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Male Masturbation Sex Toy Reviews

These are amazing imitations of a woman's vagina and anus (usually). More often than not they are made from an exact mold of some famous porn star and created in amazing detail. Of course, if you are someone who regularly has sex with the most famous porn stars in the world then you don't need these. For the rest of us though ...

The more expensive vaginas come in much more realistic materials and the top of the line models feel incredibly realistic. The top vaginas are also 5-9 pounds so they won't slide around too much while you're on top of them. Some come with vibrating bullets inside while others don't. That's a matter of taste, but personally I prefer vibrating anything. After all, you can always turn it off.

Good toys need to be taken care of. Top of the line vaginas are more delicate than most other sex toys so it is especially important that you follow the directions on the package exactly. They can last a very long time with proper care.

Chasey Lain Cyberskin Signature Vibrating Pussy
Grade: A+
This is not even close to being the most expensive vagina, but it's the best! Actually, "Julie Ashton's Pussy and Ass" can retail for almost twice as much as this one, but it's pretty much the same thing. Unless you really have a thing for Julie Ashton, you should definitely choose this one. The Chasey Lain vagina is molded out of CyberSkin which I've mentioned a few times is a good thing. Besides offering multiple speed vibrations, both the vagina and ass have a tight fit to accommodate every man. Chasey Lain also offers several other less expensive models that are all good and of high quality. When I tried this one I had such an intense orgasm that I almost started laughing. The only thing that stopped me was that I had 2 more right after. It was freaking amazing!
Houston Futurotic Vibrating Vagina and Anus
Grade: A
Porn star Houston is famous for two things. First, she set a world record by having sex with 600 men in 24 hours. Second, she is a regular on the Howard Stern Show. Fortunately for you, her vagina fits like she is just getting off the bus in Hollywood and not like it would if you were guy #601. One nice feature of the Houston vagina is that it has a device used to create suction as well as all the excellent vibration. So basically you can orgasm from thrusting while your penis is sucked and vibrated. Twist my arm ...
Janine Realistic Vibrating Vagina
Grade: B
This is best vagina I've found in this price range. It's not quite as realistic feeling as one of the top models, but is way better than the really cheap ones. I'm going to give this a grade of B, but if you're on a budget then it's the best choice. If I was only grading vaginas that cost less than $100 against one another, this would be an A+.

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