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Seymore Butts

Over the past 2 years, Seymore Butts has appeared on or been interviewed by Conan O'Brien, PBS's Frontline, Rolling Stone, Playboy. Now he stars in his own reality series on Showtime called The Family Business. He is a very successful businessman who runs a million dollar company with his mom and cousin. Seymore Butts is even respected in an industry that often chews up and spits out the concept of respect.

Pretty impressive for a director whose resume features such career highlights as best all girl sex scene, best anal sex scene, and best group sex scene.

Of course his name isn't really Seymore Butts, it's Adam Glasser. However, I don't know much about Adam. On the other hand, I know Seymore Butts really well. That's because he made sex for me and my wife more fun—a lot more fun. Heck, he even made it fun to be home alone while my wife is at work—a lot more fun. I suppose you could say he made my whole life a lot more fun.

You see, I like adult videos and adult DVDs.

However, I hate bad music, poor lighting, lousy acting, five-minute scenes, lots of cuts, fake orgasms, cheesy plots, and watching a close-up of some dude's mug while he's coming.

I grew up in the 80's and the only adult videos you could find were the type I just mentioned. Sure you could get a four-hour compilation video that cut out all the plots, but the quick cuts, bad music, and all that other stuff remained (not to mention reduced quality). Thankfully back then I didn't know how bad they really were. As a young and inexperienced guy, as long as people were having sex on the tape it worked for me.

As I aged, I became more and more critical of all the bad stuff and found that adult videos were a lot harder to enjoy. I still kept my stash in case of emergencies (or those times when I was single), but even when they saved the day I was still annoyed at how bad they were. Throughout my 20s I watched them less and less and eventually not at all. No great loss.

The late 90's adult videos did show a little improvement from their 80s counterparts, but not much. Basically the lighting was better and the acting had improved some, but it was still apparent that virtually all of the sex wasn't real. Oh sure, there was penetration and the man orgasmed and all that, but it was still obvious that there was a director going through his script saying, "Doggie style ... ok, fake an orgasm ... cut. Pile driver ... ok, fake an orgasm ... cut. Reverse cowgirl ... ok, fake orgasm ... cut. Pull out and cum on her tits ... good job, now fake your orgasm again so we can film your face." Overall these were sometimes interesting, but rarely more than once or twice a month.

Then everything changed two years ago. I was a happily married, 28-year-old guy with a wife who believed (like I do) that experimentation and variety are the keys to an exciting sex life. A part of this experimentation involved sometimes renting one of the latest (and supposedly hottest) adult videos.

We both agreed that it would be much more of a turn to see extremely sexual people really having intense and erotic sex. We wanted to see an anal scene where the woman wasn't looking at the clock the whole time waiting for her contractually obligated two minutes to end. We wanted to see people really going at it for a while without some lousy director changing angles every 30 seconds. (There's nothing worse than being about to come while watching a porno scene and then have the director cut away to some guy's face.) Possibly the most important thing we wanted was to actually get to know the people in the videos. That's something that just can't happen when the porn stars are reading lines between sex scenes and being drowned out by bad music during the scenes.

We tried watching amateur porn, but that wasn't what we were looking for. With amateurs it's nice that the people are real and you kind of get to know them. Unfortunately, the lighting is almost always bad, more often than not they aren't very good at sex, and they're usually not all that that attractive. (I'm not saying that I am, but then again I'm not charging people $29.95 to watch a video of me boinking).

So there we were, knowing that we wanted something more and not knowing if what we sought even existed. That's when we someone suggested that we look into "gonzo" porn and Seymore Butts.

Gonzo porn is a style pioneered by John Stagliano, (a.k.a. Buttman, who we still like), but mastered by Seymore Butts. The idea behind gonzo is that real porn stars are used for a video where everything is real. Nobody pretends that the camera isn't there or reads lines from a silly porn script. What happens is that these very sexual and attractive people are brought together and whatever happens is caught on film. With gonzo porn, all the orgasms are real!

There are a number of factors that make Seymore and his work so special. First, Seymore Butts is a good guy. He believes in paying the girls well and on time. He was the first to begin paying the girls more for certain acts, like anal sex. (The good old boys in the adult video industry hated this improvement.) He does not tolerate the girls being treated with anything other than respect. Most important, he never asks anyone to do something they don't really enjoy and he always lets the girls be in control. Overall, he has created the best working environment in the adult video industry for the women.

This great environment has contributed to his success, because he has his pick of nearly all of the best talent out there (the rare exception being the girls who are under contract with another studio). So many girls want to work for him that he gets to use girls who really do have multiple orgasms from anal sex, are totally into double penetration, really enjoy sex with other women, and are sometimes even capable of female ejaculation (a theme in many of his videos). The girls in his videos are quite simply the most sexual women in the adult video industry both on and off the camera. All you have to do is see porn stars like Alisha Klass, Taylor Hayes, Samantha Styles or McKayla Matthews in action and you can see the difference between them and most of the other big-name porn stars.

All this is important because both of us are turned on by watching women having sex and really enjoying themselves. Neither of us likes it when the girl doesn't really seem like she wants to be there. This most often happens when a straight women is doing a scene with another woman and is clearly not into the girl/girl thing, when a girl is taking a "facial" and is noticeably grossed out by it (yet is pretending that she likes it), or when a woman who clearly doesn't enjoy anal sex gets into a scene where she has to sit there and pretend to enjoy it. (It doesn't help that in many other movies the guy doesn't even seem to care if she's hurting.)

