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About My Uterus

Female Body Article

This article is about my uterus.

So, because it seems that not everyone is clear on just what a uterus is (was just talking to my guy roommate and discovered this), the uterus is another word for womb. (Basically.) It's the organ that the baby grows in when a woman is pregnant. It has a cushy, blood-rich lining called the endometrium that grows each month in case an embryo gets made, and then is shed during a lady's period if she doesn't get fertilized that month.

What I know of the appearance and structure of the uterus I learned in school. It is said to be shaped kind of like an upside-down, hollow, muscular ... pear. It is positioned at the top of the vagina, with the cervix being kind of the entrance to it. I think the never-been-pregnant uterus is only a few inches tall, 2 or 3. It is much smaller before puberty, and does get bigger (and stronger) for a while after a girl starts menstruating. After childbirth, the uterus settles down to a little bigger than it started out—4 or 5 inches? I think that I am more conscious of my uterus than any other internal organ besides like, my bladder and my stomach. I guess the ones that interact directly with the outside world get the most attention. I've never noted any activity from my liver or kidneys. My lungs are kind of constant background, like the fridge buzzing :)

I get pretty obsessed with my uterus. I probably say the word uterus more than any other word relating to my vagina and its lifestyle (except lately, when saying vagina all the time has become a household habit, but that is just because of this project).

Since before menstruating, I've been most conscious of the internal aspect of my vagina; more so than say the moist component of it or the pleasurable aspect or a "dirty" idea or anything else. Most of the vagina things I've come across, at least lately, have been more clitorally focused. I am more womb-focused. I get into there being a place inside me and being able to put things in it and things being able to come out of it and whatever. (Sometimes I have stupid fantasies and end up blurting out things like "I think I'd like my uterus better if I could keep bees in it, and shoot them out at people.")

So logically, my uterus being the real internal storage area, I get to thinking about it. I only ever say womb as a joke, although uterus sounds ridiculously medical. Too much related to intra-uterine devices and injections. Womb sounds silly and folk-wifey to me, and also more baby-related. Uteruses can be empty, but womb implies fertility. Sez me anyway :)

My relationship with my uterus is not altogether positive. Quite often it gives me a pain and I want to remove it. Beyond just menstrual cramps, it does all kinds of weird things. The thing is, I never notice it unless it is somehow active, being that it is an internal organ, and it doesn't have any purely pleasant/non-uncomfortable activities that I can think of. Mainly it can contract in various ways.

After orgasms, it kind of spasms and feels fluttery and slightly unsettled. Also after boy sex it will sometimes shift, like it has been moved out of place and is settling back down where it normally lives. Once it developed hardcore cramps right after sex, that lasted about 10 minutes and then went away. This was strange to me, because I'd just had a lovely orgasm and would have thought that it would be relaxing.

Before I start bleeding, I will often have kind of dull aches in my uterus, as it warms up to bleed. Then of course there are full-on menstrual cramps. Those are the pains that usually make me want to get rid of my uterus. It will also sometimes feel very heavy during the beginning of my period, and sometimes very big or bloated. The uterus itself probably isn't swelling up, but I attribute the symptoms to it.

My uterus can affect other organs in my abdomen with all its bashing around squeezing out blood. If I have cramps I always have to pee more frequently, like my uterus has swollen up and taken up all the available abdominal space. Sometimes I also end up kind of gassy, which makes me think my uterus has been bonking against my bowels causing unrest. These things are probably not related to each other in the way that I envision, but it is a funny scenario to think about.

My relationship with my uterus is not entirely realistic. Of all my vagina-related body parts, I probably make up the most stuff about my uterus and make it talk and yell at it and pat it and generally carry on with it the most. I think this is because it is invisible to me, and easy to have a made-up relationship with. All I know about it are its activities, so it seems like an active thing. It's a quick step to sentient being :)

I make my uterus talk when I have cramps (in a growly voice), and say it is beating me up. It gets characterised as mean-spirited. During pre-cramps I make fun of it warming up (Jane Fonda style). As well during these times, I sometimes sympathise with my uterus and rub my belly soothingly to try and calm it down. Sometimes this makes me feel a little better (light massage on muscle spasms, it isn't entirely in my head). When it feels heavy I hold my belly with my hands to support it.

I used to make my vagina sing in a heavy metal voice, but lately the voice has been attributed to my uterus because "my uterus is so much more hardcore anyway." (?) It sings through my vagina like yelling into a space tunnel. Mostly it just yells ("Yaaaa!" "Rrrraaaah!" "wrrrooooaaaaah!" "eeninini!"), but sometimes it makes situational comments. This is only ever as playing ... I'm not a dork ... Since the metal queen voice got the space tunnel echo it is way more funny.

One last thing, so as not to end with the metal voice section ... I am quite highly aware of the baby-carrying capacity of my uterus. Every now and then I get really bizarre maternal instinct pangs. (Want baby!) When I thought I might have been pregnant I was having both "bad timing!" freak-outs and irrational "man, babies are so great ... I should have a baby ... It'd be all small and made out of me ..." thoughts that freaked me out equally as much. Seeing people with babies or, especially, in a pregnant state can also induce this in me. It's kind of funny, really. Intellectually I'm right on top of my family planning, but sometimes body just wants a baby.

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