Man on top

Not everything that's old is necessarily bad. Sometimes the beaten path is the shortest route between two points and also the easiest one to take. Sometimes even the boldest explorer wants to sit down and take a break. And why not? There must have been something nice in the old ways, otherwise people wouldn't have clung to them for so long. This is also the case with the man-on-top sexual positions, which are seen today as either a boring or a male chauvinist proposition. But are they really such a bad idea? It's true that a man who insists on being on top every time is no fun, but trying these positions every once in a while cannot be a bad idea.

The thing that makes or breaks these positions is communication. We all know that man-on-top positions are very good for the man, but we also know that the women don't always get their pleasure this way. So couples need to learn to communicate during sex, because women must take the initiative and tell the men what feels good and what doesn't. This can be a huge turn on for both partners and can help increase the intimacy by letting each partner know how the other feels.

Another good thing about man-on-top positions is the fact that they're just great for newcomers. Boys who don't have much experience with sex have an easier time learning to trust their own performance by being in a position of power. Lack of confidence is likely to make a young man lose his erection. However, being on top and in control at all times may actually help to boost confidence and, in time, drive away all fear. An inexperienced young lady will also benefit from letting the man take the lead and showing her a good time.

And, ladies, you don't have to simply lie stiff on the bed! If you don't want to just sit back and enjoy the ride, then join in the fun. Throw your legs around his hips. Caress his body while he thrusts and whisper sweet dirty things in his ears. He will be more aroused than ever knowing that you enjoy yourself to the fullest and will do his best to bring you to orgasm. And what's the problem with letting the man think himself in control now and then? It's good for both of you to change places in the seat of power. These positions can be a lot of fun if you know how to use them, so don't knock them until you tried them.

The bottom line is that nearly every position can be fun for those lovers who know how to take advantage of it to have great sex and to strengthen the bond that keeps them together. Anything can be boring if you don't make a little effort to turn it into something fun and the bedroom is the best place to learn that. Novelty has its place at the top of your sex life, but not every old-fashioned thing should be thrown away. You never know when it might prove just as delightful as it seemed to people long gone.