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About Abby

My name is Abby and I created Abby's Sexual Health for women, men, and couples.

Throughout my continually evolving sexual journey, it has been difficult to find answers about sex. As a young woman, I tried asking friends about sex, but they didn't seem to know much either. It was too uncomfortable to talk to anyone else about sex, especially my parents. Almost everything I learned I had to figure out myself. Since it was so difficult to find answers, I decided to create this sexual health resource for the millions of other women who want to learn about sexual activities. And for those women who want to freely discuss sexual topics, a monitored bulletin board area allows questions, answers, story sharing, and a place to connect with other women.

I have found that sexual issues can sometimes affect happiness and satisfaction. I strongly believe that women should continually experiment and learn about how to safely enter and positively evolve in the sexual realm. As an inexperienced young woman, unhealthy sexual experiences negatively affected my mental well-being; as an experienced, happy adult I've recognized the importance of sexual health. To this day I continue to experiment safely with sexuality, while helping others do the same. Sharing knowledge and tips will educate other women and allow them to feel more confident and excited about exploring in an atmosphere of safety and sexual health.

Why create Abby's Sexual Health site?

Women, young and old alike, need a place to learn about good sex. Sex is not an openly discussed topic in our culture. Parents often fumble for words when asked about sex. Friends don't seem to know the answers either. So where do you go to learn about sex? Here you can learn everything I know about sex, a topic which is so often concealed due to embarrassment, shame, and ignorance. Sex is a natural act that keeps our species alive and is fundamentally the most basic necessity. Why not master the most natural act in existence and make yourself and your partner content beyond belief?

Some people are good at sports or academics. My specialty happens to be sex and I've finally decided to share my secrets and help other women learn how to have an exciting sex life, which leads them to be happier people overall.

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