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Anal Sex Toys - Sex Toy Reviews

Anal Sex Toy Reviews

This anal sex toy reviews page is all about anal sex toys, such as butt plugs, anal beads, and more.

I love anal play, and anal sex toys really are a fun and relaxing way to play. However, I (used to) have the world's smallest anus. Years ago I used to try to have anal sex with a partner and it never worked. I knew that in order for anything to fit in there I had to avoid clenching up. Unfortunately though, that's pretty hard when someone else is pushing. What I discovered is that the best way to start loosening my butt was to practice by myself. It didn't matter if he was in the room with me as long as he kept his hands off the anal sex toy. When I had control I could really get the hang of relaxing, and that's when the fun started.

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Originally, the best position for me to play with my butt was any one that let me stay relaxed. Any time I had to use muscles to keep myself up (doggie style for example) I had a much harder time relaxing. Lying on my stomach, back, or side always worked better.

You might have noticed that everything I wrote so far is in the past tense. That's because now, due to all the solo practice, I have enough control over my butt to play without a lot of effort. Don't misunderstand, there will never be a time where I can just lube it up and stick it in. But as long as I start a little slow I can have a blast in almost any position for anal sex and anal masturbation.

With anything anal, bigger is not always better. You have some strong muscles regulating your ass so no matter which toy is in there it should feel pretty tight. If you are really new to anal masturbation, then start with the smallest anal sex toy and don't be in any hurry to go bigger. When you do find you can handle a bigger toy you will still most always want to start each session with the smaller one and then only move on when your butt is ready.

The following is an overview of the different types of anal sex toys, including my favorites in each category. I have tried all of these and many others as well. Most anything can be fun, but some are definitely more fun than others.
Anal and Climax Beads

Anal and climax beads are most often placed in the butt one at a time during sex/foreplay and then removed one at a time during orgasm. For me, the most fun part is the eroticism of putting them in and the expectation of how intense the orgasm will be as I pull them out. Sometimes I will leave them in for a couple of orgasms and save it for a later one. You will have to experiment to find out which removal speed works best for you, but I typically pull them out slow (about one bead every 3 seconds).

My Favorites:
Vibrating Jelly Beads Pink
Abby's Grade: B+

The best thing about this toy is the vibrating tip. In fact, I prefer it when most of my anal sex toys vibrate. That's because the vibration helps to relax the muscles that want to clench when something tries to go the "wrong" way. I have my best luck masturbating with this toy while on my back. I almost always am vibrating my clit while I slowly push them in. Once they are in there I'm not really in a hurry to pull them out. I just play as usual and wait for the right time, which is usually during my final orgasm. Grade B+

Anal Beads
Abby's Grade: C-

These don't work for me. Some people absolutely love them and they get a lot of press so I wanted to mention them. However, I can't recommend them. Their biggest problem is that the attached string always bunches up at the wrong time and doesn't feel good. One of the keys to my enjoying anal play is that the thing going in my butt has to be smooth. A small rope with knot in it is anything but. TIP: Like I just mentioned, string is hard to deal with for me. Of course some people must love it or else they wouldn't sell so many, but I don't.
Anal Sex Toys

Whenever a sex toy is designed for anal sex, it often has a very odd look with bumps, grooves, or other abnormal shapes. This is a good thing! What I can't figure out is why so few vaginal toys are as interesting as the anal ones. Every different shaped toy definitely feels different while masturbating so I really enjoy a number of these. However, it is hard to recommend them because it really will come down to just looking at them and saying, "Ooh, that one looks fun!"

My Favorites:
Gerbil Flex Stimulator
Abby's Grade: A-

This is a great way to vibrate just inside your ass. I turn the vibrations on while I slowly put it in. Once I get it in, I like to lightly pull on it out so it creates a little pressure, but not hard enough to actually pull it out. If I'm turned on enough I can easily orgasm just from this. Usually though I don't have the patience to wait so I use another vibrator on my clit. Of course that doesn't prevent me from putting another toy in my vagina as well.TIP: Lot and lots of lube.
Butt Plugs

Butt plugs are the greatest anal sex toy ever invented. There are two features that make them unique. First, they get wider and wider as you are putting them in until they're in all the way. Then the size decreases, which allows for a comfortable fit. Second, they all have a very wide base to prevent them from slipping all the way in so they don't get lost in there. Because of these two things, I can get my butt plug in and then almost forget that it's there. I get the anal stimulation I like while having my hands free to play with other areas.

My favorites:
Glass Butt Plug
Abby's Grade: A+
I love glass butt plugs. They go in so easily without bending, which is nice. They glide easily with lubrication and are easy to clean up after anal play.

Simply my favorite butt plug is a glass plug.
Tush Teaser
Abby's Grade: A+

Like I've mentioned before, I like vibration. Especially when it comes to anal sex and anal masturbation. This anal sex toy is perfect because it's small and it vibrates. In fact, this is the very first anal sex toy I used that really felt good and first got me excited to pursue anal play more than just "for my partner." Needless to say, this toy holds a special place in my heart. (And other places as well.) This is a good place to start if you're new to anal.
Jelly Butt Plug Small Clear
Abby's Grade: A-

This is similar to the one above except that it doesn't vibrate. I usually only use this anal sex toy when I want to have more mobility than the toy with the cord will allow. TIP: Typically, once the plug in you can leave it in. However, if it's going to be there for more than an hour you should slide it out a little and add some lube. Do this at least once an hour.











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