Is there a male G-spot?

Everybody knows that women have a special spot that can be used to send them in the vicinity of the fabled cloud number 9. Well, it may not be that fantastic, but G-spot orgasms are something one has to experience in order to understand. But how are men to understand something they could never experience. Or could they?

Many people have absolutely no idea, but there is something inside every man's body that can be seen as a counterpart of the famous G-spot. This magic something is the prostate. Before any man starts cringing at the thought of something inserted into the rectum in order to reach the prostate, let me tell you the facts about prostate stimulation and the wonderful orgasms that can be had. I know that most men are not comfortable with somebody pleasing them through the anus because it makes them question their own sexual orientation, but, guys, this is not about being straight or gay.

It took a long time for humanity to come to terms with oral and anal sex. Nowadays oral sex is pretty mandatory, while anal sex is the cherished dream of many men. However, one look around is enough to understand that the very men eager to penetrate the anus of their wives and girlfriends refuse to even consider a similar move on themselves. Which is strange. Why should you pass up the wonderful experience of a thundering orgasm every time you have sex just because it looks gay? Especially since the act is not even gay. It's about your woman or yourself stimulating your prostate with a finger or a toy.

Prostate stimulation is not a modern idea, but goes back to the beginning of last century. It was well-known at the time that a gentle massage of the prostate can lead to huge orgasms for men and smart wives used special steel devices to help their husbands enjoy themselves. However, a well lubricated finger is just as good for this purpose, more so since a woman's fingers are thinner and shorter than a man's, which should put some fears to rest. Unlike the G-spot, the prostate is far easier to find and to stimulate, although care should be exercised during stimulation since the area is highly sensitive.

Some men do not find prostate massage stimulating unless they are fully aroused and ready for sex. Others, however, claim that the massage is very arousing and helps them achieve bigger than usual erections. And yet another category of men say that prostate massage alone is enough to get them over the edge and into a wonderful orgasm. If you are not part of the latter category, then you could always try to supplement the pleasure by having your lady please you orally while playing with your prostate.

If you find it hard to accept the idea of having a finger in your rectum, you should think about it as something new that you can try once. If the prostate massage doesn't feel great, mark this as a failed attempt and move on. If, on the other hand, you get a kick out of it and discover that there so much more to sex than penetration, then you're a winner. A whole new world of pleasure is yours.