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Instructional Video: Better Sex Guide To Masturbation from the Sinclair Intimacy Institute:

Masturbation, often undiscussed, can be a key to sexual growth and better lovemaking. It's hard to know how to love others if you don't know how to love yourself. The Better Sex Guide To Masturbation and Self Pleasuring dispels myths and defines the many healthy benefits of masturbation.

Watch and learn a variety of sensual techniques women enjoy, such as exciting the clitoris while stimulating the anus, locating the G-Spot with a vibrator and enjoying mutual masturbation. For men, there's more to the male pleasure zone than just the penis. Get the details on prostate stimulation, scrotum and perineum play and other erogenous zones. Learn how using male masturbation toys can enhance sexual enjoyment. Once you understand what turns you on, you can better share it with your lover, and together you can heighten your pleasure during lovemaking.

Better Sex Guide To Masturbation is a great video for both couples and singles. The Guide is designed to teach you and your partner techniques to better pleasure yourselves, through both dry masturbation, or through the use of sex-toys, lube and clothing, even furniture. Better Sex Guide To Masturbation is narrated by two of the Sinclair Intimacy Institute's top Sex Education Instructors, and features testimonials from many couples.

Better Sex Guide To Masturbation starts out with an historical section detailing the importance of masturbation throughout history, and its importance socially. This section of the Guide also covers many myths surrounding masturbation such as going blind, and shows their origins. You will also find interesting facts about where Corn Flakes(tm) and Graham Crackers(tm) came from and how they tie into masturbation.

Better Sex Guide To Masturbation has a brief section on anatomy covering not just the genitalia but also the anus and the perineum and how they can enhance your self pleasure. The Guide also talks about the four main benefits of masturbation: 1) it feels good. 2) it is a release for when your partner is not around. 3) it is a great way to explore what you like sexually and then enables you to share it with your partner to enhance your sex life. 4) finally, it is safe sex, you cannot get an STD from masturbation and it prevents pregnancy!

According to Better Sex Guide To Masturbation, the most important thing you can know about masturbation is that there is no wrong way to do it. As the saying goes, whatever turns you on baby. The guide discusses the various masturbation techniques that you can use, starting with women first. The Guide details the uses of clothing, pillows, or even furniture to enhance the pleasure of masturbation. Better Sex Guide To Masturbation also shows many different strokes, or ways to tickle yourself to make masturbation even better.

Better Sex Guide To Masturbation slides into the next section, male masturbation, and discusses the benefits specifically for men. Male masturbation can actually reduce the risk of prostate cancer in men because it stimulates the prostate gland. And there are so many ways to do that. Some men find that inserting toys or their fingers close to orgasm can heighten the pleasure of masturbation a great deal. Also the stop start technique is detailed, and its benefits, such as increasing stamina and control.

Better Sex Guide To Masturbation goes over ways to overcome the taboo surrounding masturbation, and the use of lube and toys. Some of the toys include: The Slipper, The Hilachi Wand Massager, Jenna's Beaver, and even The Senso Pocket Penis Masturbator. The Guide details ways to use these toys on yourself or on your partner, and includes precautions for their use. And finally, Butt-Plugs are demonstrated briefly, for both men and women.

All portions of Better Sex Guide To Masturbation are accompanied by demonstrations and personal testimonials from many different couples. Some of whom describe it as the most intimate experience you can have with another person. Above all, masturbation is a learning experience for both you and your partner, which raises sexual excitement and makes your sex better.

Order Better Sex Guide To Masturbation, your instructional video guide to masturbation for female masturbation and male masturbation techniques.











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