Good positions for G-spot stimulation

Now that you've learnt nearly everything about the G-spot, it's time to put the theory aside and get to the practice part. And the practice part means the sexual positions that let the man rub his penis against the G-spot and send shivers up the woman's spine. These aren't special positions or some sort of arcane secrets. It's just that the angle of insertion offered by them is far more suited for G-spot stimulation.

Before we start there is one this I'd like to mention. The biggest secret regarding the G-spot is the fact that it doesn't work unless the woman is properly aroused. Just like the clitoris, the G-spot is dependent on strong arousal and the increased blood flow to the pelvic area. You can't just go for the G-spot, or for the clitoris for the matter, straight away. You need to get the woman hot and ready to go, otherwise your effort is wasted.

The first position we're going to discuss is the classic woman-on-top position. Ladies love this position because it lets them guide the penis to all those sensitive spots that need rubbing and that men have no idea about. And the G-spot is no different. Guys, if the lady wants to take control to give herself a lot of pleasure, let her do it because she knows better than you how to reach that little magic spot. Just lie back and enjoy the view, which is apt to be highly arousing. It works even better if you're sitting in a chair and the lady is straddling you.

The second position is the popular doggy style. You know, the lady goes on all fours, raising her incredibly sexy bottom in the air and this is where you come in. Get your lady to guide you if you can't find the right spot. Better yet, go in and then let her do all the moving until you understand exactly what she wants of you. The best idea is not to stand up straight, but to put your weight forward so that your penis points downward. This way, your penis will press harder upon the right vagina wall. You could also try this with both of you lying on your sides.

And another great way of stimulating the G-spot is to have your lady lying on her back at the edge of the bed. Grab her legs and put them on your shoulders and then start making love to her. For better stimulation, your partner should keep her legs wide apart. This position works just as well if you use a chair, a sofa or a table, just make sure that your penis points upward and rubs against the front vagina wall. Another great thing about this position is the fact that you two are face to face and the lady's reactions are easy to read. You'll know for sure if she's enjoying it or not.

You could also put a couple of pillows underneath the lady's back in order to keep her body propped at a 15 degrees angle. This will let you take advantage of the woman's anatomy to hit the bull's eye. Don't go for deep penetration on this one, because the G-spot is located close to the entrance. Use instead shallow and rapid thrusts, if your lady is comfortable with them.

So there you have them, all the things you need to know to have a lot of fun in bed. Hitting the G-spot and having your lady squirm about the bed in ecstasy is the best way to put a satisfied smile on her face. Try them all out and see which one you like best. Anyway, you're bound to have a lot of fun with them.