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About Ovaries, Sex and Sexual Intercourse

Female Body  Article

Article about ovaries, sex and sexual intercourse:

My ovaries are only vaguely attached to my vagina, but because they are involved in many vaginal activities I am including them on the site. It might seem like an ovary would be a passive, silent internal organ like a liver or a kidney, which you would never really be aware of, but I find quite the contrary. Ovaries are bizarre. I can feel one right now, as I write this. The main times that I am aware of my ovaries are during ovulation and bleeding times in my cycle, and sometimes during or after sex. Also sometimes during gynecological exams I think about them, but I haven't ever been able to feel them being prodded during abdominal exams.

For review, ovaries are the two walnut shaped organs that hold all the unripe ova (eggs) in females, and produce various female sex hormones. Once per menstrual cycle, a ripe ovum bursts out of one or the other ovary. Yes, bursts. Explodes right through the wall of the organ. No tidy dispensing there. Hardcore! The equivalent male organs are the testes.

Ovaries sit on either side of the top of the uterus. If I put my hands on my belly (standing up) with the tips of my fingers meeting over the center of my pubic bone, and my thumbs touching to make a triangle, the places where I can sometimes feel my ovaries are at about the places where my pointer fingers join my hands. So they are at the bottom of my abdomen, one on either side.

The usual sensation that my ovaries make is a slightly sharp ache. I don't know what to compare it to, except a bloated uterus waiting to bleed, which is not much help to any male readers. Sorry. Wait, actually it is quite similar to localised gas pain! Charming! My ovaries have this ache for a few days around ovulation time (two weeks before my period starts), and sometimes for a few days around the beginning of my period. Often only one is sensitive at a time, but I'm not sure whether they alternate. They can, on occasion, both be achey at the same time, usually at the beginning of my period.

If the ache is particularly active, I will sometimes have a hotter spot there on my belly. I imagine this is because the organ is sucking extra blood into the area and it is warming up, and not because the organ itself is generating heat, but who knows.

Sometimes at ovulation time I also have a twinge sensation on one side, which I have presumed to be the feathery ends of the fallopian tubs swishing around to catch the egg being released. May I just comment that this is a strange sensation. Hello, body, I see you are up to something in there. One time I saw the twinge. Kind of fun, kind of "I am possessed by an abdomenal demon." There is a German word meaning something like mid-month twinge. Mitterschmertz or something good like that ("Mittelschmerz!" - thanks to Debbie at I was pretty close for a non-German speaker!).

My ovaries only tend to get involved in sexual activity with deep penetration, or in sex positions where penetration is directed towards the front of me (usually rear-entry positions, but also sometimes with me on top). It freaked me out a little bit when I realized that the sensation of something being poked in such situations was my ovaries, indeed being poked. Aiee!

I tend to envision the whole internal female reproductive tract being larger than it is, and it took me a lot of being reminded to get it in my head that ovaries were low enough in the abdomen to get bumped during sex. Also it is a bit disconcerting to think of how the vagina must be stretching to be reaching organs on beyond the uterus in various locations. It helps to keep in mind that this whole bodily area is only a few inches in any dimension.

For the record, I think it is unhealthy to bump the ovaries much. I've seen it mentioned in sex position books as something to avoid.

This topic has brought up quite a few instances in which I have been freaked out. I admit, being aware of my ovaries makes me feel a little creepy. It is not because they are gross or because they are organs or anything. I think it is because whenever they feel sensitive, I get a distinct sense of what size they are, and when I rub my belly to make it feel better, I often get a mental image of just reaching in and touching the ovaries themselves, rolling them between my fingers or just squeezing them lovingly. Invariably in these images2 the ovaries feel like hardboiled eggs without the shell, or like eyeballs. Bouncy and slightly squishy. Ya. EWWW. I think that I think of ovaries this way because that is basically what testes feel like. They are much more accessible, as a body part, and easy to check out.

In summation, these are the internal organs that I am sometimes aware of:
  • heart
  • lungs
  • brain
  • stomach
  • intestines
  • bladder
  • uterus
  • ovaries!

The ovaries are the only ones that make me feel weird. I'm working on it. —Content from

About Ovaries: This content is licensed under a Creative Commons license for non-commercial uses.











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