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Female Masturbation Euphemisms

Female Masturbation

3 Point Shot
A night in with the girls
A night in with the girls
Airing the orchid
Airing the orchid
Applying lip gloss
Applying nail polish remover
Auditioning the finger puppets
Auditioning the finger puppets
Automatic pilot
Banana in your box
Banging the box
Bashing the gash
Basting the tuna
Basting your turkey
Bathing the kitty
Beat the Beaver
Beat the beaver
Beat the clit
Beating around the bush
Beating around the bush
Beating the Beaver
Beaver bop, The
Bisecting the triangle
Bo-diddle, To
Brushing the beaver
Brushing the beaver
Brushing your afro
Buff the weasel
Buffin' the muffin
Buffing the bead
Buffing the Weasel
Burro ride through Grand Canyon
Burying the knuckle
Butterin' the muffin
Buttering up the whisker biscuit
Buttering your bagel
Carpet bumping
Carpet bumping
Cat got tongue
Cat got your tongue
Checking for depth
Checking for squirrels
Checking for squirrels
Checking for the jackpot
Checking my oil
Checking the foxhole
Checking the muffler
Checking the oil
Checking the pulse
Checking the status of the I/O port
Choking the oyster
Churning butter
Circling the knoll
Clam bake for one
Clam bake for one
Clap Your Clit
Clean the Ridge
Cleaning between the camel's toes
Cleaning my fur coat
Cleaning the Cockies Cage
Cleaning the fish
Cleaning the kitchen
Cleaning your fingers
Cleaning your fingers
Clintons Cave
Clit clamp
Clubbin' the nubbin'
Coaxing the genie out of the magic lamp
Coaxing the turtle out of her shell
Coming into your own
Coming into your own
Composing on the single key piano
Cook the clam
Cook your nookie
Cookin Cucumbers
Copping a clam
Cradle the cooch
Creamin' the pie
Cucumber in your cooze
Cuddle your clit
Cunt cuddling
Cunt rubbing
Cup your cunt
Dead Fish Tango
Defrost the fridge
Defrosting the freezer
Dialing the rotary phone
Dialing the rotary phone
Dickless dildo dance, The
Diddling the bean
Diggin' the stench trench
Digging a trench
Digging a trench
Digging for clam
Digging for gold
Digging for my keys
Digging in
Digging the cream
Dip your digits
Dipping for ice cream
Diving for pearls
Diving for pennies
Do the nasty
Doing my nails
Doing something for my chapped lips
Doing the sweet slide
Doing the two-finger ballet
Doing the two-finger salute
Doing the two-finger slot rumba
Doing your nails
Doing your nails
Doodling the noodle
Double clicking your mouse
Double knuckling
Double-clicking your mouse
Dousing the digits
Dousing the digits
Draining your tuna
Drilling for fish
Drilling for oil
Drinking from the fountain of youth (for us contortionists)
Drinking from the furry cup
Driving Ms. Daisy
Drowning the crabs
Dunking your doughnut
Dusting the endtable
Engaging in a hot button issue
Engaging in safe sex
Engaging in safe sex
Entering the forest
Entering the ring of fire
Erasing the problem
Erasing the problem
Excavating the Tunnel of Love
Exploring the bush
Fanning the fur
Fanning the fur
Feed the beaver
Feed the cat
Feeding the bearded clam
Feeding the bearded clam
Feeding the cat
Feeding the pony
Feeding your slot
Feeding your slot
Feel the fur
Feeling your funnel
Fiddle with your middle
Fiddling the bean
Fiddling the bean
Filling the pink taco
Filling your niche
Finding yourself
Finger bang
Finger blasting
Finger blasting
Finger dipping
Finger Fuck
Finger fucking
Finger Job
Finger pie
Fingering something out
Fingernail Board Work
Finger-pole the hole
Finishing the job
Fishing for cumpliments
Fishing for mackerel
Five knuckle gusset shuffle
Flash flood
Flickin' the bean
Flickin' the bean
Flickin' your clit
Flicking the switch
Flicking the tic tac
Flipping the light switch repeatedly
Flit the clit
Flitting your clit
Flossing the cat
Flounder feeling
Fluff your muff
Fluffing the kitty
Fluffing the muff
Fucking without complications
Fucking without complications
Furry finger fuck, The
Gagging my meat hole
Gagging the clam
Gagging the clam
Gagging the lips of love
Gagging the lips of love
Genital manipulation
Genital stimulation via phalangetic motion
Genital stimulation via phalangetic motion
Get a date with slick mittens
Get a lube job
Get a stinky pinky
Get nasty
Get to know yourself
Gettin' It Wet
Getting a date with slick mittens
