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How to Shave Your Pubic Hair

Having cleanly shaved pubic hair is not only more pleasant for your partner to look at, it can make your genitals more sensitive and increase the sensations during an orgasm. However, many people are nervous about taking the scissors and razor to their most sensitive areas. Even if you're one of the most skittish people out there, you can learn how to shave your pubic hair.

When you're learning how to shave your pubic hair, you want to start by getting your supplies ready. If you haven't shaved before, or haven't done so for quite some time, you'll need scissors to shorten the hair. You'll also need a sharp razor, shaving cream and an additive free lotion.

Once you've gotten your supplies together, use the scissors to cut your pubic hair as short as you can without risking the cutting of your skin. Though razors will remove all of your pubic hair, it's a much easier process if you're starting with less hair, as you won't have nearly as much hair clogging your razor. Once you've trimmed off the excess hair, gently rinse yourself off to remove the recently cut hairs.

The next step in how to shave your pubic hair is to apply shaving cream to your pubic area. Be sure that you're buying a simple cream that doesn't have dyes or fragrances. Your genitals are very sensitive and the last thing you want is for dyes or perfumes to cause an allergic reaction, or otherwise irritate the area. When you've applied the cream, give it a few minutes to soak in before shaving. This will soften the hair and make it easier to remove.

After the cream has had a few minutes to get your hair soft, it's time to start shaving. Be sure that the razor you're using has sharp blades. Pubic hair is very coarse and without the proper sharpness, the blades of a razor can pull and tug on it. Start with one side of your pubic area and move towards the other, in long, downward strokes of the razor. Be extra careful around the genitals. It's better to go back over an area than to apply too much pressure and cut yourself.

In order to learn how to shave your public hair without leaving behind stubble, you'll need to pull your skin taunt around the testicles or labia. Gently shave the hair until none remains. Once you're properly shaved, you'll want to dry yourself off and apply lotion. This will help to prevent razor burn or itching. Be sure that it, like your shaving cream, is free of chemicals or dyes that might irritate the area.

If you want to learn how to shave your pubic hair, you'll need to realize that it must be done regularly. When you decide to grow your hair out again, you're likely to experience itching and redness. Many people often find the stubble to be uncomfortable when performing oral sex. To avoid this, shave your pubic hair every few days, depending on how quickly it grows back.

When it comes to learning how to shave your pubic hair, you want to start by getting prepared. Get the right lotions and shaving creams that won't irritate the area. Trim off any long, excess hair so that shaving will be easier and you'll be less likely to clog the blades. Let the shaving cream soak into the hair to make it softer and easier to work with. When you're done shaving, be sure to apply your lotion in order to prevent irritating and unsightly razor burn or unnecessary irritation.

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