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How to Use Great Pickup Lines on Men

Although, a lot of women rather be approached then do the approaching, probably out of fear of rejection, sometimes a girl has to do what she has to do. So, here are twenty original pick up lines for women, arranged by categories.

If you are a straightforward woman, following are the right pick up line for you.

  • Hi, I have been looking for a man like you all my life. You know, one who cooks, cleans, and looks slightly confused when I speak. One look at you and I knew you fit the bill.
  • Point to the guy's lap and say, "Is this seat taken?"
  • If you could read my thoughts, you would marry me tomorrow.
  • I know no one likes a tattle tale, but you are really hot.
  • Walk up to the guy and ask him if he would take a look at your tongue. Stick out your tongue and then say, "Is something wrong with my tongue because you have it all tied up in knots?"

If you are a Flirtatious woman that flirts with everybody; these five pick up lines are for you.

  • Hi, do you believe in soul mates. If the guy says, "Yes." You say, "Long time, no see." If the guy says, "No." You say, "Donít you think I can change your mind?'
  • Go up to the guy and ask him to raise his right hand. Then tell him to say, "Swear that I am the most attractive women you have ever seen." Then you raise your hand, and say, "I swear you have to be the most honest man I have ever met."
  • Give him two pennies and say, "You may not want my two cents, but you are hot.Ē
  • What do you like on your pizza? Nod at whatever he says and then say, "What kind of women do you like on you?"
  • Hi, wouldn't you agree that most pick up lines are corny. If the guy says, "Yes," then hold out your hand and introduce yourself. If the guy says, "No," then say, letís think up a couple because I really want to talk to you.

If you are a Sweet, and Wholesome, these five pick up lines are for you.

  • You look like you are really big. Can you help me carry this drink?
  • Hi, my mother use to say, you can tell a bad boy a mile a way. I don't have my glasses with me, so I needed a closer look.
  • Want to go out to dinner sometime? Yet, you need to know I don't kiss on the first date, at least not on the lips.
  • Walk up to the guy with a drink in your hand and say, "Hi, I don't usually drink unless I am nervous or am about to have sex."
  • Hi, knock, knock. Hopefully, he will say, "Who is there?" You say, "The girl next door."

If you are a Raunchy kind of woman, these five pick up lines are for you.

  • Going down tonight.
  • Is it raining outside because one look at you and I was all wet.
  • You look like a guy who knows his way around a woman.
  • Hi, I am writing a romance novel and you just gave me a great idea for a love scene.
  • Hi, brooding, handsome, and sexy really becomes you.

Whatever kind of woman you are, the above Great pick up lines will come to your rescue if only you are wise and honesty.

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