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Dildo Reviews - Sex Toys

Vibrating Dildos, Regular Dildos, Realistic Dildos and Glass Dildos

I like to think of a dildo as the "pleasure of a penis without the pain of a man." Ok, I'm kidding a little because I do love men. However, most often when I masturbate there isn't a man handy so if I want vaginal stimulation and penetration a dildo is a good option.

Usually (but not always) when I masturbate with a dildo I use a vibrator as well. I'll use the dildo inside while I stimulate my clit with the vibrator. Sometimes I will push it in and out while other times I am happy just to have it sit in there. It really just depends on my mood. What's important to remember is that there's not a "right" way to do it. If it feels good then go for it.

There are as many ways to use a dildo as there creative women out there. I've put a few of my suggestions in my female masturbation article and a number of women have written in with their own techniques. Some are quite interesting and work really well. Others are just kind of funny. If you have something that works for you I would love it if you visited that page and wrote me with your own thoughts.

The following is an overview of the different types of dildos including my favorites in each category. I have tried all of these and many others as well. Most anything can be fun, but some are definitely more fun than others.

Realistic Dildos

Realistic dildos are made with several different materials designed to feel like and look like skin. I like these because they have a better feel than the cheaper models, but there's still a difference between them and a real penis. If you have unlimited money to spend then you have to get a dildo made with CyberSkin. However, if you are on a budget, spend the big money on a top of the line vibrator and get a less expensive dildo.

My Favorites:

European Cock with Balls

Abby's Grade: A
This is the only toy I used to own in this category. It feels great and has a great base that allows me to put it on a wall, tub or hard surface and squat on it More often than not though I just hold the base in my hand and go for it. TIP: Don't forget lube.

Vibrating Dildos

Vibrating dildos... I like things that vibrate. I mean I REALLY like things that vibrate. Vibrating dildos are like conventional vibrators, the difference being that they are made to feel more like a penis. (What I wouldn't do for a vibrating penis.) These are fun because they will always stimulate my g-spot, even if I'm not trying to.

This is sometimes a great toy to use when I feel close to orgasm and turn on the vibration... then it's a super intense orgasm. My Favorites:


6 Inch Realistic Vibrating
Cock Flesh

Abby's Grade: B+
I like this one because I can feel the vibrations around my entire pubic area. Like all of the dildos I prefer, it has a suction cup bottom that allows me to use it hands free in several different sex positions. Another important feature for me is the balls that hit my anus or clit (depending on the position), which is a great turn on. I also like to hold the balls which don't easily slip out of my hand while I am playing.


Arias Vibrating
Big Boy

Abby's Grade: B+
This is another favorite of mine. It's very similar to the 6 inch, just larger. What works great is using the 6 inch for a bit and then moving up in size as I relax. The Arias Vibrating Big Boy is just that: a big boy.

TIP: Vibrating dildos are great at what they do. However, they don't compare with a good vibrator for clitoral stimulation.

Glass Dildos

Glass Dildos are the latest in transparent glass dildos available. Easy to clean with antibacterial soaps. Hard and smooth surface changes becomes hot after insertion and feels cool before insertion. Glass is fun to warm or cool before playtime in hot water or refrigerator. They come in all different lengths, girths, sizes, shapes, and colors. Most of them feel pretty similar. More expensive for this, but it will most likely never split after usage like my regular dildos often have.

G Spot Glass Dildos

Abby's Grade: A+
My new favorite dildo due to the temperature changes, consistently hard and full feeling this dildo gives, and the durability of the toy. Cleans super easily even if you accidentally left it out overnight. Costs more, but it's definitely worth the extra money for me.

Regular Dildos

These are the traditional dildos that were all you had to choose from before they started making the realistic ones. They come in all different lengths, girths, sizes, shapes, and colors. Most of them feel pretty similar. Here's another place to save a little money as you are just as likely to prefer the $12 model as much as the $25 one. When choosing one of these, just go with the one that looks the most fun and it probably will work perfect.

My Favorites:

12 Inch Double Dildo Flesh

Abby's Grade: A-
What I like to do is lie on my back, put one end in my vagina, and then wrap the other end around under my butt, right up against my anus. I don't put it in my ass, but the feeling of it rubbing up against me is great. Also, by bending it in that direction the part inside of me pushes right up on my g-spot. I usually use a vibrator as well.


Jelly Double
Dong Blue

Abby's Grade: B
This is similar to the 12 Inch Double Dildo Dong Flesh but with 2 differences. First it's made with a jelly material that many people prefer. Second, it has a spine that allows it to keep its shape better. I like it but it costs 5 times as much as the other, but it's not that much better.

TIP: Be sure to wash your dildo after every use. Also, don't ever share your toy with someone. Some diseases die when they hit the air, but it was recently learned that some (hepatitis for example) can live a while outside the body. If you have to share, use a condom.

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