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Vagina Article - Modest About My Vagina

Female Body  Article

Modest about my vagina article and more sexual information:

I am not in the most credible position to claim to be very modest about my vagina, but I wasn't always the mastermind behind a big blue vagina site. Currently, as you might suspect, I am fairly open with issues regarding my vagina and its activities.

As a young kid, I kept my vagina to myself in public but occasionally hung out naked with bath partners and we'd check out our various equipment. I remember my boy cousin growing out of this before I did, and being shy about undressing for the tub. After that I was more modest, and once everyone but me noticeably pupated/pubesced I got quite embarrassed about my naked self.

Even once I wanted somebody to encounter my vagina, I was slightly worried that whoever ended up seeing it would think it was funny or that I hadn't shaved the hair to a suitable smallness, or that it smelled too much. This cleared up as soon as somebody actually saw it and everything went smoothly. I'm not sure whether I would have been more comfortable with my vagina if I'd had any idea whether there were acceptable standards for a vagina and what they were.

Until quite recently, I was still careful about displaying my furriness. I'm fine with the fur when it is bare, but the fur poking out around underwear or swimsuits was embarrassing. I let the hair grow free so it gets quite furry. Lately I'm more ok with it, but that's mostly because the only people I see are the people I live with and they understand about the hippie bikini line.

Fur is probably the thing I've been most modest about. It is my only concern when prancing around the house in underwear, which is about as exhibitionist as I get to my friends. Smell has never been a real concern for me, for whatever reason. I am quite loose about my crotch (another word I don't like), but keep my naked vagina to myself.

I make occasional crotch-grabbing gestures, mostly in reference to my manhood (I'm not derogatory, it just comes up sometimes) or if dancing like a dumb-ass. When displaying tiredness or making fun of an already crumpled sitting posture I sometimes slump into a heap of splayed legs that is rather crotch-centric. Several pairs of my pants have undergone extended periods of split crotch seams. Mostly I repair these when they start to impinge on the privacy of my bum and become evident when walking.

My vagina has been naked in public, as a part of general nakedness at naked events. I don't think my vagina has ever been displayed on its own. My roommate is more comfortable with a naked lower half than a naked upper half. I'm not sure which way I lean. My top half is probably naked more often, just by convention.

Alone with a partner, I am not bashful about my vagina or about discussing it. Usually it is seen before it does anything else, and discussions and detailed viewings of it come somewhat after general sexual activities. Right now with the beloved boy it gets touched and examined and poked at and groomed and talked to and about and whatever. Not all the time, but it's fair game. This state took a little while to work up to.

I probably show least modesty regarding my vagina when speaking, when my main form of restraint is word choice. I tend to purposely use non-crude or brash language, and mostly refer to my vagina with euphemisms like "unit." The main person I ever have occasion to discuss my own vagina with is the special boy, but vaginal topics occasionally come up in conversations with other people. For the sake of politeness I usually refer to things impersonally, but I am candid about what I know.

I barely ever bring up my sex life in conversation, unless whoever I'm talking to is comfortable talking about theirs too, as in they started the conversation. I just remember hating such discussions during my various careers as a sexually frustrated single person. Also some people just don't want to know what you're up to. It's a fun kind of discussion to have when everyone is into it though.

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