Different Tantric sex positions

Everybody wants positions, everybody likes positions. They are the special thing that can make or break a relationship because they reflect the degree of imagination, sense of adventure in each of us, or the lack thereof. Positions are important to lovers who want to achieve the Tantric feeling of oneness and shared feelings and also for powerful, mind-blowing orgasms. Remember that Tantric lovers synchronize their breathing and gaze into each other's eyes during sex in order to share their feelings.

The first position we are going to discuss features the guy lying on his back with the lady on top. The lady should lower herself on his penis and hook her feet over the inside of his legs while keeping her knees on the bed on each side of the guy's thighs. This way the two lovers are face to face the whole time. The lady should also get a grip on the bed sheets on either side of the guy's shoulders (or wherever she finds it comfortable for her) and start moving her pelvis up and down in short motions. The position is designed to keep the two lovers locked in order to focus on finesse and feeling rather than a lot of moving around. Another good thing about it is the lady's angle, which lets the clitoris rub against the guy's pubic bone.

The second position is also designed with less movement and more feeling in mind. The lady lies on her stomach with the legs slightly spread. The man gets on top of her, planting his knees on each side of her thighs and supporting himself on his elbows. Immediately after penetration, the lady closes her legs and crosses her ankles in order to trap the penis inside a tight place. This makes sex easier for both partners, because it lets the man control his own momentum and avoid premature ejaculation, while being able to kiss the lady's neck and ears and play with her breasts. The lady also gets to enjoy the entire length and girth of the penis as it moves in and out.

The same tight fit and maximum sensation can be achieved with another position. The lady lies on her back, preferably with a pillow under her head, with her legs in the air, while the man kneels in front of her and places his hands on either side of her torso, roughly at breast level in order to steady himself. Then the guy should place both the lady's feet on one of his shoulders and penetrate her. Keeping the legs close together creates the tight fit all lovers like; although couples may want to try changing the pace and feeling by having the lady spread her feet slightly every now and then. This position also leaves the lady's hands free to play with her clitoris, caress her man or both. There's a lot of fun to be had with this position.

The perfect position for those who like to give in to the sudden, overwhelming urge and go for a quickie is, of course, a "from behind" position. The lady bends forward and spreads her legs. She can place her arms on a chair for better support or use one hand to play with the love button. The man stands up straight and enters her from behind, with his hands locked around her waist. The position hands over full control to the man and it's a good opportunity for him to show how well he can use depth and speed control to make his lady orgasm like crazy. A sweet twist for playful lovers is to have the man stay still, while the lady takes control and grinds her pelvis and bottom against him.

Playful lovers that like to do it even in the bathroom can really put this next position to good use. The man sits down in the half-filled tub with his back propped against the tub while the lady straddles him, kneels down and settles comfortably in his lap, guiding the penis into her vagina. She is in now control of the entire thing and her grinding is certain to bring both lovers to orgasm very soon. The man can lie back and play with her breasts or stroke her clitoris, while the lady can get busy with the shower and use a stream of warm water to increase their pleasure. This position lets the man point his penis directly toward the G-spot and the lady can rotate her hips a bit to make sure that her magic spot is thoroughly stimulated.

Another position featured in the ancient treaties on love written in the Far East is one that gets high points for both orgasm potential and intimacy. The woman lies on her side with the bottom leg straight and the upper leg bent at the knee. The man kneels down, straddling her bottom leg and placing the upper leg on his shoulder, or on his chest. Thus, the woman is wide open to the man, which must be one of the most arousing sights ever beheld by male eyes. This position is perfectly suited for short and powerful thrusts that make women squirm with pleasure. At the same time, the man can use his hand to caress the woman's clitoris or play with her breasts. The woman, on the other hand, is in for a wild ride and can simply lie back and let the pleasure wash over her.

Ladies who like the idea of being on top and in control will love this one. The guy lies on his back in a comfortable position, with his legs slightly apart and one leg bent at the knee so that the sole is flat upon the bed. The woman then straddles the bent leg, facing a bit sideways, but toward the guy's feet. Once again, control is handed over to the woman who lowers herself onto the penis and starts rocking back and forth. The man's hands are free to caress his lady and especially to play with her buttocks, while the lady can fondle his testicles or massage his perineum. The best thing about this position is the intense stimulation of the clitoris that can be achieved if the lady leans a bit forward toward the man's thigh. Orgasm should be no problem for both partners, mainly due to the good rubbing the woman gets out of this position.

Getting back to unrestricted male domination in the bedroom, this position is meant to let the man thrust forward with complete abandon, while the lady enjoys the action. To achieve this, the lady should position herself in front of the bed and bend over so that her body, from the waist up, is on the bed. The man stands behind her and enters the tight vagina. The next move is a bit tricky but not overly so. The man grabs the lady's feet above the knees and lifts them off the floor. Now, holding firmly onto her legs, he can thrust away to his heart content, while also enjoying the deep penetration. He should also be hitting the G-spot since the slightly downward angle of penetration will point the penis to the front wall of the vagina. Meanwhile, the woman is free to enjoy the ride and, maybe, play with her own clitoris, if she can do that without upsetting the position.

And now it's time for a new "from behind" position. This time we have something special, a position dedicated to young lovers who are looking for something special every once in a while. The lady lies on her stomach on the bed with her legs spread widely and moves forward so that her head and torso hang off the side. She can place her palms on the floor in order to support her weight and to stabilize her position. The man positions himself between her legs and penetrates her. He will have to support himself by holding the lady's torso so he can keep his head and shoulders high. This position is also good for short and powerful thrusts that make the most of the highly sensitive entrance of the vagina. However, it is not a position designed for the long run, but for the short and intense pleasure.

And the last position is once more a girl power thing. The man and woman assume the classic woman-on-top position, with the woman kneeling on top, while her knees are placed on either side of the man's torso. This position provides that deep penetration and clitoris rubbing that ladies love so much. But the fact that makes this position uniquely Asiatic is that fact that instead of the classic up and down grind, the woman moves in a different pattern. The rhythm she sets up is "right, down, left, up". This movement pattern is absolutely fantastic because it takes the penis on an amazing tour of the vagina. No spot is left untouched and the slow motion is far better suited for the long intimate contact that students of the Tantric art are looking for.