Getting a lube job
Getting a stain out of my carpet
Getting a stinky pinky
Getting mud for my turtle
Getting the last pickle out of the jar
Getting the little man in the boat to go fishing
Getting to know Sticky Fingers the mobster
Getting to know yourself
Gilding the lily
Giving lip service
Giving the fuzzy bunny a carrot
Giving yourself the finger
Going around the corner
Going deep sea diving
Going fishing
Going mining
Going mining
Going solo
Going to and from the Batcave
Greasin' the Gash
Greasing the slit
Greasing your hips
Greasing your hips
Grissle rub
Gristle rub
Groping the grotto
Groping the grotto
Gusset typing
Gusset typing
Hand tossing the tuna salad
Hand Trip
Harmonious hand hump, The
Harpooning your tang
Having a date with Martin Five-Fingers
Having ladyfingers and cream
Having sex with someone you love
Having sex with someone you love
Having some clam dip
Hee-haw with wrinkled mee-maw
Hee-Haw with wrinkled Mee-Maw
Hello Kitty
Hide the Hot Dog
Hit the Slit
Hitchhiking south
Hitchhiking South
Hitchhiking to Heaven
Hitchhiking to heaven
Hitchhiking under the big top
Hitchhiking under the Big Top
Hitting the slit
Hitting the spot
Honing the stone
Hose Your Hole
Hump the bump
Indoor fishing
Ironing some wrinkles
Itch the ditch
Itching the ditch
Itching the scratch
Jennying off
Jerkin' your merkin
Jiggling your jenny
Jillin' off
Jilling off
Jocelyn Eldering
Jostling the Elder
Juice Your Sluice
Juicing it up
Juicing Lucy
Killing off
Killing the ferret
Kit Kat shuffle
Knuckle shuffle
Ladle out the gravy boat
Leave it to beaver
Let the Beaver Swim
Let the fingers do the walkin'
Letting your fingers do the walking
Levy break limbo
Levy break limbo
Lick your lips
Licking my lips (for us contortionists)
Looking for Waldo & his dog (gee, spot, there you are!)
Lovin' your oven
Make the tide come in
Makin' Some Soup
Makin' waves for the man-in-the-boat
Making a mini Eiffel Tower
Making kitty purr
Making my lips swell
Making soup
Making soup
Making the little man sing
Making your own gravy
Manual override
Manual override
Massaging the mistress
Mauling the Maid
Melting snow
Menage a moi
Merry widow waltz, The
Monica's Marble
Muffin buffin'
Muffin buffin'
Nail polish remover
Non-penile pleasure pursuit, The
Nulling the void
Nulling the void
Nursing a hatchet wound
Nuzzle your fuzz
Oil The Saddle Bags
Oiling the puss
Opening the bottom drawer
Orchid grinding
Ordaining the valley
Paddling the finger canoe
Paddling the pink canoe
Paddling the pink canoe
Palmolive finger dip, The
Pampering the pussy
Pampering the pussy
Panning for gold
Parting my meat curtain
Parting the Red Sea
Parting the Red Sea
Parting the waters
Patting the panky
Paying with your pineapple
Pearl fishing
Pearl fishing
Peeling the peach
Perusing the Yellow Pages
Pet the petunia
Pet the Poodle
Pet the pussy
Petting Snoopy
Petting the kitty
Petting the little man in the canoe
Petting the petunia
Petting the poodle
Petting the pussy
Petting the pussy cat
Petting your bunny
Petting your kitty
Pipe cleaning
Play couch hockey for one
Play poker
Play the clitar
Play the silent trumbone
Playing couch hockey for one
Playing on the cricket green
Playing poker
Playing solitaire
Playing the banjo
Playing the beaver
Playing the box
Playing the clitar
Playing the hairy guitar
Playing the little Dutch boy
Playing the silent trombone
Playing the slots
Playing with her pineapple
Playing with Mrs. Palmer's five daughters
Playing with the ferret
Playing with the man in the boat
Playing with the man in the boat
Pluggin the leak
Plumbing the bottomless pit of passion
Plunging the drain
Plunging the happy hole
Pokin' the pucker
Poking the pudding
Polishing the nugget
Polishing the nugget
Polishing the peanut
Polishing the peanut
Polishing the pearl
Polishing the wedding ring
Polishing your nails
Polishing your pearl
Pound the mound
Preheating the oven
Priming the pump
Producing whore moans (hormones, get it? ;^)
Pull your clit 'til you spit
Punt your cunt
Pushing the button
Pushing the button
Pussy poking
Pussy soccer
Pussy soccer
Putting out the fire
Putting the dot in .org
Quackle the queen
Quim slippin'
Reading braille
Reading the map of Tazmania
Renting a boat for one in central park
Ride the glide until the tide
