What are they? Errogenous Zones.

Every student of the human body, every simple man looking for ways to improve his sex skills to the amazement of his lady friends has to take the time-honored paths that many have followed before. It all starts with the habits of women, the things they like and dislikes and their bodies. This last is probably the single most interesting thing any man could wish to study. Naturally, hands-on lessons are the absolute best and every man is taking great pains to get as many such lessons as possible. A minute of peace and love every couple of days is worth all the studying.

This is why men are interested in finding as much as they can about erogenous zones. In today's information-rich and ultra connected social environment not many people can claim to have never heard this term. Most men have a rough idea as to what these zones actually are, but we should remember that no everyone has the chance to get as much detail as one would like. Therefore, people have to make do with a combination of data gathered from their own first-hand experience and hearsay that floats around, sometimes labeled as scientific fact.

Erogenous zones are areas of the human body rich in nerve endings that can transfer far more sensation when stimulated than the rest of the body. A practical way to identify erogenous zones may sound like this: imagine a woman taking you by the hand and then imagine a woman's hand wrapping around your penis. It's quite clear that the penis will send to your brain a far more powerful sensation, which is also sexually stimulating. There are many zones like this spread around the body, each of them with some known or suspected purpose. Well, nobody knows at this moment why the skin on our feet is so sensitive to tickling, but we'll surely find out one day.

The zones are usually split between nonspecific and specific areas. A good example for a nonspecific erogenous area is the back of your neck. The skin on your neck is more sensitive than, say, that on your stomach. Tickling or stroking this part of somebody's body is a good way of getting a strong response, especially if the person in question knows that some sensual play is coming. Don't walk around caressing the necks of perfect strangers. You'd just creep everybody out. The specific areas are pretty well-known to most people. The brain is the first major erogenous zone because it is there that sex-related stimuli are gathered and erection is the state of arousal is triggered. The sex organs are come in second on the sensual response list.

The erogenous zones differ a bit from men to women. The breasts of women are more sensitive and play a bigger role in the game of seduction than those of men. And, of course, the sex organs of men and women are very different. Thus springs into existence a whole world of gestures and movements designed to stimulate a specific area or to obtain a certain response from a zone. Read on to learn more about erogenous zones and their functions and then go and experiment with this information. Sex is beautiful.