Sex toys and G-spots

Sex toys and the G-spot are the killer combination of our century. Any woman who's experienced a G-spot orgasm is practically dying for the next one and, as everybody knows, using sex toys on it is far easier than trying to hit the spot with the penis. Using the fingers is even easier, but once you are very familiar with your lady's inner layout, there's no reason not to reach out for a toy. Fingers have been known to get tired every once in a while, whereas toys tend to stay hard regardless of how long you use them.

The basic toys which can be used to play with the G-spot are the dildo and the vibrator. The knowledgeable lover knows that dildos can be used in many ways and stimulating the magic pleasure spot is one of the best ideas. Dildos and vibrators are both hard and have a better shape than one or two of your fingers, which is why they serve the double purpose of stimulating both the G-spot and the nerve endings located at the vagina's entrance at the same time. This works far better than your fingers, not to mention that you can let the vibrator rest upon the spot while you're fingers are doing something else. Like playing with her anus.

However, the sophisticated lovers may want to try one of the toys that are especially designed for getting the most out of the G-spot. If you took the trouble to find it, it's only fair to want a suitable toy. Some vibrators have been adjusted to this purpose and are just the perfect toy for a sexy evening with your lady. Indeed you can probably find dildos made to reach both the anus and the G-spot at the same time. Granted, such a toy may be not so easy to use, but think of the kick the lady gets out of it. You can use this kind of dildo and wrap your tongue around her clitoris for the ultimate fun.

G-spot dildos can be made of various materials. The best toy for a beginner is a simple plastic dildo or vibrator. Even the basic toys feature two heads that can be used alternatively; one of the heads must be curved in order to reach the G-spot, while the other can be anything. Some dildos have heads that emulate love beads for those who are into anal delights, while others are bent in such a way that makes them useful for both G-spot and prostate stimulation. Silicone dildos are very good for this job because they feel very smooth, but the final decision rests with you, the user.

Once you've found the perfect toy, feel free to retire with your lady to the bedroom and start playing. You may wish to find the G-spot first with your fingers and then, very gently, to guide the chosen toy to the pleasure trove. Since the toy is larger than a finger, you should be extra careful when moving around inside the vagina. Some lubrication would also come in handy at this time, because toys tend to make women dry. Anyway, your lady should be able to let you know if what you're doing feels good or not. If her reaction is positive, then go for it with everything you got.