Oral Sex Positions

Oral sex is everybody's favorite these days and, no, we haven't been talking only to men. Women like oral sex, too, because it seems that a tongue playing with their clitoris is a faster and more certain way to orgasm than a penis poking around in the vagina. Whether for the quick touch or the long haul, people are into oral sex and that's that. Men simply love to see a woman going down on them, while women feel all tingly when a man starts kissing his way to the little button of love, especially since G-spot stimulation can be had at the same time.

So here's a list of positions that can be used for oral sex. All of them are very interesting so you should take your time on a day, or night, when you feel especially playful and surprise your partner with a hot session of oral sex. You'll find on this list more than enough stuff for your imagination and inspiration to draw upon and fuel your nights of passion.

We all know that every person has his and her own set of positions that he or she likes and dislikes and one of the great things about oral sex is the fact that it does not depend much on the position of the two partners. Oral sex can be had standing, sitting or lying on the bed or some other surface. If you really tried, you could probably have oral sex while running, but this kind of effort is best saved for worthier causes.

The best known position for oral sex is the famous 69 position. It's a great position for lovers who wish to give and take pleasure at the same time. It doesn't really matter which of the two is on top because they both get to enjoy themselves, although it's better to let the woman on top since fellatio requires an up and down movement of her head. Some people find it hard to achieve the goal of this position because they cannot concentrate on both giving and taking pleasure at the same time.

If the man is really into frequent gym training you could go for the standing 69 position. This one is really more of a fun and games position, but some people actually love it and you have to admit that it's at least unique. Starting from the regular 69 position, the man puts his feet firmly on the ground and lifts the woman and himself off the bed. The man should be extremely careful because nobody should attempt this unless he can shoulder the combined weight of two people.

And for those that can't get the hang of the 69 sharing, there is always the 68. That is, one of the partners gets the pleasure and owes 1 to the other. In this case, it's the woman who gets her kicks while the man slaves away for the lady's pleasure. The man lies on the bed with a pillow or a rolled blanket under his head and neck, while the woman gets on top. It's the regular 69 position, only the woman faces up, not down. This position has the woman wide open for the man's attention and is absolutely great for both cunnilingus and anal play.

The classic man power position is the standing fellatio. The man is standing with his feet planted firmly on the floor, while the woman kneels or squats in front of him and starts to give him sweet pleasure. Given the amazing view, the sense of power and the fact that it can be done anywhere, it's no wonder that men simply love this position. It's very simple and highly effective at the same time.

The reverse position, however, is a bit less versatile, despite the fact that ladies like for the same reason men like the one listed above. The man lies on his back in bed with the woman in the classic "woman-on-top" position, but kneeling over the man's face instead of pelvic area. This position is absolutely fantastic for the woman because it lets her adjust her position in order to increase or decrease pressure, while the man can use his hands to caress her body.

The sitting version of the fellatio position is another favorite of men. It's the same thing as the standing fellatio, but with the added bonus that the man gets to sit down. Just as before, the woman kneels or squats in front on the man, who is sitting on the edge of a bed, in a chair or on a sofa. It also works great in a car, but it does take a bit of experience to perform correctly. Just don't try it while driving.