How Many Times Should I Masturbate

One of the things most teenagers want to know, but are afraid to ask, is "how much masturbation is too much". Many are afraid that doing it more than once or twice a day might lead to something that could tip the parents to their activities. Others are a bit scared about the irresistible need to masturbate again and again and want to know if they're not injuring themselves somehow.

Frankly, there's no firm answer to this question. The exact value of "too much" varies from person to person and from age to age. A 14-year-old teen may be able to masturbate to ejaculation six times a day without feeling discomfort (except when he is stubborn enough to keep it up for months), while a man of 45 may find it hard to do it more than once every two days.

It's undeniable that youths have far more energy to spend than older people, but there is no way of calculating how many masturbation sessions should a boy or girl engage in every day. The only way to find out is to let nature take over and to masturbate every time you feel like it. If you never get sore and you never feel tired, then your body has no problem handling your need for sex.

If, however, you manage to tire yourself out and to get a sore penis or a sore clitoris, then you are overdoing it and should cut down on those masturbation sessions a bit. I know that hormones are urging you to go for it as often as possible, but young people have their whole lives ahead of them and should not worry about missing out on pleasure.

The frequency of masturbation session declines naturally with age. After the age of 16-17, most teens are already into intercourse and not overly interested in masturbation anymore. Most young women stop masturbating around this age and tend to ignore this practice later in life.

Studies have shown that young women (aged 13 to 17) masturbate almost once a day, while adult women find 8 or 9 times a month more than enough for their needs. Men are more likely to masturbate while in their 20's and even beyond that age. However, as I said before, by the time people reach their 40's and 50's, people are not so interested in sex as they once were.