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Orgasms  Advice

Allergic to Semen - For women who get sick after swallowing semen, could it be an allergic reaction to the semen? Sick women in pain want to know.

Girlfriend Afraid of Oral Sex - A man asks about how to help his girlfriend, who is afraid of oral sex.

Girlfriend Does Not Like Oral Sex - A man likes oral sex, but his girlfriend thinks giving and receiving oral is disgusting. He asks for help to fix the aversion.

Husband Does Not Like Oral Sex Taste - A woman is concerned that her husband does not like her oral sex taste. She needs a yummy solution and we give it to her.

Wife Stopped Liking Oral Sex - A man's wife has stopped liking oral sex since they got married. She doesn't like the smell of her vagina, which stays on his lips after he performs cunnilingus on her. He loves giving her oral pleasure but wants her to get more into it like when she used to love it.

Woman Needs Oral Sex Simulator - A woman loves oral sex and wants to find sex toys that simulate oral sex while she masturbates.

Orgasms  Articles

Semen Taste - For those women who have problems with oral sex because of the semen taste, this is the article where you can learn a few ways to help improve the experience.

Orgasms Techniques

How to Perform Oral Sex on a Female - This cunnilingus article gives multiple techniques about how to perform oral sex on a woman. If you want to know what women want, this is a good place to gather ideas and try some of them on your female partner to find out how much she enjoys them.

How to Perform Oral Sex on a Male - This fellatio article provides multiple techniques to perform oral sex on a man. Since men are visual, this article focuses on satisfying all of his senses. Written from the perspective of a woman, she describes how to make oral sex more fun and sexy for women too. For example, a good place to start is to use flavored sex lubricants to improve the taste and experience.

Oral Sex Instructional Videos - These instructional videos provides techniques for couples to improve oral sex.

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Nina Hartley's Guide to Multiple Orgasms
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The Hitachi Magic Wand is the most often recommended product from sex educators for female masturbation and orgasm.
The Rabbit was made famous on HBO's Sex and the City and is now the industry's top seller.
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