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Fantasies - Popular Female Fantasies

Female Masturbation and Fantasy  Article

The following are fifteen of the most common female masturbation fantasies. These aren't in order because one fantasy isn't "better" than any other. Try them all and every other one you can think of and you will begin to find out what really turns you on.

Anal Sex Fantasies
Anything that is "taboo" can be a huge turn on as a fantasy. That's because naughty is nice sometimes. Unlike the way it may be in the real world, anal sex never has to hurt in your fantasy (unless of course you want it to). Fantasizing about this doesn't have to be accompanied by anal play, but if you've never tried it, you may find that you like it. Just remember to use lots of sex lubricant and that anything that goes near your butt needs to stay away from your vagina.

Celebrity Sex Fantasies
Nobody is off limits in the fantasy realm. Actors, athletes, politicians, and musicians are all willing and waiting in your mind. You don't even have to ask first. Don't forget that in your fantasy Ben Affleck thinks you're a better lover than Jennifer Lopez and Brad Pitt will find you more attractive than Jennifer Aniston.

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Domination Fantasies
Here you find that you are in the position of total power over a man. It can be your partner, boss, ex boyfriend, the checkout boy, or your coworker that you have a crush on. It can even be a complete stranger. It doesn't matter who you dominate as the pleasure comes from that feeling of having total control of the situation. You're the boss and the other person is powerless to stop you from doing what you want to them, including making them do whatever you want to you.

Getting Paid for Sex Fantasies
It's your fantasy so you can be anything from a 19th century New Orleans street walker to a high dollar call girl for the rich and famous. What could be more exciting than having something that the most powerful men in the world are willing to pay you just to get a small taste of? They need you more than you need them.

Group Sex Fantasies
Enjoy everything that group sex can offer without any of the bad stuff that could come with it. In your fantasy you won't get a reputation at work when your coworkers find out, your husband won't develop feelings for the other woman, your husband won't become jealous of the other man who gave you the intense orgasm, and of course, there will be no awkwardness and everything will just flow. It can even be a gang bang where every person is just there for the sole purpose of pleasing you.

Lesbian Sex Fantasies
These fantasies are so common these days that it's almost strange when a woman doesn't have them. With another woman you can experience the softness, gentleness, and caring that some men find difficult to offer. Simultaneous multiple orgasm can be more easily achieved with a closeness that a woman can give. Fantasizing about a woman can lend itself to a feeling of natural sensuality. This could almost be a whole set of categories, because every one of the other fantasies can be with a woman rather than a man.

Rape Fantasies
This is the best example of a fantasy that would not translate to a pleasurable reality. In your fantasy, though, it can be very exciting and arousing. Whether it is a stranger sneaking in your room at night, or your partner forcing you to experience pleasure that you can't resist, you are powerless to stop them. During the act they can fall in love with you, or think you are a worthless slut. It doesn't matter which as long as it turns you on.

Sex in Public Fantasies
The sex in public fantasy is not about people watching you have sex. Rather it's about fooling around somewhere where there's the risk of getting caught. My personal favorite is grabbing my partner, jumping behind one of the sofas at American Furniture Warehouse, and just going at it while I can hear people discussing the pros and cons of this particular sofa just a few feet away from us. I know that there's almost no chance of someone actually looking behind it and seeing us, but the fear of it happening is very exciting. Of course in your fantasy you don't have to worry about being branded a sex offender if you do get caught. Heck, they may even join in!

Sex Toys Fantasies
Many of you still don't own sex toys. Figure out the reason and use it to turn you on. For example, if you think sex toys are "dirty" then let yourself feel dirty by fantasizing about being a bad girl who uses them. If you feel embarrassed at the thought of getting caught with one, let your self be caught in your fantasy (and don't be afraid of whatever happens between you and this person). If you've never seen the wide variety available in modern sex toys, check out the Sex Toy Warehouse. Just pick one and let your imagination roll.

Sex with an Audience Fantasies
This is great for the ego because in your fantasy you can be the greatest lover since Cleopatra. You can be doing a porno scene with 30 people on the set or rocking some guy's world in front of your ex. In your fantasy you don't have to worry about your hips being too big or the people watching thinking you don't stack up. You get to be a porn star of your own adult video. Of course if you are into BDSM and bondage you might find it equally arousing to be embarrassed and humiliated by the whole adventure.

Sex with Someone Off Limits Fantasies
This is your own private world that nobody ever has to know about. Because of this, you can have sex with the people that you never could or would in real life. Your college professor, boss, ex boyfriend, current boyfriend's best friend, or your best friend's husband are all waiting to do your bidding. Of course, if you're married, pretty much anybody that's not your husband is off limits so choosing a fantasy partner is easy. In your fantasy, nobody's feelings will ever be hurt.

Stranger Sex Fantasies
As much as women like the connections that happen during sex as well as the emotional stimulation that comes with the intimacy, sometimes it would be nice to just throw it all out the window for a night of random, unattached, porno-style sex with a handsome stranger that you'll never see again. Unfortunately, in the real world the guy you take home from the bar probably won't perform like a porno star and you may wind up with an itch that won't go away. In the fantasy, the person you meet gets to be the perfect gentleman and lover in every way.

Submission Fantasies
This is the exact opposite of the dominating role in that you will now give up total control to your partner and will bow down to their every wish. You will be the sexual slave who exists solely to please your lover. You do what you're told and are unable to resist the pleasure they choose to bestow upon you (when they're done with you pleasing them of course).

Teaching Fantasies
This is another one that's great for the ego. In your fantasy you are the perfect lover who had chosen an inexperienced young man (or two, or, three, or four ...) who needs you to teach him the ways of the female body. The more you teach, the better he gets until you've created a perfect lover of your own to either let loose on the world or to keep around whenever you need him. It can be equally exciting to switch roles and be the one being taught as well. Of course this will require a lot of practice ...

The Forbidden Fantasies
These fantasies cover anything that you think others find as wrong, bad, evil, or forbidden in some way. One of my personal favorite forbidden fantasies is imagining sitting on my partner's lap under a blanket and having sexual intercourse without anyone in a public setting ever having a clue as to what's going on.

Your Own Secret Fantasies
Because these fantasies exist in your mind and nowhere else, you can let yourself go to any place that turns you on. It's totally okay to fantasize about things that are illegal, socially unacceptable, morally wrong, self destructive, and would otherwise be disgusting, horrible, and offensive in the real world. If fact, it's not just ok. If it turns you on and gives you mind-blowing orgasms then it's great! The most important thing to remember with your fantasies is that there's no such thing as "off limits" or "wrong."

Abby says: If you haven't read it yet, I have a whole article devoted to female masturbation and orgasm.

If you've got that covered already, another way to add extra fun to your masturbation experience is by adding a sex toy (or getting a new one if you already own some) to your fantasies. My piece on female masturbation sex toys reviews several of them.

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