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How to Tips for a Sexless Marriage

Dealing with a sexless marriage is difficult for both partners. It can leave both partners feeling that they aren't attractive to their partner any longer and can lead to resentments and even infidelities. Those who are dealing with this situation and need sexless marriage tips should consider a few things.

The first of the sexless marriage tips is to figure out what the cause of the problem is. When you stop being intimate with your partner, it's easy to blame it on being too busy or the fact that your relationship has simply changed. The truth though, is that there is almost always a more serious underlying cause. Getting to the bottom of the real reason is the most important step in correcting the problem and moving on.

One of the most common reasons for sex to move out of a marriage is due to biological changes. This happens in both men and women as they age. Often these biological changes will lead to a decreased interest in sex. If you think this might be the problem in your marriage, talk to you doctor. They will be able to provide sexless marriage tips and ideas for supplements and prescription drugs that can realign your natural balance.

Another common cause of needing sexless marriage tips is depression. One of the biggest misconceptions about depression is that it leaves you crying in a corner, and feeling clearly sad. The truth is that it often manifests itself as a simple loss of interest in the activities you used to love. If you think you might be depressed, discuss it with your spouse and see if your doctor can help diagnose you.

Sometimes life is just too much and by the time night rolls around, couples are simply exhausted. While the idea of being intimate with their partner might be appealing, they simply don't have the energy to do so. If this is your situation, there are a few sexless marriage tips that can help. First, try making dates each week or every few weeks to be intimate. It might feel weird at first to schedule this type of time together, but it's better than the alternative of simply living without intimacy.

Another of the sexless marriage tips that often helps couples who are too exhausted is to try having sex at other times of the day. For example, being intimate in the morning when you are both refreshed and have plenty of energy can help. You can also try being intimate without having sex. Too often couples get into a routine and don't even bother with intimacy if it's not going to lead anywhere. However, take some time to cuddle and enjoy one another, and you might find a renewed urge to take it to the next level.

Lastly, consider that you or your partner might have lost interest in sex due to feeling a loss of self-esteem. As we age and our bodies change, it can be a bit jarring to see the shape of our body become that of an older person. Too often people assume that their partner is no longer interested in them as a result. One of the best sexless marriage tips is to remember that your partner loves you and as a result they will love your body. Be honest with your partner if you think they're not attracted to you anymore. They'll likely show you quickly just how interested they are.

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