Finding a Seymore Butts video was actually quite easy. The adult video store that we go to has an entire rack devoted to his videos. They were all $59.95 (we later figured out that we could find them online for $29 but it was late and we needed it right then). The guy at the counter explained that every one of Seymore Butts' videos was part of an ongoing series about his crazy life in a world of porn stars and that it was really fun to watch them in order. He also said that Alisha Klass was Seymore's current top porn star and that the first video she ever did was titled Behind the Sphinc Door. Even though he did a lot of videos before that one, it was a good place to start. We took his advice and that's when everything changed.

We plopped the video in and at first were a little taken aback. The style was different—we actually heard Seymore talking to the performers as he was holding the camera. It was also strange to watch a scene without any bad music getting in the way. We got over this really quick though, as soon as we were introduced to Alisha Klass. Because of the gonzo porn style, you really get to know what the performers are like. In the case of Alisha Klass, that is quite the turn on in itself. She simply radiates sex. It's sexy to know that there are women like her out there (a fact we would have never known had she done "regular" adult videos).

Alisha Klass was one of Seymore Butts' fans who was so enthralled with him that she tattooed his name on her lower back before she even met him. In Behind the Sphinc Door she sends a letter begging him to let her be in his movies (he opens the letter and reads it on the video). To make things even better, her roommate, Samantha Style, wants to give the adult industry a shot also. It almost sounds like a scene from a bad porno, but this time it's real. Because of Seymore's popularity, he gets contacted this way all the time. Because of his style for capturing his entire life on video, he was able to tape nearly every aspect of these two girls' early introduction into his world. To top it all off, Alisha Klass and Samantha Style are possibly the two most sexually obsessed lovers of anal sex in the history of adult videos and that fact totally comes across in every scene they do.

By the time my wife and I were done with the first video (we spaced it over several days), we both agreed Seymore's films were adult videos that we could really enjoy.

Because Seymore Butts' videos are all part of a series that captures his life in the adult video industry, we continued to buy his videos in the order they were released. This too was a little work, but we found a reviewer named Roger Pipe, who was also a fan and talked about past and upcoming videos enough that we were able to pretty much put the in order. Alisha Klass and Samantha Style were under contract with him so they didn't do any other adult videos other than his. Because of this, we were able to follow their entire porn star journey, which was a real turn on to say the least. The gonzo style allowed us to get to know them as people rather than flat characters, which made watching their careers unfold even sexier.

Over the next year we bought every single Seymore Butts video that was released after Behind the Sphinc Door. I won't bore you with an account of every one, but here are some of the highlights:

At some point we heard of one of his videos entitled Female Ejaculation Review. It discussed the topic of female ejaculation and gave lessons on how to do it. Because Seymore Butts often features girls who ejaculate, my wife became curious. We both thought it was very exciting. We watched the video a few times and practiced his techniques, and before long my wife learned to squirt. It has become one of the sexiest aspects of our sex life.

A number of Seymore Butts' videos follow him and a few of his girls as he travels to various adult conventions or just on vacation. They travel to Amsterdam, Tampa, Jamaica, France, some place called Buttsville, and Uranus. (Not my bad joke. One of his award winning titles is Mission to Uranus). It's pretty interesting as he films a lot of the scenes on public trains, buses, taxi cabs, and balconies.

Seymore Butts calls his biggest stars "Tushy Girls." In Tushy Girls Live, he and Alisha have tryouts to find the next Tushy Girl. I'm not sure that it is dramatically different from his other videos, but it has become my personal favorite and the one I most often loan to friends when I want them to see a "real" adult video.

The one my wife insisted I mention is Tampa Tushy Fest #1. This is her favorite because she has a crush on Chloe (although she won't admit it).

I could keep going for hours, but another video just showed up in the mail so I need to run.

More information about Seymore and his videos:

  • PBS Frontline's interview with Adam Glasser, a.k.a. Seymore Butts

  • Seymore Butts appeared in a PBS documentary entitled American Porn.

    Seymore Butts has also won a number of Adult Video Awards including:

    Best All-Girl Sex Scene
    Tampa Tushy Fest #2 - Alisha Klass & Chloe

    Best Anal Sex Scene
    Tushy Heaven - Sean Michaels, Samantha Stylle, Alisha Klass

    Best Anal-Themed Tape (3 Times)
    Tushy Heaven
    Gluteus to the Maximus
    American Tushy

    Best Gonzo Series (2 Times)
    Seymore Butts, Seymore, Inc.
    Seymore Butts, Seymore, Inc.

    Best Gonzo Video (Twice)
    A Pool Party at Seymore's, Parts 1 & 2
    Seymore Butts in Paradise

    Best Group Sex Scene (4 Times)
    Mission to Uranus - Alisha Klass, McKayla Matthews & Hakan Serbes
    Tushy Heaven - Sean Michaels, Alisha Klass, Samantha Stylle, Halli Aston & Wendy Knight
    Gluteus to the Maximus - Peter North, Alyssa Love, Holli Woods, Katie Gold, Shay Sweet
    American Tushy! - Missy, Taren Steele, Alex Sanders & Hakan, & Squirting Anal Orgy
  • Aaron says: I get my Seymore Butts videos (and most of my other videos) from the Sex Superstore. Their prices are good, and they have a very extensive selection—more than 10,000 films to choose from.

    If you want add some extra fun to your Seymore Butts video watching, you might try out some of the masturbation techniques recommended in the advice section.

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