anal sex with your partner.
  • Move very slowly. Don't try to go hard and fast... this could tear the anal cavity and cause infections, pain and more.
  • If she says stop, then stop immediately.
  • Don't penetrate the anus in a rough or forceful way.
  • Go in and out slowly and only go faster if she says it's ok.
  • Use a good sex lubricant, and continuously add lubricant to avoid painful sex.
  • If there is pain, then stop. Only continue if the pain goes away and doesn't come back.
  • Don't force it if anal sex doesn't seem to be working. The receiver needs to be relaxed and in the mood for anal sex to work. There are other nights to experiment with anal sex.
  • Use a male condom with lubrication. Avoid spermicides in the anal cavity. Continuously lubricate during anal sex.
  • Do not penetrate the anal region and then penetrate anything afterwards. Whether a penis or a sex toy, change the condom after anal sex or take a thorough shower to clean off all the bacteria. Anal bacteria will likely cause infections in the vagina.
  • Educate yourselves about anal sex by reading this entire article about the anal anatomy, risks, and safety.
  • Communicate with each other and respect your partner. A woman needs to be able to tell her partner if something hurts or to stop at any point during anal sex... otherwise anal penetration can cause very painful and harmful effects. And if she has a bad anal sex experience with you, she won't want to have sex with you at all. Be open, honest with each other, respect each other's boundaries, and never try to pressure or force someone to have anal sex.

For more information about anal sex, including advice, articles, techniques and anal sex toy reviews, visit our anal sex directory.

If you are interested in experimenting with anal sex with your partner, educate yourselves about anal sex and how to have a pleasurable and safe experience. If you decide you want to try anal sex together, practice safe sex, and enjoy.











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