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Interview with Roger Pipe

Interview with Roger Pipe, owner and popular editor of adult video reviews at

Adult Interview - Roger Pipe at
Roger Pipe: Popular Editor of Adult Video Reviews

About Roger Pipe

Question 1. Can you give us a quick bio on yourself and how you got into this business?

Roger Pipe: Not sure how far back you want me to go. I have been watching adult movies since I turned 18 in 1985. (A little before that when I could sneak them from our video store.) I was a big fan and in 1989 I went to my first CES show in Las Vegas to meet the lovely women of adult film. In early 1995 I got turned on to the internet and found a newsgroup, where people were discussing porn, helping one another locate hard-to-find titles and much to my delight, reviewing adult movies. I read the reviews for several days and decided that I would try as well. Sometime in the spring of 1995 I wrote my first adult video review. The early reviews all came from my own collection and the feedback was immediate. I just reviewed from the heart as a porn fan. What I had noticed for years was that magazine reviews of adult movies always seemed to be more like glorified advertisements and Iwanted something a little more detailed as well as a great deal more honest. A few months after I started reviewing, people started to take notice and some retail sites liked what I had to offer. They began running my reviews on their sites as a way to help customers. At that point I didn't have my own web site, so the reviews were housed by for several years.

By 1998 I realized I needed my own web site and opened and for the last 7 years have poured my heart and soul into keeping that site growing. 

Roger Pipe's Top Picks of Adult DVDs For Couples

We are married (basically) and have had nothing but positives come from watching adult DVDs together. Many other couples have had a similar experience. Of course some couple don't find the experience positive at all.

Question 2. How has it worked for you?

Roger Pipe: My wife is not a huge porn fan so we don't watch together as often as I would like. That said, she is completely supportive of what I do and likes some porn. A lot of what I review for the site really isn't porn for couples, but when we do watch together it has been a very positive experience. 

Question 3. What advice would you give to other couples thinking of watching adult videos together? How should they choose what to buy?

Roger Pipe: Wow if I had a dime for every time..ha. Seriously, that is the most frequently asked question in the ten years I've been doing this. (And in the ten years before that when I was running video stores.) What I usually suggest is that the couples take a look at a short list of movie I recommend. (Chameleon, Bad Wives, Island Fever etc) and then decide what they like best.

For some, the well done features work best. For others, the artsy look of an Andrew Blake movie can do it. Still others like the fun style and more natural sex of a Shane's World Movie. Every couple is different and if they take the time to explore what is out there, they can usually find something they enjoy.

Question 4. What three adult DVDs are at the top of your "Couple Friendly" list? (both styles?)

Roger Pipe: I would say that for features, Bad Wives, Chameleon and more recently, Eye of the Beholder. (And of course Guilty Pleasures, but only because I wrote it. Ha.) For the other style, Island Fever 2, Secrets and Forbidden Tales

Roger Pipe's Insight into The Adult Video Industry

Question 5. From we understand, the adult video industry was somewhat (What's the right word?)sleezy back 10-20 years ago and that women were treated poorly. It seems like this has changed quite a bit though and has become a much better working environment for everyone. Is this accurate?

Roger Pipe: I don't know if it has changed that much in ten years. Prior to 1989, it was against the law to film porn so it was a bit tougher for anyone to expect decent working conditions. In some ways I think it is better now, but the new technology and the internet have made it possible for virtually anyone to shoot. Opening the industry up like that has given us some great options, but it doesn't always assure people a professional experience. Having said that I must say that in the ten years I have been working in this industry there have been very few "bad experience" stories when you consider how many movies get made. 

Needless to say, even one case of HIV is a tragedy. All things considered though, it seems like the industry has done good job of regulating itself. Not that there isn't always room for improvement, but the data shows less than ten cases of HIV transmission over the past several hundred thousand scenes. Clearly there's more risk in taking someone home from the local bar than shooting a scene with someone in the industry. Unfortunately, that isn't considered newsworthy.