Riding the bed post
Riding the cotton pony
Riding the unicycle
Riding the unicycle
Riding the waterslide
Riding your own mule down Grand Canyon
Ringing your bell
Rocking the boat
Rollin the ol' bean
Rolling the dough
Rolling the dough
Rolling the marble
Rolling the pebble
Romancing thy own
Rounding the mound
Row The Boat
Rowing your one (wo)man canoe
Rub The Budgies Head
Rub The Pear Stone
Rub The Rim
Rub your cooze 'til you ooze
Rubbin Hood
Rubbin' the nubbin
Rubbin' the nubbin
Rubbing the donut
Rubbing the donut
Rubbing the red pussycat
Rubbing the red pussycat
Rubbing the stub
Salting the beef curtains
Scoring the hoop
Scoring the hoop
Scraping the cheese off the taco
Scratch your snatch
Scratching the patch
Scratching where it itches
Scrubbing the dishpan
Searching for Ms. "G"
Seasoning your fish
Secret vice
See if the baby's home
Sending Muffin Morse Code
Shadow boxing
Shaking hands with Mr. Paul
Shaking the dew off the lily
Shelling the oyster
Shining the diamond
Shooting hoops
Shooting the rapids
Shucking the fresh water clam
Shucking the oyster
Slam the Clam
Slappin' the crack
Slapping slit
Slapping Susie
Slapping the flap
Slapping the mackerel
Slapping the meat curtain
Slapping the skunk guts
Slapping the south mouth
Slicing pie
Sliding down the chute
Sliding into home
Slob the knob
Soak your seat
Soaking in Palmolive
Soaking the whisker biscuit
Soaking the whisker biscuit
Softening the peach
Spank the fish
Spanking the spot
Spanking your puppy on the nose
Spearing the bearded clam
Spearing the bearded clam
Spelunking in the hairy caves
Spelunking in the mystery cave
Spinning the record
Splashing in the sea
Split The Fur
Split your slit
Squeeze the peach
Squeezing the peach
Steaming the oyster
Sticking my fingers into my own genitalia to the extent of an orgasm
Stiffening my upper lip
Stinky pinky
Stirring it up
Stirring the clam chowder
Stirring the honey pot
Stirring the pudding
Stirring the sauce
Stirring the soup
Stirring the trough
Stoking the furnace
Stroke the peekaboo Nellie
Stroke your slit
Strokin' and pokin'
Stroking the box
Strumming the banjo
Strumming the banjo
Strumming the big open C
Stuffing the turkey
Surfing the channel
Surfing the channel
Surfing the Slippery Sea
Surfing the web
Swat your twat
Sweeping the chimney
Swimming in the crimson lake
Swimming in the Pu-Tang River
Swimming in the Red Sea
Takin' it to tuna town
Taking a dip
Taking a dip in the lake
Taking advantage of yourself
Taking the German u-boat into port
Tapping the tuna
Teasing the kitty
Teasing the kitty
Teasing the little man in the canoe
Teasing the tuna
Teasing the tuna taco
Teasing the tuna taco
Tending your own garden
Testing the plumbing
Testing the plumbing
Testing your waters
The disappearing finger trick
The girly gusher
The magical disappearing finger trick
The ole feel n' squeal
The other monthly visitor
The two-fingered tango
The virgin's release
Three point shot
Tibetan self-inflicted crotch nuzzle, The
Tickle the Little Man In The Boat
Tickle the Taco
Tickling the (tuna) taco
Tickling the bean
Tickling the kitty
Tickling the pearl
Tickling the taco
Tickling your fancy
Tiptoe through the twolips
Tiptoe through the TwoLips
Toggling the bit
Toggling the bit
Tossing pink salad
Tossing the pink salad
Touching your tigeress
Touching your tuna
Touring Tasmania (triangular shaped Australian island)
Tracing the vertical smile
Trolling the Bermuda Triangle
Trolling the Bermuda Triangle
Tugging the vertical smile
Tuning the taco
Twiddling your twat
Twinkling the little star
Twirlin' the pearl
Two finger taco tango
Two-finger taco tango
Two-Finger Tango
Two-finger typing
Unclogging the drain
Unwrap the gift box
Virgin's release, The
Visiting Niagra Falls
Visiting with Father Thumb and his four sons
Visiting your safety deposit box
Wading in the Bermuda Triangle
Walk through the valley of love, A
Walking Downtown
Washing my hands
Washing your fingers
Washing your fingers
Water the Garden
Watering the grass
Waxing the canoe
Waxing the milk duds
Weaving the carpet
Wet your whistle
Whipping your cream
Whipping your nest
White knuckling
Working in the garden
Working out at the Y
Wrinkling fingers
Yanking the ya-ya











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