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Female Masturbation Sex Toy Reviews - Pleasure Balls and Eggs

Sex Toys Reviews

Pleasure Balls as a Female Masturbation Sex Toy

Pleasure balls and vibrating eggs are both a more unique variety of sex toy. Because of this, there are some very unique ways of masturbating with them. Personally, I rarely use them while playing with myself. The only exception is when I use a vibrating egg with a technique that I'll explain below.

The following is an overview of the different types of pleasure ball and vibrating eggs, including my favorites in each category. I have tried all of these and many others as well. Most anything can be fun, but some are definitely more fun than others.

Pleasure balls are pretty much the same as anal beads, but often promoted as being vaginal as well. Typically they are a bit larger than most anal beads but not always.

I don't have a favorite here. That's not to say that they aren't fun. They just don't fit with my personal taste. However, I am going to try a couple that I haven't tried before so I may be back here with a positive review.

Vibrating Eggs as a Female Masturbation Sex Toy

Vibrating eggs are mini vibrators connected to a case by a cord. They are usually (but not always) quiet and when in the case it is not apparent that they are a sex toy at all. Because of their size, there are lots of techniques you can do that you couldn't with any other toy.

My Favorites: Pulsonic Bullet
Abbys Grade: B+
Although I don't use it often, there is one really fun technique that I sometimes enjoy. I put on a pair of fairly tight panties with the vibrating egg inside. I position it so it's right next to, or up against my clit. Then I lay back and watch an adult movie or read some erotica. What's neat is that I can turn on the vibrator but the panties keep it in place so I can remain hands-free. I actually got this technique from a woman who visited the site and wrote me. She suggested using a Butterfly, but a vibrating egg works, too.

TIP: If you are using a vibrating egg in a more traditional way (i.e., holding it on your clit) try not to get lube on it. It is so small that when it gets slippery it's difficult to hold (and a pain to clean).











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Pussy Party is a reality based adult DVD where 7 girls (along with more than 20 sex toys) compete for cash in an orgy before a panel of 5 judges. It's 100% real and my personal favorite all-girl DVD.

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Watch sex toys videos for $0.08 in my adult theater. 20 free minutes with no purchase necessary.

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Sybian Official SiteThe Sybian for women and the Venus2000 for men are Venus2000 Official Sitethe Ferrari's of Sex Toys. They provide the biggest orgasms, most orgasms, and funnest orgasms imaginable. Unfortunately, you may need a 2nd mortgage to pay for them! Visit the manufactures website for ordering info.
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