Applying Lubricants

Good massaging is a highly prized skill. Whether it's the weary man coming home to a relaxing massage or the busy woman drowsing pleasantly under the strong hands of a trained masseur, anybody loves a good strong rubbing that banishes the stiffness accumulated through the long hours spent in the office. It's even better when massage turns intimate and the session ends up in more rubbing than anticipated. The good thing is that you only need two things to make this happen: skill and a good lubricant. Granted, the lubricant is not absolutely necessary, but many people use it and a bit of advice on what to use and how has never hurt anyone.

For any massage you can choose between using massage oils, massage lotions, warming oils, talcum powder and water-based lubricants. It's all a matter of preferences, although some products are not exactly recommended for massages. Massage oils are always a good idea if you and your partner don't mind them (some people can't stand the idea of being covered in an oily substance). You can buy both scented and unscented oils, so shop around a bit and find what manner of scent and texture you like. Make sure you read the label before you try to use the oil alongside latex products, such as sex toys and condoms because they usually don't go well together. Massage oil should not be used on the inner part of the genitals, nor as a lubricant for penetration, unless the label says it's safe to do that.

Massage lotions are a better choice for those who don't like the greasy film left behind by oils. Lotions are less slippery, which makes it easier for the person giving a massage to work with the body, and are less likely to cause breakouts. People who have the oily type of skin should stay away from massage oils anyway, so lotions should be the ideal choice. If you enjoy them, you should try to find some scented massage lotions. They leave less of the sticky residue behind and add to the mood by making both partners smell sexy. However, just like oils, lotions will degrade or destroy latex products and should not be used for vaginal or anal play.

Warming oils, also known as edible oils, are the best option for a small, localized massage, instead of a full body massage. If you wish to make your partner really hot, you can use warming oil on the genitals, before sex. Rub it into the skin gently until the oil begins to heat up and your partner starts to feel aroused. Remember that warming oils are subject to the same restrictions of use as the massage oils and lotions. Again, the label should let you know if the oil can be used with latex products or not.

Talcum powder can be used by those who hate the feeling of oils or lotions on their skin. Be warned that it does not work as well as oils because it does not allow much friction. Water-based lubricants are only marginally better than talcum. Some of them, such as KY Jelly, tend to dry very quickly and turn into a sticky residue. KY Liquid and Astroglide are better suited for massage because they take longer to dry out and absorb more friction. The best thing about water-based lubricants, however, is that they are meant to work with latex products, such as condoms and sex toys. This means that you can use them without any problem if you plan to move from massage to sex.