How to kiss?

Kissing is one of the most fun things you can do with another person when you're a teen-ager. As you grow old, kissing turns into a gesture that pertains more to tenderness and intimacy than playfulness. Of course, some of us stay young in their hearts for a long time, but such cases are pretty rare. Regardless of what kissing means to people, it's still the most widespread way of showing affection between friends, relatives and lovers.

There are many types of kisses and there are many types of kissers. Although there is not much room for change or improvement, each person does it a bit different from the rest. Naturally, kisses depend upon moods, places and the general attitude of the partners. Bold lovers will kiss anywhere and couldn't care less about crowds. Shy lovers will kiss only in the privacy of their own homes. Most people usually let their moods decide the intensity of kisses.

Now, in order to become a great kisser, you must have some tips. While these tips are pretty obvious things, not all people use them. You'd be surprised how many guys think they can do without observing to certain basic rules. But if you really want the ladies to like you and fall into your arms, you must pay attention to their needs as well.

Don't go to a date with bad breath. This is one of the biggest mistakes a man (or a woman, for that matter) could make. It's a no-brainer that every man should wash his teeth on a regular basis and be doubly sure that his hygiene is perfect before a date. And I don't even need to say that breath mints are available everywhere. There are no excuses for bad breath on a date. And if you have to eat on the date, then breath mints are practically warranted. Nobody wants to kiss a person who has just finished eating fish or some such dish.

Before you kiss someone, run your tongue over your lips once or twice. Trust me, you want your lips moist before kissing someone. Dry lips are no fun because they will act like a razor on your partner's lips. If you're really lucky, your partner won't wear a lot of lipstick. Pleasant kisses, whether short or long, are best done with moist lips and not much lipstick. Try not to let your date see you running your tongue over your lips, because it may be interpreted as a sign of nervousness.

Pay attention to your partner's movements. When the time comes to kiss, pay attention to how she tilts her head because you need to match her movement by tilting your head on the other side. A little fumble is nothing to worry about; it may actually put a smile on your face a couple of years down the road. But it's far better to get everything right on the first try. And on all the next tries, too.

From here on, everything is up to your imagination. Close your eyes, open your mouth slightly and kiss away to your heart's content. There's no need to hold your breath; you can breathe through your nose. You can keep your eyes open if you wish, but most women like to keep their eyes closed and it's better to go along with it at the beginning. Later on you can try everything you and your partner like. Have fun and stay safe.