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Female Body

Female Body  Advice

Breast Reduction - Answers about breast reduction without surgery and another way to reduce.

Different Labia Size - A question and answers about different labia sizes and if it's normal.

Nipple Erection - About prolonged nipple erections.

Dyeing Pubic Hair - About dyeing pubic hair and safety issues.

Endometriosis - About endometriosis pelvic pain and immediate treatment advice.

Inverted Nipples - Correcting inverted nipples.

G-Spot Question - Is prolonged g-spot stimulation able to cause discomfort during urination or is this a sign of an infection or some other female problem?

Urine Odor - Is peculiar urine odor after sex associated with pregnancy, infection or more?

Vaginal Dryness - Vaginal dryness related to the birth control pills and how to correct this problem.

Vaginal Farts - A woman with vaginal farts during yoga asks what to do and we give ideas to help.

Vaginal Smell - Stephanie worried about her vaginal smell and secretions. After reading, she felt more comfortable and may be able to relax during sex. Here are a few vaginal smells and secretions to watch out for as they may indicate an STD or infection. Also, the best method to protect against STDs is using protection (male condom) each and every time you have a sexual encounter.

White Discharge - About white discharge and why the doctor ignores a woman's questions about it.

White Vaginal Secretion - About white vaginal secretion and possible causes.

Yeast Infection from Sugar - Is sugar  a possible cause of yeast infections. Better safe than clumpy.

Female Body  Articles

About Ornamentation - This article is about tattoos, piercing, and ornamentation of breasts, vagina and more.

About Ovaries - This is about a woman's ovaries and what they feel like at different times, such as during sex.

About Vagina Symmetry - Describing women's vagina symmetry and how different vaginas can look.

Grooming My Vagina - Grooming my vagina, preventing infection, and wiping with toilet paper.

Inside My Vagina - About the vagina, inside the vagina, and multiple things that are inserted into it.

Licking My Vagina - This article is about a woman's preferences during oral sex or cunnilingus.

Lippy Lips - Anatomy and a physical description of one woman's labia, which she calls her lippy lips.

Modest About My Vagina - An account about a woman being modest about her vagina, except when she decides to expose it. When she is not modest, she tells us when and why she chose to show it off .

Mound of My Womanhood - Article about a woman's mons pubis, or mound, and how she feels about it.

My Breasts - A female describes her breasts, how erogenous they are,  and what stimulation techniques work for her during stimulation.

My Cervix - The anatomy of the cervix is described as well as the physiology during various periods.

My G-Spot - General G-Spot education and g-spot orgasm techniques and catalysts.

My Hymen - All about the hymen and different ways that it can break or stretch.

My Libido - An account of female libido and sexual experiences related to her arousal.

My Pubic Hair - About grooming pubic hair and shaving the area.

My Tight Vagina - How an elastic, yet tight vagina stays healthy and toned through exercise.

My Urethra - Urethra description, size, sensations, and location relative to the clitoris and vagina.

My Uterus - Learn about what the uterus is, and a woman's personal experiences with her uterus.

My Vaginal Discharge - Vaginal discharge descriptions, including color and texture, at many times.

My Vaginal Dryness - Causes of uncomfortable vaginal dryness and vaginal lubrication ideas.

My Vagina Color - A woman's description of colors associated with the vagina, labia, and more.

My Vagina Size - Finger exploration and description of vagina size, shape, functions and more.

My Vagina Smell - Description of vagina smell at various times, such as during sex or menstruation.

Noisy Vagina - An account about a noisy vagina, specific noise description and when they happen.

Protecting My Vagina - How to protect a vagina from various bugs, infections and STDs.

Sensitive Regions - About sexual sensitive regions (the labia, clitoris, g-spot, cervix and vulva).

Smutty Bloody Lady - An article about sexual activity during a woman's menstrual cycle.

Touching My Vagina - About vaginal touching and how to stay comfortable with specific positions.

Vagina Body Builder - Vagina muscle squeezing and exercise through personal masturbation.

Vagina Names - Various vagina names or euphemisms.

Vagina Taste - Vagina taste and aftertaste according to one woman's personal experiences.

Where My Vagina Is - Where is my vagina, clitoris and  labia? Areas located and described.

Female Body Fun Stuff

Female Facts - Biological female facts, such as the biggest and smallest vagina, clitoris, and depth.

Vagina Euphemisms - More vagina names and euphemisms.

Female Libido Products
is a cream that is applied to a women's intimate areas that increases sensitivity, lubrication, and arousal.
Provestra is a daily supplement for women that improves libido by providing what her body needs for a healthy sex drive.
Similar to Vigorelle, Valentra will quickly increase blood flow to the clitoris (90 seconds) which increases arousal and ability to orgasm.
Climatique was recently featured on Talk Sex With Sue and is quickly becoming quite popular as a sexual enhancement product for women.
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