We heard that Platinum X and Red Light District increased testing to every two their own expense. We also heard that Platinum X made sure several of those infected had (non performing) jobs so they could deal with their situation with one less worry.

Question 6. Is this true?

Roger Pipe: I have heard that they have done this yes. I know that Jessica Dee, one of the infected performers, has directed a number of movies for them.

Question 7. Can you give some examples of positive things that came out of the recent outbreak?

Roger Pipe: I wish there was something positive, but not much good came of it I'm afraid. If I had to pick something, I would say that it is the way the industry didn't rush out to attack the women this time. During the last big outbreak, there was a rush to judge and condemn the women who were infected, specifically Brooke Ashley and Tricia Devereaux. By the time everyone figured out that it was Marc Wallice, it was too late. This time they did a much better job of identifying the source, getting the word out and keeping up a good quarantine. 

It seemed like the industry did a good job coming together to shut itself down during the last outbreak.

Question 8. Would you agree?

Roger Pipe: I heard about some smaller productions and internet shoots that were going on right after the initial outbreak and during the quarantine. For the most part, I think that the bigger companies did a good job of shutting down, but it is hard to control an industry that has become so diverse. 

Question 9. Would it have responded differently 10 years ago? 20 years ago?

Roger Pipe: I think so. When John Holmes came out years ago there was a sense of denial. It was years before the industry went to mandatory testing. I think people have wised up quite a bit and they do a better job of looking out for themselves on that front.

History of Adult Video Industry from Roger Pipe

Question 10. When did ass to mouth become the craze?

Roger Pipe: Sometime in the last few years. It showed up in the 90's as just part of certain scenes. Like everything else, it has become part of the freak-show mentality that permeates so much of porn. 

Question 11. When did anal sex go from "kinky" to "normal"?

Roger Pipe: That was in the early 90's. Gonzo took over and guys like Max Hardcore and the people at Anabolic started shooting movies that were packed with anal. 

Question 12. How did "gonzo" come about?

Roger Pipe: I guess that depends on how you define gonzo. It is loosely used by some to describe anything other than features. In the truest sense, at least among geeks like me, has gonzo as a genre of movie where the director or cameraman is part of the action. John Stagliano really revolutionized porn with his Buttman movies and gonzo was born. It came at a time when porn was literally a vast wasteland of bad features. The film making days were long gone and the video revolution had taken over. People were still working on making features, but they were horrible. Breaking free from that gave us true gonzo as well as what I call couch porn and all of the sub-species of that which have come along. What made early "true" gonzo work so well was the personal connection the Buttman or Seymore Butts or Ben Dover made with the audience. It was a vicarious thrill and allowed for more variety than the typical "pizza boy" feature of the late 80's.

Fun Gossip about Porn Stars and the Adult Video Industry

Question 13. Which porn stars have the reputation for being the craziest in their private lives? Who? examples?

Roger Pipe: I always heard that Debi Diamond was a wild woman away from the set. Tori Welles also had quite a reputation as a fun girl to be around. 

Question 14. Are there any porn stars or male performers that everyone says fuck the best? Are there any that everyone wants to work with?

Roger Pipe: Nearly every woman I have ever interviewed says that Jenna Jameson is their dream fuck. As far as the guys they all love, Erik Everhard, Lexington Steele, Mr. Marcus and Kurt Lockwood get mentioned a lot. 

Question 15. Are there any directors that everyone wants to work for?

Roger Pipe: Everyone wants to work for the best so people are always looking to be in a Jules Jordan movie. Women also seem to really like working for Mike John and Joey Silvera. Being in an Andrew Blake movie or Michael Ninn movie also has a certain prestige so that is always a prime role.

All our thanks go to Roger at for an interesting interview, insightful views into the adult entertainment industry, and the many adult video reviews he provides for adult fans.

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