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Foreplay: What Women Want!

Foreplay is an essential element for women during sex. Foreplay is much more than getting her wet, it shows her that you want to take time out with her and that it is not just about sex. Women want more than just "wam, bang, thank you mam" sex. Here are some tips to help you build a better and more enjoyable sexual relationship with your partner.
  • More often than not, women want to be cuddled. Holding them and stroking their bodies is important. Don't just go straight for their errogenous zones. Take time. Be patient. In the end, patience will be rewarded.
  • Incorporate a massage. Most women love the sexual touches given during a sensual massage.
  • Don't forget her ears and neck. Sometimes the sensations of kisses on the neck and the ear are near as good to the real thing. Kiss her everywhere. Again, massage can work wonders.
  • Foreplay is essential for getting her hot and horney. If you try and enter her with a dry vagina this will be very painful for her. Even if you have been fooling around and she is horney, the wetness sometimes takes a bit of time to reach the outside. Make sure you don't start having sex until she is wet on the outside. This is a golden rule.
  • If you start to finger her, it is much easier to do if your fingers are wet. Use lube, or put water on your hands (lube is better) as entering anything into a dry vagina not only makes it harder for you but it is also painful for her.
  • Many women don't orgasm during intercourse. Try full mouth oral sex - this will usually get her hot and horney fast. It also allows you to give her your full attention until she reaches orgasm.
  • Women take longer to arouse and to reach orgasm. Make sure you go the extra mile for her. Get her favorite sex toy out and use it on her. Try new and different ones.
  • When you start intercourse, don't start out with huge thrusts that are going to break her in half. Start slowly with gentle movements, and work your way up to heavier thrusts. Take cues and directions from her.
  • Try circular motions around her for a different sensation. Gather by the look on her face and the noises that she is making if she likes the heavy thrusts. If you aren't sensing enjoyment, don't continue. It will also prolong you ejaculating if you stop the heavy thrusting - heavy thrusting is a sure way to make you cum early.
  • Make sure you change positions. Don't just stay in the missionary position - make her feel in control as well. Girls love the control of being on top. Some girls find this more pleasurable as they can control the movements, and position themself in a certain way to gain maximum pleasure.
  • If you go for the doggie style position, play with her clitoris at the same time. This way she gets double the pleasure.
  • While premature ejaculation is a huge turnoff, so is pumping at her for hours on end. Keep it realistic and find a balance that you both like. Add extra lube as she also may dry out.
  • If she is lucky enough to be able to orgasm during sex, then make sure you don't ejaculate before then - if you can hold off. If she doesn't orgasm during sex, then find out what is good for her. Make sure she is enjoying it, and not waiting for you to come to get it over and done with. Going for hours on end does not mean you are The Man! Again, sometimes its best to get her to orgasm through oral sex first.
  • After you have finished having sex, don't role over and go to sleep. While you are physically exhausted, it is nice to put her in your arms and cuddle and go to sleep together. Ignoring her once sex is over is a turn off.
  • Going the extra mile with her and you are sure to reap the benefits!

For more sexual health info and techniques, read about foreplay, sexual intercourse, sex toys, relationships, and sexually transmitted diseases.



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